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The origin of the BIRD family in this country is uncertain. Tradition in some branches of the family claim German heritage; others claim Scotch-Irish ancestry. It is possible that both are somewhat correct. The BIRDs may have been among the large group of Protestant German Palatines and French Huguenots who migrated first to Scotland and Ireland and then to America. The progenitor of the BIRD line in America may have come to America from Strathclyde or Dundee, Scotland and settled first in Maryland. Huguenots who came to Dublin, Ireland from France changed the name from L'OISEAU to BIRD. German immigrants changed the name from VOGEL (or FOGEL) to BIRD.

Another possible origin is suggested by the similarity of surnames of some of the families associated with our BIRDs in Virginia and surnames in the Scotch-Irish settlement in upper Bucks County, Pa. Other associated families were from the area of present Princeton, New Jersey.

1620 - Sir John STUART (1600-1659) married 14 Sept. 1620, to Catherine CARNEGIE, daughter of David and Margaret (LINDSAY) CARNEGIE. This John STUART was son of John STEWART and grandson of James STEWART of Traquair. His STUART/STEWART descendants settled in Virginia. This family line appears to have been closely associated with the HAMILTON's in England and America. Weis, Frederick Lewis, THE MAGNA CHARTA SURETIES, 1215 (3rd edition 1979); Lineages #41 & 43B, pp.27-28,34.

1623 - The name of Edward RIDER appears on a list of Patents for land in Virginia in June 1623. VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY , v.6,p.372, v.28,p.281, v.26,p.436; Colonial Papers, v.2,No.33,I.

1633 - "Heinrich DIEFENBACH was born in the Pfalz, Germany, in 1633. He died 25 January 1706 at Schmittweiler, Pfalz.

His son Johann Martin DIEFENBACH, born 15 Aug 1679 at Schmittweiler, married Anna Elisabeth SPIESS on 22 July 1704 at Callbach, Pfalz and they lived at Meisenheim.

Their daughter Susannah Margaretha DIEFENBACH, born Oct 1725 in Meisenheim was the second wife of Peter Thomas HOHL," ancestor of the HULL family in America. - THE HFA JOURNAL (Hull Family Association, August 1990), v.1, No.2, p.7. NOTE: The name is also spelled Fieffenbach in some records.

1636 - Conrad "Curt" WENDEROTH, son of Johannes WENDEROTH mayor of Ostheim, Germany, was born ,1636, and confirmed, 1647, at Ostheim. He was a student at Marburg University in 1656; a teacher at Wachenheim, Dannstadt, Elsenz and Wiesloch; a parson at Muhlbach, Grab Eicholzheim, Heiligkraugesteinach and Bammental, Germany. Carpenter,   Vern A., WENDEROTH FAMILIES (1987), p.1.

1638 - John WINTHROP in a journal entry in 1638 chronicles the birth of a deformed stillborn child to Mary DYER, wife of William DYER, a milliner in the New Exchange. This was the same Mary DYER, Quakeress, who was executed in 1660. - See James Kendall Hosmer, ed., WINTHROP'S JOURNAL - HISTORY OF NEW ENGLAND , v.I, pp.266-269.

1657 - In 1657 a group of Quakers entered Massachusetts, including Mary DYER, a Rhode Island Antinomian who had been converted by a group of Quakers visiting that colony, which was much more tolerant of Quakers than the neighboring colony of Massachusetts. "By the time Mary DYER arrived, Massachusetts had passed vicious laws against Quakers, setting out escalating punishments from whipping, through torture with red-hot irons (boring them through tongues was the favorite method) and having ears cut off, up to death by hanging. --- In 1658 they determined to make use of the death penalty if the offences continued; naturally, the Quakers rushed to provide the necks for the ropes. Mary DYER and two men were arrested and sentenced to die, but only the men were hanged, while Mary was merely banished. Insistently, she returned in 1660, and forced the Puritan fanaticism to give her the martyrdom she wished. But when Mary DYER was hanged, the public fury became so audible that even ENDECOTT took notice; and though one more Quaker was to be hanged, in 1661, the authorities drew back to their earlier position when punishments were merely torture and flogging." - Douglas Hill, THE ENGLISH to NEW ENGLAND (1975).

1660 - "The execution of Mary DYER, a Quakeress, 1 June 1660,   aroused deep indignation, and among the Friends (Quakers) who flocked to Boston ----." J. Houston Harrison, SETTLERS BY THE LONG GREY TRAIL (1935), p.25.

1666 - A John RIDER lived in Westover, Charles City County, Virginia in May 1666. WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY , v.IV,p.153.

1672 - William BIRD of Martins Brandon in Charles City, VA, married Hannah (BRENDON) JENNINGS and was deceased by 29 Sept 1672. - Info from Mrs. Thomas Elam of Houston, Texas (1975).

1673 - Colonel William BYRD I (1652-1704), of London, England and of Virginia, married, c.1673, to Maria HORSMANDEN, daughter of Col. Warham HORSMANDEN, of Purleigh, Co. Essex, England. Her father came to Virginia, ca.1649 and was a member of the Governor's Council in 1658. Maria (HORSMANDEN) BYRD was related to Thomas CULPEPER, proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia, and his son Alexander CULPEPER (1631-c.1694), Surveyor General of Virginia; Lord Thomas FAIRFAX; and William FAIRFAX (1691-1757), President of the Council of Virginia. Her cousin, Frances (CULPEPER) STEPHENS, widow of N.C. Governor Samuel STEPHENS, married, 1670, to Sir William BERKELEY, Governor of Virginia. Weis, Frederick Lewis, THE MAGNA CHARTA SURETIES, 1215 (3rd edition 1979); Lineage #47, p.38.

1674 - William BYRD II (1674-1744), son of William and Maria (HORSMANDEN) BYRD was born 10 March 1674 at Westover, Charles City Co., Virginia.

1675 - Andrew BIRD/BYRD, son of Abraham and Lornelia (COOKE) BIRD, was born in Maryland, ca.1675. He married Magdalene JONES, dau.of Mounce and Ingeborg (YOCUM) JONES. Ingeborg YOCUM was daughter of Jonas YOCUM, born c.1628, who came to Penna. about 1643 from Sweden. - Informant is Doris A. Foster, Vanderpool Route, Utopia, Texas 78884.

1679 - Johann Martin DIEFENBACH, son of Heinrich DIEFENBACH, was born 15 Aug 1679 at Schmittweiler, Germany.

1680 - Johan Jacob WENDEROTH, probably son of Conrad WENDEROTH, was born ca.1680 in Germany. He married Anna Margaretha --?--, in Germany, and they had children: Johan CASPAR WENDEROTH (1705-ca.1777) married, 1732, Anna Margaretha STREP; Anna Christina WENDEROTH, bapt. 7 Nov. 1708; Johannes WENDEROTH, bapt. 12 March 1710; and perhaps others. Carpenter, Vern A., WENDEROTH FAMILIES (1987), p.1.

1681 - The family of the immigrant ancestor, Peter Thomas HULL (also found in records as HOLE, HOOL, HOHL, HOLLE) "originated in the Rhineland Palatinate, known in German as the Pfalz. The only permanent evidence of the family is a stone in the choir of St. Stephanskirche parish church, about ten miles from Worms, inscribed in German:           'Here lies or rests Peter Thomas Hohl, pastor of the Lutheran Church, born May 3, 1681, died July 15, 1770, and his wife Anastasia Maria von EBRMARK, born Sept. 9, 1690, died March 23, 1763.' The stone is said to have been placed by American relatives. He was a brother of Johannes HOHL, the earliest ancestor of record. Earlier records were destroyed by the French." - THE HFA JOURNAL (Hull Family Association, August 1990), v.1, No.2, pp.1-10.

1683 - Thomas RIDER was of New Kent Co., Virginia in 1683. WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY , v.7,p.181.

1685 - Johannes HOHL was born about 1685 and died about 1746. He married Anna Christine ----. Johannes HOHL was a burger and a 'Commissariat-rider' at Bad Kreuznach, Pfalz (a fortified city on the Nahe River, a left bank tributary of the Rhine, and a radium spa, the 'city of wine and roses'). His duty was to ride into the countryside to find supplies for the city in time of trouble." - THE HFA JOURNAL (Hull Family Association, August 1990), v.1, No.2, pp.1-10.

1688 - William BIRD, born in England in 1600's, lived married and died ca.1688 in Anne Arundel Co., Md. He had a son, William, who lived in Calvert Co., Md. - From chart of Julia V. BIRD of Fresno, CA (1972).

1695 - Geo. W. Cleek in his, EARLY WESTERN AUGUSTA PIONEERS mentions in regard to the family of Roger DYER, died 1758, "there is some ground for thinking this family belonged to the Quakers." In PENNSYLVANIA MAGAZINE , v.54,p.309-310 mention is made of William DYER, f.1695, grandson of the Quaker Martyr, Mary DYER, whom the Congregationalist Government in New England put to death, because she, "thinking like the Apostles, that she should obey God rather than man, went to preach after she had been banished."

1698 - Abraham BIRD was in Anne Arundel Co., Md. by 1679. He married Lornelia COOKE. He made a will dated 1698, proved in Calvert Co., Maryland in 1699. He mentions four children, names two: Andrew and Abraham. His son Andrew BIRD, resided on Smith's Creek in Augusta Co., VA and died in Rockingham Co., Va., 27 Feb 1750. See Virkus, COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY

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