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In the past, CCC county coordinators have tried to maintain their own query board for visitors to the CCC VAGenWeb site. However, based on my years of experience in internet research, I believe that researchers will receive better visibility and get more responses by posting to the two largest query boards:

Charles City County, VA Genealogy Forum

Charles City - Rootsweb Message Board

Individuals can also join the Rootsweb Charles City County mailing list, which would benefit from more activity:

RootsWeb Mailing Lists: USA/VA/Charles City

The previous website's old queries with invalid e-mail addresses have been deleted, and only queries with valid current e-mail addresses are shown on this page, which will remain on the old website for now:

Charles City County VAGenWeb Query Page

New queries are not being accepted at this time for any pages maintained as part of the old website or the new website.

In recent years, another self-serve query board was set up here:

Charles City County, Virginia Queries

However, the present county coordinator cautions individuals that the person who set up this board is not maintaining it any longer, and so posting messages there does not guarantee the postings will be available for any length of time in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that researchers use the GenForum or Rootsweb query boards, and/or the Rootsweb mailing list, rather than use this other board, which has very limited visibility and an uncertain future.

If VAGenWeb sets up its own query host in the future on its new server, then I will look at the issue again, and may offer this site's visitors another option.


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