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December 2, 2008 from
I am looking for the families of the 16 children of Isham Miles of Bedford and Franklin Counties, VA. These children were found listed in a record in Pulaski Co., KY involving an estate settlement which listed the heirs of William MILES, all of his siblings from 2 different marriages born in Cumberland, Buckingham, Bedford and Franklin Co.'s in VA. His father, Isham Johnson MILES, b. before 1748, was not mentioned in the estate settlement. Children from the first marriage with Judith Hatcher:
John MILES, deceased (b. before 1779), Elizabeth Hudgins, Judith Hudgins (dec'd).
The remaining children were half blood, mother Elizabeth Carter:
Joseph MILES,
Henry MILES, stayed in VA
Edward MILES,
Jordon MILES, stayed in VA
Thomas J. MILES, -> Robertson Co. TN
Samuel A. MILES,
Armistead J. MILES (b. 1796), 1829 ->KY, 1839-> MO
Polly, wife of David JOHNSON,
Rebecca, wife of John OXLEY,
Nancy, wife of Dabney GRUBBS,
Susan, wife of Benjamine HAIL,
Sally Turner, deceased (wife of John Turner).
Researcher, Robert B. Waddle stated: Major portion of above at the time lived in Robertson Co. TN although the record is not clear - the heirs of Juda Hudgins at least did so. Geo. W. Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders, Albin Turner, William Turner, Tilman Turner appear to have been residents of Wayne Co. KY. Benjamin Hail and wife Susan came to Pulaski Co. KY and then went to on to Andrew Co., MO above St. Joseph, MO

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November 8, 2008 from
I am looking for the present day location of Willow Meadow Hill, which is mentioned in survey order of 1780:
Robert Clark appointed Surveyor of the Road from the 10 mile tree below the Willow Meadow hill up to the lower corner of John Ewing's fence & that the said Clark's two sons, Joseph Hardy, Joseph Dooley, John Sharp & son, Abraham, together with others in the neighborhood to assist the surveyor.
And also:
Feb. 1822 - Ordered: that the road from Isaac Otey's lane passing Fancy Farm to the top of Willow Meador Hill heretofore divided and made three precincts of - be now divided as formerly until two, that the hands who formerly worked on each be now attached to each precinct. That William Saunders be appointed surveyor of said road from Otter to top of Willow Meador Hill and Sampson Sharp - be appointed surveyor said road from Otter to Issac Otey's lane in addition to their former precincts.
Thanks, Sandra Noel, Bedford County

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August 4, 2008 from
I am looking for info on Greenberry Taylor who married Martha Patry Jones on 12/18/1815 in Bedford Co. They are my ggggrandparents. Thanks for any help.

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July 8, 2008 from
I have been searching for my family for many years and always come to the same 'roadblock'--I can't seem to get past my great-great grandfather. His name was Francis Henry Bell and he had a large family of at least 12 children, his wife was Musidora Turner. I do have the 1870 Census listing him as a farmer. Also, the Lowrys' are family and I have them back to John and Abigail in 1797--their home being on the National Historic register. Their son, Elliott was a large property owner evidently and he owned many slaves. I do have some old register pages of his listing the slaves and their names and ages from the late 1700's to 1864. Would anyone be interested in this info?? Someday I hope to come to Bedford and search in person, I would love to see the Lowry home.

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April 23, 2008 from
I am looking for the parents of the four children listed below. Based on information I have received from fellow researcher, they are buried at the Bethlehem Unitied Methodist Church Cemetery in Bedford County, Virginia. I do not have any other information other that what is listed with the children.

Jay James Vaden, JR, born June 28, 1927, died July 3, 1926
Juaneta Virginia Vaden, born October 4, 1922, died January 9, 1923
Francis Alleno Vaden, born August 16, 1916, died January 2, 1919
Oscar Verner Vaden, born May 15, 1913, died January 10, 1915
I would appreciate any information related to these children.
Charlie Vines - Web Administrator
Garland, Dallas County, Texas, USA

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March 14, 2008 from
I am looking for data from the 1950 census report for the city of Bedford. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. My older sister has cancer and I'm writing a short book for her birthday which is in April. She was born in Bedford in 1952 and I want to include demographic data from the 1950 census to remind her where she came from. Also, at that time, the only hospital was a house located in town where we were both born. You wouldn't have any information about that would you? The name would be fine if that's all you have. Again, thank you in advance.
Susan Lowe
Birmingham, Alabama

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February 16, 2008 from
Have a Richard Adams md. in Bedford Co, Elizabeth Wills, dt. Justinian: James C Wills, surety married by Mosby Arnold Sept 29,1836 my family he moved to Texas 1850's
William Adams Jr. md. in Bedford Co, Mary Hewitt: Nathaniel Adams Surety Married by Mosby Arnold Jan 22, 1840.
I think William Adams that married Lucy Derin, dt Jaminah: Henry Adams was the father of Richard Adams, if any one could help me on the Adams family. I always thought Elizabeth name was Willis? sure would like some help, Thanks

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February 13, 2008 from
Hi, is there a cemetery in Lynchburg where dead from the WBTS hospital were buried? Can only type with one hand, due to operation. Jimmie Lee Perry

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January 30, 2008 from
I am looking for information on the parents of Joel Leftwich, m Sara Catherine Adams 23 Dec 1811, Bedford County. They had at least two issues, Wilmoth W Leftwich, m Michael DeBoe, and Tabitha Jane Leftwich, b 18 Apr 1836,Floyd County, d 19 Dec 1900, Franklin County, m Reuben Bagby Price 6 Dec 1853 Floyd County. Family is listed on page 191/192 of the Leftwich-Turner Families of Virginia.

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