Mail application to:

Bath County Historical Society     

P.O. Box 212        

Warm Springs, VA 24484

Membership Fees
$25 =Mainstay
$50 =Household
$100 =Sustainer
$250 =Keeper
$500 =Steward
$1,000 =Patriot
$1,500 =Enthusiast
$2,500 =Benefactor
$5,000 =Guardian

Make checks or money orders to: Bath County Historical Society

Please enter your name and address and enclosed your membership fee and mail to the above address.  

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address:_____________________________ _____________________________

City__________________________________________ St:______Zip:_____________

E-Mail (Optional)__________________________________

                                                    Dues may be deductible for income tax purposes

Remember a Membership in the Bath County Historical Society Makes A Great Gift

If you would like to give a membership as a gift to a loved one, please enclose their name and address and let us know this is a gift from you to them.   If you would like to send a note to be sent with your gift, please enclose it with your order.

Updated: August 20, 2016