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"Charles City County is one of the oldest governmental units in America. Named after the son of King James who later became King Charles I of England, it was one of four 'boroughs' or 'incorporations' created by the Virginia Company in 1619.  The first Charles City County courthouses were located along the James River at Westover and City Point."
County of Charles City: One County

After The Virginia Company lost its charter in 1624, Virginia became a royal colony. "Charles City Shire" has existed since 1613. The name was changed to Charles City County in 1643. Charles City County is called an "original shire of Virginia" because it has remained a county since its creation in that form.

The first city of the county was called Charles City Point, and it occupied a position south of the James River, at its juncture with the Appomattox River. In 1703 and following, all of the county's area south of the James River was used to form Prince Edward and other counties. The county attained its current size after Prince George County was formed out of it in 1703, and a part of James City County was added in 1721. In 1923, the town of City Point was annexed by the City of Hopewell.

On the north side of the river, the land remained Charles City County. Among the early settlements were Smith's Hundred (1617), West and Shirley Hundred (1619), and Berkeley Hundred (1619). Communities which appeared over the years include Adkins Store, Binns Hall, Parrish Hill, Ruthville, and Wayside.

Today, there is no "Charles City" or main urban area in the county. Charles City Court House is the center of county government. The courthouse building was erected in the 1750's, and its is one of only five courthouses in America which have been in continuous service since the Revolutionary War.

Please take the time to visit the County of Charles City website. It has a wonderful variety of information on the history of this area.


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