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BURNED COUNTY DATA, 1809-1848 (AS FOUND IN THE VIRGINIA CONTESTED ELECTION FILES) by Benjamin B. Weisiger,III, 1986. The author has examined a previously unexplored source of information for valuable genealogical information regarding "burned counties." The bulk of the data consists of depositions regarding qualifications of the voter (e.g., land ownership, age, length of residence in the county, etc.) as well as data gleaned from a number of attached wills, deeds, and even a Bible register. The following counties and elections are included in the current volume: Hanover (1825); Buckingham (1809, 1840, 1848); Charles City (1821, 1838); Gloucester (1827); New Kent (1838); James City (1845); and Caroline (1843).

CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1725-1731 by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1984. Abstracts of a book carried off by Union troops in the Civil War and returned in the 1970s. There are numerous references to the burned counties of James City and New Kent.


CHARLES CITY, VIRGINIA, ORDER BOOK, 1676-1679 by Margaret McNeill Ayres, 1968.

CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA COURT ORDERS, 1687-1695 (with a fragment of a Court Order Book for the year 1680) by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1980. The present volume is chiefly an abstract of the Court Order Book for the period noted.

CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA, RECORDS, 1737-1774 by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1986. The book contains abstracts of wills and deeds, 1763-1774, references to wills, estates, orphans, etc. in the Court Order Books, 1737-1761, a few fragments of wills, deeds and court orders, 1689-1690 and 1641-1642 and some loose documents.

CHARLES CITY CO. REVOLUTIONARY PUBLIC CLAIMS transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten, 2005.

EARLY VIRGINIA FAMILIES ALONG THE JAMES RIVER: THEIR DEEP AND TANGLED BRANCHES, VOLUME II, CHARLES CITY COUNTY - PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA by Louise Pledge Heath Foley. 1978; reprint 2007. Mrs. Foley abstracted the land records from the fourteen volumes of Patent Books for the hundred-year period 1632-1732, extracting all data falling within the focus of her project. Thus, the main body of the text consists of a chronological series of abstracts giving the name of the Charles City County or Prince George County patentee, the location and acreage of the patent and the date of settlement, with references to family members and owners of adjoining properties, and, most important, the names of the thousands of settlers brought over as headrights.

MEN IN GRAY INTERMENTS, VOLUME II compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. This volume includes the following cemeteries: Westover Church Cemetery, Charles City Co., Va.; & Salem Church Cemetery, Charles City Co., Va.

SOME WILLS FROM THE BURNED COUNTIES OF VIRGINIA compiled by William Lindsay Hopkins. Wills from circa 1670-1830. Brunswick, Buckingham, Caroline, Charles City, Dinwiddie, Elizabeth City, Gloucester, Hanover, Henrico, James City, King George, King and Queen, King William, Mathews, Nansemond, New Kent, Prince George, Prince William, Stafford, and Warwick Counties, Va.

TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, 1989.


TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES: A MAGAZINE OF HISTORY AND GENEALOGY by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis. Volume I: May 1992 - February 1993; Volume II: May 1993 - February 1994; Volume III: May 1994 - February 1995; Volume IV: May 1995 - February 1996; Volume V: May 1996 - February 1997; Volume VI: May 1997 - February 1998; Volume VII: May 1998 - February 1999; Volume VIII: May 1999 - February 2000; Volume IX: May 2000 - February 2001; Volume X: May 2001 - February 2002; Volume XI: May 2002 - February 2003.


These are in addition to the current publications and journals of local, regional, and state genealogical societies (see "societies" link).

Binns Genealogy has two free online databases available: the 1790/1800 Tax List Censuses and the Virginia Colonial Tithe Lists.

Virginia Tax Lists from Binns Genealogy

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