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August 2, 2014 from
Desperately hoping for any information on a Wiley R. McGEE born c 1884/5. married in Norfolk, VA on 26 Mar 1921 to Mary A. Sullivan. Have church marriage record but can't find a VA state or county record. Don't know his father, but his mother was Elizabeth Jane LINEBERRY (1873-1950), born in Carroll Co. ... Wiley R. had a sister named Maggie English McGEE, b/c 1883. ANY assistance greatly appreciated. Have been searching for years!

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June 10, 2014 from
I am researching Joshua Ayers of Fancy Gap (his son was Lorenzo Dow Ayers) and would like to know if he attended a church in that area. If he did, are the church books still available to check for family records? I have no clue what church his family might have been members of...any help you can be would be greatly appreciated.

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March 26, 2011 from
Searching for Lucinda Vaughn Shelton and her daughter Susan E. born 1853 and Laura E. born 1859. Susan carried the last name of Vaughn. In the 1880 census Susan is 77 living in Fancy Gap. Living with her is Laura with a son John W. born 1879, father listed as from GA. Any marriages that occurred for either Susan or Laura important, and if John W. stayed in the area, and any burial records.

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September 26, 2010 from
Would love any information on the Richardson's from Carroll, Co. Va. that moved to Rowan, Co. N.C. before 1780. My John R. Richardson, b. 1782 N.C. married Mary Jane "Seuse" Beck - on May 7, 1803 bondsman: Jacob Beck - father.

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February 3, 2010 from
Nancy Ellen Marshall, b. Nov 1871, married Charles M. Huff on 21 May 1890. They had one child Ida Marshall Huff. On p. 200 of the Carroll County Cemetery book it shows tombstones for two children of "C. M. & N. E. Huff" buried in Hattie Marshall Cemetery. Daughter Huff died 11 Jan 1882 and Son Huff died 9 Feb 1888. Both are well before the marriage date of Charles M. and Nancy Ellen and would have been born when Nancy was 11 years old and 17 years old. The last one is believable but the first one is not. I don't believe the birth year and marriage date of Nancy is incorrect so is there another couple "C. M. & N. E. Huff" kicking around. Thanks,

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February 3, 2010 from
Any idea who the Woody Duncan Marshall, b. 12 May 1901, d. 19 Nov 1970 and buried in Polly Ann Marshall Cemetery, Carroll Co., VA is?

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February 3, 2010 from
Carrie Jane Marshall b. 28 Sept 1902, d. 17 July 1968 is buried next to Asa Howard & Dora Pierce Marshall in Top of the Mountain Cemetery. Does anyone know if this is their daughter. Thanks,

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June 2, 2009 from
I am researching the Albert Young Pope Family. Albert's father, William A. Pope, is my ggg grandfather. Albert married Mary E. Spencer and they resided in Sulphur Springs District of Carroll Co., VA for several years. Later, they moved to Fries, Grayson Co., VA. I have information to share with their descendants. 27 May 2009, we marked Albert's grave with his Confederate Grave Marker at Fries Cemetery, Fries, VA. Albert served in Co. E, G 4th VA Reserves near the end of the War Between the states. Albert was born 13 Nov 1846 and died 27 Jan 1922. Thank you,

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May 28, 2009 from
I have a picture that I believe is Amos Stilwell. He was the father of James Cecil Stilwell and husband of Sarah Jennings Stilwell. Would anyone have a picture of Amos, that I could compare the one I have with. Thank you.

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