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1853-1867 Bath County, Virginia Deaths

1868-1895 Bath County, Virginia Deaths

1850 Bath County, Virginia  Census Records  (transcribed from microfilm)

1853-1870 Bath County, Virgina Births

1853-1899 Bath County, Virginia Marriages  

1871-1898 Bath Co., VA Births Vol 1 from 3x5 cards at the Bath Co., VA. Hist. Soc.   

Records have been transcribed from the Warm Springs, Bath County, Virginia court house records.

Full index of all names

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To check the County Histories and Parish Records on CDs Indexed and searchable

Table of Contents and index for every book listed

VIRGINIA, Bath and Highland Counties History


Hollyhock Press is pleased to announce our newest offering:

Bath County, Virginia 1870 Census Database

This is a transcription of the 1870 federal census of Bath County, Virginia, with illegible names checked against earlier and later censuses and other records for verification.

Formatting & indexing a book for printing takes a long time. In an effort to speed delivery to our customers, we are experimenting with making this book available only in electronic form, as a spreadsheet in either Microsoft Excel 2000 or Microsoft Works for Windows 4.0 format, delivered by electronic mail. These formats are readable by most spreadsheet programs. (If you need Text with Tabs or some other format, contact us and we'll see what we can do.)

Instead of having an index, the spreadsheet is fully searchable, which is in some ways superior to an index because you can search for given names, locations, occupations, or any other field. It is not formatted for printing, but it can be printed if you need a paper copy.

An alphabetized list of the heads-of-household & persons in the house with a different surname is available (free) at the Hollyhock Press site (address below), so you can search before buying.

To order this file, you must provide a valid e-mail address on the order form that you send with your check. (We do not sell or share e-mail addresses, so rest assured this will not cause your mailbox to fill up with junk mail.) Once your check has been received, we will e-mail you the file as an attachment. It's even faster than ordering a paper book, and there's no shipping cost! The cost of the database is $14.00.

We hope you'll enjoy our latest product, which we feel is a valuable addition to current Bath county genealogical resources.

Thanks for your time, Holly Cochran, email:

Hollyhock Press (publisher of Bath Co VA area books)

"Snapshot Before The War:1860 Census of Bath County, Virginia With Maiden Names & Parents Added & Bath County Marriages 1853-1860"

(ISBN 0-9666399-1-X), compiled by Holly Wanless Cochran

This book contains a complete transcription of the 1860 Bath county census, with maiden names identified for 87% of the married and once-married women and parents identified for many residents. It also contains a complete transcription of the Bath county marriage register from 1853 through 1860.

It has an index to the census, index to persons added in the footnotes & annotations, index to the marriage register, and index to the maiden names of remarried widows. 204 pages, paperback, UV-coated cover, 5.5" x 8.5".

Price: $26.00 + $2 shipping.

The 1860 census is one of the last official records of Bath county residents before they were engulfed in the War Between The States (Civil War). Many young men would die in the war a few years after this census was taken, and many of the children shown here did not survive the epidemics of cholera, typhoid fever, and diphtheria that swept through the area in the early 1860s. By the time the 1870 census was taken, many of these families had undergone radical changes. The author searched birth, death, marriage, land, personal, court, and cemetery records to identify the family ties of as many people as possible, providing a snapshot of Bath county family life before the war when the families were still mostly intact. Jump-start your research or fill in the gaps in your family tree by taking advantage of the extensive research that went into producing this book.

Marriage records in the 1853-1860 marriage register typically contain the names of the bride & groom, their ages, marital status, birthplaces, current places of residence, the names of their parents, the groom's occupation, the name of the marrying minister, and the date & place of marriage.

Sample pages of the book and an online searchable census index can be found at Hollyhock's website, at:

If you wish to order a copy of the book, please send a check for $28 to Hollyhock Press, 1660 Peachey Road, Ashland, OR, 97520. Holly Cochran email:

Hollyhock Press (publisher of Bath Co VA area books)

"Sept 1998" a new book is available to help you untangle the many intermarried families of the Bath Co, VA region. Since Bath Co came out of Augusta, Botetourt, and Greenbrier counties, and originally contained portions of Alleghany, Pendleton, Highland, and Pocahontas counties, you'll find many families from those counties in this book, plus a few folks from adjacent Rockbridge Co.

Following Jean Bruns's abstraction of Will Books 1 through 4, this book takes Bath Co through the 2 decades before the War Between The States, the War itself, and the post-war reconstruction period. Most valuable, it includes many names from the critical pre-1850 census years (before the census listed every name in the household).

Abstracts of Bath County, Virginia Will Books 5 and 6 (1843-1875) compiled by Holly Wanless Cochran    (now available for limited look-up, see below)

- abstracts of the entire contents of Will Books 5 and 6 (March 1843 through September 1875) of Bath County, VA, in one 282-page volume - contains wills, estate inventories (names only, not estate contents), estate sale buyers, heirs mentioned in estate settlements, guardian bonds for minor children, records of commitment for insanity, children born out of wedlock, land sales, slave sales, slave emancipations, marriage contracts; licenses to operate various businesses, perform marriages, or be a minister; bonds to guarantee performance in public office; powers of attorney for distant heirs to receive their portion of an estate - 5 indexes, glossary of legal terms, explanation of probate process

See this web site:

for more details and/or an order form. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Holly Wanless Cochran

Holly has gracealey approved Jackie Hudgins to do limited look-ups in her book, thank you Holly.

Holly's Note:

Thanks for asking. I support both the free exchange of information and the right of an author to be compensated for her work. You have my permission, as the legal copyright holder, to do lookups for people under the following conditions:

1. You only look up one request per person, or two lookups if the first lookup doesn't produce anything. If somebody has more than one family in the book, they should be encouraged to buy the book, because they'll likely find other connections in there too.

2. You always include in your response the information on how to buy the book (go to

Thanks, Holly Cochran   Hollyhock Press (publisher of Bath Co. VA area books)  

The long awaited book on the Usher Sisters of early Augusta County is finally here. I'm attaching a modified Foreword from the book to give you some idea of the contents. The cost will be $25 per copy from me, somewhat higher if ordered from the Bath County Historical Society. I would appreciate if those interested in the book would combine orders as much as possible to minimize shipping hassles.

Gerald Richardson, 1109 Pine St., Richland, WA 99354


Their Ancestry, and Pullin, Steuart, and Dickinson Descendants


Oren Morton, in his History of Highland County Virginia, told the story of Edward Usher and his elopement with the daughter of an English nobleman named Perry. Three daughters of Edward Usher &emdash; Ann Jane, Margaret, and Martha &emdash; married early pioneers of Augusta County and founded dynasties that have spread throughout America. With little more than these clues to work on, the "nobleman Perry" has been identified as an attorney and gentleman named James Perry who lived at Perrymount, County Down, Ireland and was married to Ann Swift, a first cousin of the famous Jonathan Swift. Perry was associated with an Edward Usher, linen draper, and his will abstract mentions Edward Usher, first husband of his daughter Jane Perry "in America."

"The Usher Sisters of Early Augusta County, Virginia places the Perry family in its historical context and traces the Swift line back to its Dryden, Cope, and Spencer roots. Through the Cope connection, Ann Swift and her progeny can be tied to Edward I and his famous forebears back to William the Conqueror, Charlemagne and others. For readers who are interested in confirming a connection to the Usher/Perry family, three-generation register reports are supplied for the Pullin, Steuart, and Dickinson descendants of the Usher sisters.

The book contains 148 8" x 11.5" pages, with several full color photographs and portraits and five pedigree charts. It is available from me, Gerald Richardson, 1109 Pine St., Richland WA 99354 (Telephone 509-943-9547, e-mail A donation of $25 per copy is requested to help pay for printing and shipping. If, for some reason, you can't contact me, you can try Mrs. Phyllis Buchanan, 3141 Keywest Ct, Wichita KS 67204 (Telephone 316-838-0870, e-mail who has been involved with this project from the beginning. We also hope to make arrangements with the Bath County, VA, Historical Society to sell books on consignment. They will set the fees for the books they sell. Listed Nov. 4, 2005

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