John Kasey Diary 1835-1841

(b. 1806 Bedford Co., VA, d. 1841 Breckinridge Co., KY)

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Diary 1835-1841
Cover "John Kasey, Jr." A drawing (woodcut?) of a hunter with a gun, and a poem: See the keen sportsman, through the snow pursue / The feather'd trembling tenants of the wood / As if his heart no kindly feeling knew / As if his greatest joy was shedding blood. // How different he who makes the peaceful aim / To add [each virtue?] to his humble name.
Page 1 a list of clothes and other possessions. Refers to himself as John Kasey, Jr.
Page 2

November 24 to December 6, 1835, visits with S___ Wingfield, M. Hunt, Pleasant Dickinson, William Campbell, H. Moorman, Dr. Daniel F. Morris
Page 3

December 6-15, 1835, visits with a Miss Turner, Dolly Reans? Charles C. Lee's family? Writes a letter to Alexander Kasey, Jr. Joseph Pedigo preaches.
Page 4 December 15-25, 1835. Sarah Stockton, Susan Hunt, N.B.Turner, Miss Bird, Miss Morris, Moorman family, Richard W. Stegall. Silas Minter preached.
Page 5 December 25-26, 1835. Mr. Welcrone. Susan Hunt with Mr. Johnson, Susan Wingfield, John J. Lovell. Received a letter from A. Kasey Jr.. Wrote letters to father (Alexander Kasey) and A. Kasey Jr.
Page 6 January 1-10, 1836. Elvira Callan? mentioned. John spat up some blood.
Page 7 January 10-17, 1836. William Stockton. Doctor Morriss, S.P.R. Moorman, Mrs. Calland?, A.H. Moorman. Letter from A. Kasey, Jr.
Page 8 January 17-24, 1836. Mrs. John J. Lovell, John G. Wingfield, Mr. Martin, Richard Gregory, Jo Stults. News from William Tate, wrote back; also wrote letter to William Kasey.
Page 9 January 27-31, 1836. Mr. Moorman, James Roberts, William Stockton, A.H. Moorman. Letters from William H. Tate, James S. Kasey, Alexander Kasey, Jr.
Page 10 February 6, 1836 (it says March, but I think it's February). Moorman, John King, Benjamin King, Miss Susan Barrow.
Page 11 February 14 to March 8, 1836. Mrs. Moorman, Stockton, A.H. Moorman, Col. Christopher Wingfield, John Cook, William Young. Received a letter from R. Clement or Clements, an accrostick. Wrote a letter to A. Kasey, Jr.
Page 12 March 13-26, 1836. Elias Botner, a tailor; Bondurant and Taylor, a store or hatmakers; A.H. Moorman.
Page 13 March 26-31, 1836. Lewis Bird and James? Roberts, A. Ruckers, Matthew Scott. Campaigning for an election: William Goggin, Robert Campbell, Thomas Preston, Jervis Arthur. Visited father in Bedford; there, "Uncle Dick" (aunt Ann Kasey's husband Richard Shaon?) read a letter from Singleton Kasey to brother Alexander Kasey. "Kasey vs. Shaon" suit is mentioned.
Page 14 March 31-April 3, 1836. Christopher Cundiff, Alexander Kasey, S.P.R. Moorman, Board family, brother James Kasey, Mr. Moorman, Mr. Marshall, Thomas Moorman, A.H. Moorman. Friendly chat with E.M.C. and N.B.J. Zeigler's Mill. Wrote letter to William H. Tate, received one from brother William Kasey and one from lawyer Dabney re Kasey v. Shaon.
Page 15 April 12-17, 1836. Moorman, Hunt, Finch?, Stockton, B. Marshall. Martin elected mayor. Letters from C.C. Peters and John G. Wingfield; wrote one to Mildred J. Hurt. This is the first page that John uses his code on; Mildred J. Hurt is in code.
Page 18 [top section only.] April 19, 1836. Sarah Stock (Stockton).
Page 16 April 25, 1836. A.H. Moorman, Richard W. Steagall?, William L. Stockton (in code). J. Flood and T. Miller preached.
Page 17 April 25-26,1836. Benjamin Barrow? (in code), A.H. Moorman, James Taylor, B. Marshall. Letter from A. Kasey, Jr. from Richmond. Wrote letter to father Alexander Kasey and one to Newt Preston.
Page 18 [starting 5th line down.] April 26, 1836. Negotiations between A. Moorman and B. Marshall.
Page 19 May 1, 1836. A.H. Moorman.
Page 20 May 1-7, 1836. Sarah Stockton, Susan Hunt, John Bernard, Benjamin Bernard, A.H. Moorman, Joseph Connte?. Letter from J.N. Preston.
Page 21 May 16-29, 1836. Moorman, Thomas Moorman, Doctor John Moorman, Mrs. Pedigo (died), Mistress Moorman, brother Alexander Kasey, Mrs. Moorman. Wrote letters to John G. Wingfield, William H. Tate, Isaac N. Preston.
Page 22 May 29 to July 6, 1836. Mildred Jane Hurt (in code), John D. Arnold, Peter Finney. Silas Minter preached. Wrote a letter to William H. Tate, received one from him and one from Alexander Kasey, Jr.
Page 23 July 6-12, 1836. B.G. Hendrick, Thomas S. Keen, Elias Botner, Daniel Pace, Green R. Finch or Linch, Benjamin Marshall, John Seyell William Galloway, John Pinkard, William S. Stockton. Wrote a letter to R. T. or R.G. Shaon (probably "Uncle Dick")
Page 24 July 19 to August 5, 1836. Ann Parberry (died), A.H. Moorman, Botner, Thomas S. Keen, Mildred J. Hurt, Richard W. Steagall, J. Pedigo. Miller preached. Wrote letter to and received one from I.N. Preston. Received letters from Tate, Peters, and Rucker in Lynchburg.
Page 25 August 5-15, 1836. John G. Wingfield, Mrs. Calland and daughter, A.H. Moorman. A child is disinterred. Letter to A. Kasey, Jr.
Page 26 August 15 to September 4, 1836. William Stockton, Daniel W. Williams, Preston Bennett, John Bernard, Benjamin Bernard, Board family, William Ray. John visits father Alexander Kasey in Bedford. Received letter from William H. Tate.
Page 27 September 4-11, 1836. Christopher Cundiff, Captain S.P.R. Moorman, father Alexander Kasey, Mrs. Peters, A. Ruckers, brother James Kasey, John Board, Reuben Thacker, A.H. Moorman, John Wingfield, William Stockton, Mrs. Moorman.
Page 28 September 11 to October 7, 1836. Doctor Hereford. J. Pedigo preached. Wrote letters to Echols and to A. Kasey, Jr., received something from William Copeland.
Page 29 October 6-23, 1836. Edwin Moorman, Michael Scott, John Wingfield, William Stockton. Arnold & Barrow, a store. John had pains.
Page 30 October 30 to December 8, 1836. Col. Wingfield, father Alexander Kasey, A.H. Moorman. Letter from A. Kasey, Jr. John left his job with Moorman November 27.
Page 31 December 8, 1836. Moorman, Thomas S. Keen, Gabriel Matox, father Alexander Kasey, brother Singleton Kasey, Board family, Mrs. Peters, William Hurt, A. Ruckers, William Tate, William Morgan, Clifton.
Page 32 December 8-26, 1836. Board, McCabe, Christopher Cundiff, James C. Kasey, Paschal Meador, C.C. Peters, Miss Moorman, Miss Board, Edward Hancock. Alexander Kasey, Jr. (Sandy) is married.
Page 33 January 4-14, 1837. Wingfield, Alexander Kasey, Jr. (Sandy) and wife (Lady), father Alexander Kasey, Mary Jane Cundiff, Jane Board, Susan Board, S.J. Harriss, Griffin Nichols. Wrote to Moorman and William Stockton; received a letter from John Cook.
Page 34 January 14 to February 18, 1837. Francis Board and family (sick), Edward Jones, Cundiff, Moorman. Received letters from brother Singleton Kasey, William Stockton, Edwin Moorman, Clifton C. Peters; wrote to John Cook and Clifton Peters.
Page 35 February 18 to … seems to skip to July 20,1838? Board family, W. Peters, Jackson Ayers, E.C. Jones, Joe Board, Meadors of Goose Creek, John Kasey, George Kasey. Mention of Kasey v. Shaon suit. James S. Kasey moving west 14th March. Received letter from brother James Kasey.
Page 36 July 20 to November 3, 1838. John Kasey, Thomas Kasey, George Kasey, M.S.R., S.G.B, Alexander Kasey, Jr. David Dickinson married Miss McClain. Sued John, Thomas, and George for slaves. Father Alexander Kasey started October 3 for Kentucky.
Page 37 November 3, 1838. Echols, Jubal Cundiff, William Morgan (a miller?), Thomas Cain, James Leftwich. Alexander Kasey, Jr.'s wife had a son and a daughter about October 16. John started teaching school October 22. Francis Worley and Eliza Meador married October 31 at Wilson Meador's.
Page 38 November 3 to December 12?, 1838. Alexander Kasey, Jr. Cundiff, Moorman, Mr. Jones, James Kasey. Father Alexander Kasey, (and mother and Meadors?) arrived in KY after 24 days. Received letter from father Alexander Kasey and from William Kasey. James M. Ramsay and Martha Huddleston married 12 December and Levi? West and Miss Barnard of Campbell County married.
Page 39 December 12? - 26? 1838. W.H. Leftwich, Benjamin Meador, Edward C. Jones, C.C. Peters, Alexander Kasey, Jr. Kasey v. Shaon suit settled.
Page 40 December 26? 1838 to February 23, 1838. Clifton (Peters), Mary Jane Cundiff. Edward Jones and Sophia Board married. Wrote father Alexander Kasey, wrote George Hangton?, wrote Alexander Kasey, Jr., received a letter from Alexander Kasey, Jr.
Page 41 February 23, 1838. A. Ruckers, W. Peters, William Jones, Uncle Thomas Kasey, McClain, Mrs. John McCabe, Mr. Jones, S.P.R. Moorman. John Ayers preached at Bethlehem. Wrote letter to brother Alexander Kasey, Jr.
Page 42 February 10 to April 3, 1839 (seems to skip a year?). Mrs. Peters, Aunt Mary Martin (Mary Kasey, who married Samuel Martin), Capt. S.P.R. Moorman, Leftwich. John's health poor.
Page 43 April 3, 1839. John Jordan, Virginia Cundiff, Jerry Jordan, C. Cundiff, S.P.R. Moorman, John Compton. Description of Buckhannon.
Page 44 April 3-27, 1839. Doctor Jones, father Alexander Kasey, brother William Kasey, brother Singleton Kasey, aunt Mary (Kasey) Martin, Mr. Jones. Read letter from brother Richard Kasey.
Page 45 April 27, 1839. Board family, Philip Hix, Mrs. Peters, Mildred, Franklin family, A. Ruckers, Mrs. Moorman, C. Cundiff, Chisley Cundiff, aunt Mary (Kasey) Martin.
Page 46 June 2 to July 13, 1839. Alexander Kasey, Jr. and wife, Board family, Morgan, Wes Peters, Adaline Holland. Wrote to father Alexander Kasey and to lawyer Dabney. Mrs. Peters married? John had mumps.
Page 47 September 17 to November 13, 1839. Board family, Ruckers, Uncle William Kasey, Charles Gills, Samuel Williams, James Kasey, Jr., Alexander Kasey, Sr., Milton Franklin, John Board, Adison Whitlington. Getting ready to move to Kentucky.
Page 48 November 13 to December 8, 1839. Cundiff, Moorman, Thomas Johnson, James Burruss, Thomas Johnson, brother William Kasey, Mariah Jones (in code), Edward Jones, Clement Dickinson, James Spradlin. Started to KY November 19. This is the beginning of a detailed description of the route to Kentucky.
Page 49 December 8, 1839. Jon Murrill. William Preston (Roanoke Co.), Jacob Kent, Andrew Todd, Thomas Galbraith, Thomas Triggs, Joseph Davis, Tomapson, Abram Bradley (w. of Abingdon), Isaac Stoffle, Boatyard Edmundson, William Armstron, Robert Naul, McHenry (Powel’s River) George McAlister (in Kentucky), J. Henry (on Little Rockcastle River), R. Thoney (Stanford), Jesse Peters (maxville?), Mumford, Easton (Bardstown).
Page 50 December 8-19, 1839. Huffman, John B. Holland, brother William Kasey, father Alexander Kasey ("the old man), William Albright, brother Singleton Kasey, brother Richard Kasey (sometimes "Dick"), William Dent, Miss Dent, Aunt Hannah Kasey (wife of older brother James S., presumably?).
Page 51 December 19-20, 1839. Brother William Kasey ("Billey”), father Alexander Kasey, Sim? Shrewsbury, Christopher Board, Christopher Dowell, John C. Meador, brother James S. Kasey. Description of early Big Spring (it sounds as though John had been there a decade before, around the time brothers Singleton, William, and Richard had moved there).
Page 52 December 20-26, 1839. Brother William Kasey, John Dowell, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kinchelow, Aunt Hannah Kasey, Lemuel Dent, Miss Wintersmith, Thomas Kasey, John Bewley, Christopher Bewley, Roberts. John O'Banion preached.
Page 53 December 26-28, 1839. Christopher Bewley, Kimble Bewley, David Hurendon, John Bewley, brother William Kasey, brother Singleton Kasey. John spat blood "from the left lobe of the lungs" for two or three hours.
Page 54 December 28 to January 12, 1839. Brother William Kasey, brother Singleton Kasey, father Alexander Kasey, Miss Hardaway. John spat blood for ˝ hour. Rents from Lucy Dowell.
Page 55 January 12, 1839 to February 5, 1840. William Yates, Uncle Thomas Kasey, John C. Meador, William Holley, father Alexander Kasey, Christopher Bewley. Wrote to Edward C. Jones. Visited Louisville, KY.
Page 56 February 5 to March 8, 1840. Brother James S. Kasey, Joseph Bewley, Thomas Robertson, brother Richard Kasey, James Minter, Thomas Kasey (in KY, not his brother in VA). Reverend Barnet preached. Wrote letters to brother Alexander Kasey, Jr. in VA, C.C. Peters in VA, Maria Jones in VA. Father Alexander Kasey moved to Lucy Dowell's place.
Page 57 March 8 to April 4, 1840. Thomas Kasey, father Alexander Kasey, Edmund McGeorge and Billey Hanks (both on the way from Arkansas to Virginia), John Dowell, cousin Alexander M. Kasey (son of James S.), Thomas Cain. Wrote a letter to T.A. Cobbs, received one from brother Alexander Kasey, Jr. in Virginia.
Page 58 April 4 to 22, 1840. Father Alexander Kasey, aunt Hannah Kasey, Miss McKance, Miss Shantley, Sashwell Jordan, John B. Holland. Brother James S. Kasey’s wife Nancy Ross Kasey had a child April 3, dead before April 11. Wrote a letter to brother Alexander Kasey, Jr.
Page 59 April 22 to May 27, 1840. Miliner Haynes, William Haynes, Alexander Price and wife Ursula Price, Peter Street and his wife Polly, Shearman Cobbs, Linius Scott, John Dowell. Barnett preached. Received letters from Tilghman A. Cobbs and C.C. Jones. Wrote to T.A. Cobbs. Visited Cloverport.
Page 60 May 27 to June 2, 1840. Brother Singleton Kasey, father Alexander Kasey, Sashwell Jordan, V. Daniel. Buchanan preached. Great Harrison festival at Brandenburg.
Page 61 June 15 to July 24, 1840. Berry Wright, Charles R. Noell, brother James Kasey, brother Singleton Kasey, brother William Kasey, Albright.
Page 62 July 4 to August 17, 1840. Henry Hardaway, Alexander McCance?, Aunt Hannah Kasey. Wrote a letter to his uncle Col. Thomas Kasey in Virginia, and one to Anthony Rucker, Charles R. Noell, Edward Hardaway, Sashwell Jordan, Thomas Morgan?, James Morgan?. William Morgan died. "The Reverend James Taylor preached Mother's [Lurana Shaon Kasey] funeral at the Big Spring." I'd previously seen a date of 1832 for her death, but John seems to write earlier that father and mother and Meadors travelled together to Kentucky, so I'm not sure. The odd thing about this is he never talks about seeing her, about her being sick, or about her dying., Doesn't seem to be sad.
Page 63 August 17 to September 22, 1840. Sashwell Jordan, father Alexander Kasey. Received a letter from C.C. Peter and one from E.C.Jones. Wrote letters to T.A. Cobbs, brother Alexander Kasey, Jr., S. Goggin. James M.Carter. Brother Singleton Kasey’s wife Frances Tinsley Boatwright Kasey sick, Vincent sick. Capt. Nehemiah Dowell died, Stanley Dowell died. Administered estate of William Morgan.
Page 64 November 18-25, 1840. Francis Johnson, William Haynes, Miliner Haynes, Rich Dickinson, Miss Purcell, Josiah Caps, brother Richard Kasey, Sashwell Jordan, John Dowell. Received letters from John Compton, brother Alexander Kasey, Jr., uncle William Kasey, cousin William C. Kasey, and Tilghman A. Cobbs.
Page 65 November 25, 1840 to January 28, 1841. Brother Richard Kasey, Mrs. Dent (Esther Board Dent?), Abel Meador, William Dent, Bewley, Widow Ropes, Jane Meador (in code), George Dowell, father Alexander Kasey, Jackson Dowell. Received letters from Joseph Johnson and John Calhoun.
Page 66 January 28 to March 29, 1841. William Dent, Abel Meador, Markus King. Wrote a letter to brother Alexander Kasey, Jr., received one from William B. Jones. Married Jane Meador February 4. John had a pain in his left side that prevented him from working for a week.
Page 67 March 29, 1841. Ann Ross, Elizabeth Meador, cousin Thomas Kasey.
Page 68 dates for John Kasey, Jane Meador Kasey, and daughter Mary Jane Kasey (John Ann Elizabeth Kasey?).
Page 69 list of bonds and money received for father Alexander Kasey, September 10, 1838, before Alexander left Virginia for Kentucky.
Page 70 list of bonds and notes received of father Alexander Kasey October 28, 1838.
Page 71 list of property sold September 28, 1838.
Page 72 accounting, August and September 1838.
Page 73 A. Morgan, Board and McCabe.
Back cover A drawing (woodcut?) of soldiers with swords on horses and carts, and a poem: The gallant soldier in his country's cause / Moves bravely on and gains a just applause; / And those who forward in their studies press / Shall from their friends and country gain no less.