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November 27, 2007 from
I am looking for information on Minnie Dickins? (spelling is hard to read on her marriage certificate to Wiley Vestal Inman in June of 1920 in Surry Co NC)Her dad is listed as LM or TM Dickins? and Living in Carroll county Va. Her mother is listed as deceased which means she died between 1898 and 1920. I am assuming she lived and died in Carroll Co also. Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated....Larry

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September 29, 2007 from
I have Sarah Jane DAY (my great great grandmother ) She married James B. Day ( my great great grandfather )in 16 Jun 1860 in Carroll County, VA. Her moth er is listed as Catherine Sutphin and her father as William Anderson Bolt. James B Day's parents are Joseph Day Sr. and Rebecca Dunn. I have seen on your lists that Sarah J Day married a William Runion?? D o not understand if we are talking the same Sarah J Day. Can some ne clarify that? I would appreciate understanding if there is mor e than one Sarah born to William A Bolt and Catherine Sutphin. Th anks so much! Jayne

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June 28, 2007 from
I am looking for info on Charles Cole b ca 1761. He married Elizabeth Stoneman in 1795 in Grayson County. I can't find info on him, and was told that maybe he was in the part of Grayson County that was changed to Carroll County.

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June 28, 2007 from
Looking for James (Harvey?) Harris from NC, Married Clementine Shockley 7 Nov 1848 near Hillsville. Need Harris Parents. Thanks for any info. Dahnmon

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June 21, 2007 from
I need help with some puzzling facts about my paternal grandmother Nancy R Golding who married Thomas J Bowman in 1903. The first record I have found for Nancy R, is in the 1900 census for Surry Co, NC. In the Dobson district, in household #98 Elizabeth Golding 35 was listed as a widow. She lived with four young individuals listed as her children, Sanders 23, Richard 21, Nancy 13, and Dona 11. Other documents indicate that the girls were born in VA, and that the young men's full names are Reuben Saunders Golding and Richard Houston Golding Searching previous VA censuses, I found in the 1880 census for Carroll Co, VA Fancy Gap district, household #324 a Reuben Golden 60, and wife Nancy 47. Their children are Nicholas F. 20, Elizabeth 18, James 16, Arizana 15, John H. 12, Martha F. 8, Reuben S. 6, Richard H. 5. I think that these last two could be the young men who were listed as sons of Elizabeth in 1900, but this possibility raises a lot of questions that I cannot answer.
For example, could Elizabeth be a second wife of Reuben?
Mainly though, I want the answer to the question, who are parents of Nancy R. and Dona A Golden/ing? I will appreciate and info or leads, Byron

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April 30, 2007 from
Looking for info on great grandmother, Rebecca Ayres, m John R Nester from Carroll Co Va in 1875. Not sure where she was from.

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April 27, 2007 from
I am looking for any information on William and Jane Jones. Est born, 1800-1830. They lived in Carroll Co before moving to Patrick Co. They had several children. I believe they were Wm's stepchildren, but they end up using his last name for life. One daughter was named Hulda Ann Jones. On her marriage certificate she is listed as Hulda Ann Woods. I believe this is her mothers maiden name. On her death certificate it states she was born in Carroll County. I know everyone always says this, but her mother may have been an Indian. The reason I mentioned this is she is listed in the Cherokee records. This will make finding her hard. At one point the children were listed as Bowman. With all these names you'd think I could find something on these people!!!!

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April 27, 2007 from
I am looking for a man by the name of "Garrel Newman", we believe this man had interests with Rosey Bedsaul who married Otey Jennings.

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February 27, 2007 from
I am trying to find Photo of Emma Frances Williams daughter of Josiah Williams of Grayson Co., She married my geat grandfather William Acey Alley (of Ivanhoe).
Also looking for information on Muncey & Dora (Mabe) Fender's family & photo's. They lived in Independence, Va.
Any information would be grealy appreciated.

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February 27, 2007 from
I am looking for information and any photo's of the children of David Mae and Elizabeth (Gregory) Mabe, some of them I have marriage license's for and that is all the information I've been able to find. All married in Carroll , Co., Va.
1-Ira married Juda Nancy Smythers
2-Elizabeth married James William Franklin
3-Martha married Richars McGee
4-Henry married Lettie Sutherland
5-John married 1- Hulda Farmer 2-Lydia Ellen Mabry 3- Lillie Coulson
6-Margaret married James S. Gilley
Also looking for information and photo's on Ira's children:
1-Roosevelt married Effie Crowder
4-William Anderson married Hattie Bell Burnett
5-Elizabeth married James William Franklin
6-Cornitha married 1- Charles Layfayett Dean 2- Wesley Walter Jones
7- Nancy Necatie married Converse Heath Fraizer
8-Susie Ethel
Also looking for Benjamin J. Mabe and Martha Lawson and children.
Also for Lineberry's who married Mabe's in Carroll, Co., Va.

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February 26, 2007 from
I am looking for information on Rose Lee Allen, born 5/31/1882, in Carroll County, VA. She was married to George W. Carrico of VA(born 1-4 1879). She was disowned by the Allen family for marrying my Grandfather. I have been told there was a problem at the Courthouse due to the marriage. Can you tell me anything about my Grandparents?? Thanks in adavance for any help. Dennis Carrico (Grandson in CA).

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January 23, 2007 from
Looking for information on Byllesby Dam, in particular if there were any casualties among the workers.

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January 23, 2007 from
I have two pictures left by my grandmother, both have a young man named Jim Alley. One has my grandmother, Mary Esther Burnett Mabe, and Martha Lawson Mabe pictured with him. The other has another woman who looks as though she could be older. Does anybody have any clue if Jim Alley had a connection to David Crockett Burnett Family?

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