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Rakes, Aaron [1860]
Rakes, Aaron D. [Marriage]
Rakes, Albert C. [1870]
Rakes, Charles T. [Death]
Rakes, David [1860]
Rakes, David C. [1870]
Rakes, Emma E. [Death]
Rakes, George W. [1860]
Rakes(C), Hannah M. {Luster} [Death]
Rakes, Hannah P. [1870]
Rakes, Henry [1860]
Rakes, Irena [1870]
Rakes, Isaac M. [1870]
Rakes, John [1860]
Rakes, John A. [1870]
Rakes, Lafayatt W. [1870]
Rakes, Lousa A. [1860]
Rakes, Lucinda E. [1870]
Rakes, Lucinda [Cruise] [Marriage]
Rakes, Lucy [1870]
Rakes, Matilda [Felts] {Horsley} [1850]
Rakes, Nancy {Clifton} [1880]
Rakes(C), not named (triplets?) [Death]
Rakes, Peter [1860]
Rakes(C), Pricey [Warf] [Death]
Rakes, Thomas [1880]
Rakes, Tiny E. [1860]
Rakes, Winfield M. [1870]

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