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CHARLOTTE COUNTY in Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer
Pages 358-367 of Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer, Classified Business 
Directory 1893-94.
          Photocopied by James H. Maloney in the  early 1970's from a 
          copy in the rare-book section of the Washington and Lee University 
          Library.  Scanned and submitted to the VaGenWeb - Charlotte County 
          by Mr.Maloney 10 Nov 1998.
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                          VIRGINIA GAZETTEER
                               - AND -
                           J. H. CHATAIGNE,
                       Compiler and Publisher,
                            RICHMOND, VA.
                     PRICE      -      -    $6.00
Entered according to Acts of Congress, in the year 1893, by J. H. Chataigne 
in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C. 
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[Page 358]
Charlotte County, Virginia
Tax on real estate,                                   5,807.96
Value of personal property,                         455,869.00
Tax on personal property,                             1,825.37
Capitation tax,             White, $1,310.00; colored 1,500.00
Population 1890,                    White 5,714; colored 9,363
[Page 359]
     This county was formed from Lunenburg in 1764, and has an area of 472 
square miles, or 302,211 acres.  It is very much the shape of a boot the toe 
extending down between the counties of Halifax on the west, and Mecklenburg and 
Lunenburg on the east, to within twelve miles of the North Carolina line.  
Campbell county is on the west and Appomattox and Prince Edward on the north, or 
back.  The county is watered by the Staunton river, which skirts its entire 
southern border, and the headwaters of the Meherrin extending into it from the 
east.  The Richmond and Danville railroad extends through the county from north 
to south, going into it at the point of the heel and out over the instep.  This 
is one of finest tobacco growing counties in the State, the annual yield 
amounting to more than three and a quarter million pounds.  The varieties grown 
are Yellow and Medley Pryor for Continental market; Big and Little Orinocos for 
home trade, and Long Green for English shipping.  The wheat crop of this county 
is small; but a considerable quantity of corn and oats are produced.  The 
products of the dairy are not large but more than sufficient for the needs of 
the people.  Charlotte is proud of the distinction of having been the residence 
of such distinguished Virginians as Patrick Henry, John Randolph and Judge Paul 
Carrington Sr.
     Smithville (formerly Marysville) the court-house, is on the Little Roanoke 
river, a tributary of Staunton river, and five miles west of Drake's branch, a 
station on the Richmond and Danville railroad, with which it has mail 
     The Circuit Court of the county meets at Smithville on the 20th of March 
and September.
          Judge, Samuel F Coleman
          Clerk, J C Carrington.
     The County Court meets at Smithville on first Monday each month.
          Judge, Boylan Green.
          Clerk, J C Carrington
          Sheriff, J H Price.
          Surveyor, T F Pettus.
          Treasurer, E F Daniel.
          Comm'th Atty, T E Watkins
          Com'r of Accts, ______.
          Supt of Poor, T S Owen
          Supt of Schools, Thos S Henry
          Comm'rs Revenue -- Uppers District, R F Hutcheson; Lower District, D B 
          H A Marshall, R W Lawson, H W Harvey, James E Booth, W H Crafton, W M 
               Carwiles, Geo S Ellyson, J C Bowman, A Y Towler Jr, M A Tucker, 
                                                               J D Hankins, E L Haskins, A D Ford.
          J W Eggleston (Chairman), John R Bailey, S E Spaulding, and J M Smith.
          J E Crutcher, J C Watkins, W W Dunnavant, and J H Bailey.
[Page 360]
                                          Aspen Wall, R H Collins
                                          Baileyville, L P Bailey
                                          Barnesville, J W McMahon
                                          Coles Ferry, C D Lewis
                                          County Line X-Roads, B D Waddill
                                          Cub Creek, E F [or P] Daniel
                                          Drake's Branch, B S Faris
                                          Dupree's, John A Roberts
                                          Eureka Mills
                                          Fariston, John B. Faris
                                          Giffgaff, B G Edmunds
                                          Hillendale, J F Morton
                                          Keysville, J G Priddy
                                          Lindward, John E Roberts
                                          Lula, J H Taylor
                                          Ontario, C M Hailey
                                          Randolph, N D Dickinson
                                          Reardon, Lula E Snell
                                          Red House, P R Ford
                                          Red Oak Grove, A G Jeffress
                                          Reese's, A B Rice
                                          Rolling Hill, H Berkley
                                          Rough Creek, S M Clay
                                          Saxe, Wm F. Daniel
                                          Smithville (c h ), W S Gregory
                                          Terryville, Robert L Terry
                                          Vincent's Store, R F Andrews
                                          Wardsfork Mills, J D Shelton
          Morgan T Z,                                  Barnesville   
          Roberts John E                               Lindward     
          Carrington W C                               Smithville     
          Eggleston D Q,                               Smithville     
          Terry, A J,                                  Smithville     
          Van Ness A L,                                Keysville     
          Watkins T E                                  Smithville     
          Dickerson M W,                               Smithville     
          Faris B S,                                   Drake's Branch     
          Jones T M,                                   Mossingford     
                                           Charlotte Banking and Insurance Co.
                 T C Thornton cashier                  Smithville     
          Bailey J A,                                  Keysville     
          Berry Finney,                                Smithville     
          Duffer J D,                                  Keysville     
          Jeffress Conway,                             Smithville     
          Stevenson Peyton,                            Keysville     
          Allen Richard,                               Keysville     
          Durell Watson,                               Drake's Branch     
          Lowery J T,                                  Smithville     
          Robertson Geo                                Smithville     
          Wilson Jesse,                                Keysville     
          Barksdale G W,                               Drake's Branch     
          Calhoun A D,                                 Reardon     
          Dunn W B,                                    Reese's     
          Ebberman W F                                 Wylliesburg     
          Elden G,                                     Rolling Hill     
          Elder J W,                                   Reardon     
          Garnett J R,                                 Reese's     
          Hailey J E,                                  Ontario     
          Jones J H,                                   Red House     
          Lipscomb J O,                                Reese's     
          Low John                                     Smithville     
          McCraw Glasgow,                              Aspen Wall     
          Ramsey J R,                                  Baileyville     
          Roberson Wm,                                 Lula     
          Thompson G,                                  Lula     
          Thompson W R,                                Drake's Branch     
           Conly Mathew,                               Barnesville     
           Gregory W S,                                Drakes Branch     
           Ingram I H,                                 Smithville     
           Low W W,                                    Smithville 
[Page 361]
          Morton W S,                                  Hillendale
          Watkins W M,                                 Saxe
          Watson Jno E,                                Saxe
          Yeats J W                                    Randolph
          Morton J D,                                  Fariston
          Ward R A,                                    Ontario
          Ward Tony,                                   Lula
          Watson W J,                                  Madisonville
          Atwell C J,                                  Red Oak Grove
          Berry F J,                                   Smithville
          Davis J H,                                   County Line X Roads
          Dickerson B G,                               Reese's
          Driskill W A,                                Drake's Branch
          Fowler A J,                                  Red Oak grove
          Goode William,                               Aspen Wall
          Haden J T                                    Red House
          Jeffress Conway,                             Smithville
          Jeffress Washington                          Red Oak Grove
          John J H,                                    Red House
          Landrum R E,                                 Reardon
          McFee E D,                                   Red House
          Macomb Travers,                              Saxe
          Pemberton P C,                               Madisonville
          Robertson Anthony,                           Lindward
          Rogers Thomas,                               Madisonville
          Waddill B D,                                 County Line X Roads
          Winstead Wm W,                               Baileyville
          Flournoy W S,                                Smithville
          Gregory J E,                                 Lula
          Hamlet N H,                                  Madisonville
          Maloney, J C                                 Aspen Wall
           Carter Saml,                                County Line X Roads
           Clay S M,                                   Rough Creek
           Cole J D,                                   Keysville
           Morton J D,                                 Fariston
           Ward R A,                                   Ontario
           Ward Tony,                                  Lula
           Watson W J,                                 Madisonville
          Chambers J W agt,                            Red House
          Gregory & Priddy,                            Keysville
          Jeffress A G,                                Red Oak Grove
          Williams & Bro,                              Smithville
           Elliott M A,                                Reardon
           Mallory A C,                                Red House
           Schmidt J N,                                Smithville
           Asher M H,                                  Keysville
           Bailey Luke P Jr,                           Baileyville
           Chambers J W,                               Red House
           Clark H R & Co,                             Keysville
           Clay S M,                                   Rough Creek
           Cohen & Simon,                              Keysville
           Davis H,                                    County Line X Roads
           Eggleston, Thornton & Co,                   Smithville
           Faris B S (agent),                          Drake's Branch
           Faris John B (agent),                       Fariston
           Faris W T,                                  Smithville
           Ferguson W D,                               Red House
           Glinn G R,                                  Keysville
           Green E C,                                  Keysville
           Hailey C M & Bro,                           Ontario
           Hamersley L H,                              Rolling Hill
           Hill G R,                                   Rolling Hill
[Page 362]
           Hunt C A,                                   Keysville
           Jackson Bros,                               Drake's Branch
           Jeffress & Co,                              Keysville
           Lipscomb W R,                               Lindward
                                           McGehee & Morton,
          McLean E P,                                  Lacoma
          Milton C Mrs,                                Cub Creek
          Milton J H,                                  Aspen Wall
          Morgan Bros,                                 Wylliesburg
          Overby J T,                                  Mossingford
 `        Pugh W T,                                    Madisonville
          Rice A B,                                    Reese's
          Roberts John E,                              Lindward
          Roberts John H,                              Duprees
          Scott W C & Co,                              Drake's Branch
          Smith H S,                                   Randolph
          Smith & Co,                                  Smithville
          Snell L E & Co,                              Reardon
          Spaulding & Barnes,                          Wylliesburg
          Spencer S B,                                 County Line X Roads
          Thornton & Pugh,                             Cole's Ferry
          Wilson & Co,                                 Keysville
          Clifton House, Mrs T J Williams              Drake's Branch
          Ingram W P,                                  Smithville
          Jeffress A G,                                Red Oak Grove
          Morgan T Z,                                  Wylliesburg
          Osborne House, J M Osborne,                  Keysville
          Payne R W,                                   Drake's Branch
          Piedmont House, R H Collins,                 Aspen Wall
          Red House Hotel, J G Musgrove Jr,            Red House
          Richardson H G,                              Smithville
          Wood's Hotel, J P Wood                       Keysville
          Cook E S,                                    Drake's Branch
          Franklin S R,                                Pamplin
                                                       Appomattox Co
          Horse Pen Mills & Foundry,                   Madisonville
          Landrum W H,                                 Rolling Hill
          Neal & Cook                                  Red House
          Barnes F C,                                  Lindward
          Carrington & Watkins,                        Smithville
          Eggleston & Watkins,                         Smithville
          Morton J W & Co,                             Keysville
          Eubank, D H,                                 Drake's Branch
          Ingram W P,                                  Smithville
          Payne R W,                                   Drake's Branch
          Priddy & Osborne,                            Keysville
          Murry, H A Mrs,                              Keysville
          Puryear L C Mrs,                             Smithville
          Thompson Hattie Miss,                        Keysville
          Atkins A J,                                  Red Oak Grove
          Barnes M H,                                  Barnesville
          Berkly G W,                                  Reardon
          Campbell James,                              Laconia
          Childress A,                                 Rough Creek
          Clay's Mills, S W Clay,                      Baileyville
          Conley R,                                    Red House
          Conner T E,                                  Giffgaff
          Daniel S C & Co,                             Smithville
          Elam's Mill, F B Roberts,                    Lindward
          Endaily C H, [Eudaily?]                      Lula
          Eubank J T,                                  Keysville
          Eubank W H,                                  Lula
          Eubank & Faris,                              Eureka Mills
          Grimes John,                                 Giffgaff
          Hughes W E,                                  County Line X-Roads
          Louthan J W,                                 Reese's
          Pugh E H Mrs,                                Rough Creek
          Read W W,                                    Smithville
          Roanoke Mills                                Saxe
          Roberts & Burwell,                           Dupree's
          Russell R M,                                 Keysville
[Page 363]
          Smith M H,                                   Red House 
          Smith Wm,                                    Smithville 
          Smith & Daniel,                              Randolph 
          Williams Albert,                             Smithville 
          Wingfield S,                                 Rolling Hill 
          Wingfield T G,                               Red House 
          Atwell J F,                                  Keysville 
          Brice Chas,                                  Aspen Wall 
          Daniel S C & Bro,                            Smithville 
          Dunlop W H,                                  Lindward 
          Farrar C H,                                  Reese's 
          Fowler A J,                                  Red Oak Grove 
          Hamner H D,                                  Keysville 
          Holt J J,                                    Smithville
          Jackson John,                                Giffgaff 
          James Joel,                                  Rolling Hill 
          Jones J H & Monroe,                          Red House
          Lee J B,                                     Drake's branch
          Lindsey C J,                                 Smithville 
          Roberts C,                                   Lula 
          Roberts W W,                                 Ontario 
          Saunders S Y,                                Lindward 
          Tate & Co,                                   Red House 
          Watkins W A,                                 Giffgaff 
          Weld, Hill & Co,                             Red Oak Grove 
          Childress A,                                 Rough Creek 
          Colgate & Co,                                Giffgaff 
          Fowlks J                                     County Line X Roads
          Newcomb T,                                   Saxe 
          Smith Robert,                                Madisonville 
          Thorp Allen,                                 Barnesville 
          Womack J,                                    County Line X Roads 
                                          Charlotte Gazette (Democratic Wkly),
                                               Leonard Cox,                            Smithville
           Brooks J W,                                 Drake's Branch 
           Burwell H L,                                Lindward 
           Gibbs C H,                                  Smithville 
           Gregory F. J.                               Keysville 
           Gregory J E,                                Ontario 
           Haley A T,                                  Rolling Hill 
           Henry T S,                                  Aspen Wall 
           Jones W B,                                  Keysville 
           McPhail, Donald                             Randolph 
           Marble Dr,                                  Lula 
           Mason S S,                                  Red Oak Grove 
           Michie W E,                                 Smithville 
           Priddy A S.                                 Keysville 
           Williams Dr,                                Red House 
          Harvey Thomas,                               Aspen Wall 
          Langon R H,                                  Lula 
          Pemberton P C,                               Rolling Hill 
          Shad Samuel,                                 Hillendale 
          De Jarnette D A,                             Abell 
          Faris B S,                                   Drake's Branch
          Faris W G,                                   Smithville 
          Ingram J H,                                  Smithville 
          Jackson A J,                                 Reese's 
          Lee C B,                                     Keysville
          Overby I H,                                  Randolph 
          Murray H A.                                  Keysville 
          Skelton W O,                                 Red House 
          Smith & Co,                                  Smithville 
[Page 364]
          Bon Air Female, Rev E A Gibbs                Smithville
          Cook C V Miss,                               County Line X-Roads
          Moldavis Female, Mrs F B Watkins,            Smithville          
          Ontario School                               Ontario             
          Spencer A,                                   Aspen Wall          
          Faris A T,                                   Smithville          
          Durphy Willis,                               Madisonville    
          Green W B,                                   Keysville       
          Hammersley C H,                              Rolling Hill    
                                          Hammersly R W & L H, Reardon
          Russell W T & Bro,                           Keysville       
          White Whitfield,                             Hillendale      
          Eggleston & Watkins,                         Drake's Branch  
          Jackson Bros,                                Drake's Branch  
          Scott T W (agent),                           Drake's Branch  
          Scott W C & Co,                              Drake's Branch  
          Payne & Jackson,                             Drake's Branch  
          Atwell C J                                   Red Oak Grove   
          Atwell P,                                    Barnesville     
          Dickerson B G,                               Reese's         
          McFee BG,                                    Red House       
          Price R C,                                   Madisonville    
          Reams J H,                                   Aspen Wall      
          Rush H H                                     Red House       
          Schmidt J N,                                 Smithville      
          Stephenson Peyton                            Keysville       
          Daniel's                                     Smithville      
          Public,                                      Drake's Branch  
          Public, R W Priddy                           Keysville       
          Scott's, W C Scott,                          Drake's Branch  
          Smith's                                      Smithville      
          Watkins T G,                                 Keysville       
          Guthrie E D Mrs,                             Reardon         
           Elliott A A Mrs,                            Reardon         
           Jeffress A G,                               Red Oak Grove   
           Smith H S,                                  Randolph        
          ASPEN WALL -- J W Elam, P P Mallory, A Lawson, J M Smith, I M Smith, R 
S Spencer, E H Reames, J H Reames, W H Deaner, J H Burger, J Alvin Milton, J D 
Hamersley, Samuel Baldwin, E H Hamlette, R B Holt, M C Holt, W D Rice, H W 
Harvey, W M Wilson.
         BAILEYVILLE -- R A Glenn, Arthur Johnson, L P Bailey, E F Smith, B B 
Sublett, J M Hamlet, J G Burkley, W A Ramsey, J R Adams, Mrs N P Fitcher.
         BARNESVILLE -- John Fahy, Peter Foy, Mathew Conly, Peter Murray, 
Patrick Harley, George Barnes, Joseph Cavanaugh, James Lawlor, John W McMahon, 
Jake Boyd, John Wilmoth, R A Barnes, W L Daniel, R M Dickerson, M Falls, P G 
Morgan, E Cassidy, James O'Connor.
         COLE'S FERRY -- H C Rice, S D Morton, Saml Baldwin, C R Vaughan, J M 
Edmonds, Charles Bruce, E W Henry.
         COUNTY LINE X ROADS -- J A Nelson, G W Morton, J T Morton, S T Waddle, 
A R Spencer, A W Womack, E A Womack, E G McGehee.
[Page 365]
John A Nelson, C T Anderson, H T Anderson, N D Womack, G W Barksdale, E E Allen, 
L A Allen, Samuel Carter.
          CUB CREEK -- George B. Hannah, Marcellus Haw, Thos Colley, Geo Crews, 
John Fears, S R Watts, *Miller Morton, B N Hall, William D Rice, *Tom Lewis, 
John Lipscomb, W J Brightwell, P H Roberts, Tom Brightwell.
          DRAKE'S BRANCH -- J E Wood, Dr M brooks, T W Scott, W T Daniel, Dr T 
A Proctor, W G Friend, Jos B Friend, W G Spencer, G W Berkeley, John T. Endaily, 
C H Endaily [Eudaily?], John P Purcell, John R Garrett, Wm H Wood, Judge T T Bouldin, 
J B Vaughan, C W White, J A Vashon, W W Dickinson.
          DUPREES -- J J Endaily [Eudaily?], D Townsend, J A Roberts, S B 
Collins, H W Collins, W J Clements, W H Crafton, C T Crafton, W Crafton, 
G J. W Roberts, S F Farrar, G Collins, J Palmer, E B Ferrill, L J Locke, 
John Farrar.
           EUREKA MILLS -- Mrs J W White, John B Crawford, Wm F McGhee, 
R S Eubank, Mrs Pattie E Morton, Mrs Lucy A Morton, Daniel A Chappell, 
John B Faris, Wm W Watkins, Wm Morton, Wm S Morton, Henry Cary, J W Morton.
          FARISTON -- Lee W. Morton, W H Priddy, F J Carrington, Joel L Morton, 
J T Morton, W J Lyle, A R Spencer, W T Townsend, J A Eggleston.
          GIFFGAFF -- S M Edmunds, S E Edmunds, Uriah Lipscomb, W M Watkins, H O 
Morton, C C Davis, W E Wilbourne, C E Bouldin, L W Dickerson, N D Dickerson, 
R W Lawson, B V Sublett, H E Edmunds, Robert Boyd, Daniel Hanna, C H Farrar, 
B J Edmunds, J M Lipscomb, J Morton, Wm Ferrill, H E Adams, E Hains, A Bruce, 
Dr Donald McPhail, H S Lipscomb.
          HILLANDALE -- Geo Thomas, H T Anderson, Richard Moore, James Epps, 
Dance Spencer, Mrs J D Spencer, Bacon Venable, Simon Edmunds, Davy Spencer, 
Henry Anderson, Bartlett Edmunds, Simon Venable, Paul Johnson, John Foster, 
Wm S Morton, John F Morton, Frank Anderson, James Anderson.
          KEYSVILLE -- Thomas Robinson, John Caldwell, R G Bailey, G A Wood, R 
W Priddy, R E Pettus, J C Wool, Henry May, F Albaugh, J B M Osborne, E B Towler, 
W J Lyle, W F McGhee, W B Watkins Jr,  N Gee, J R Johnson, John Mason, R T Priddy, 
T H Gee.
          LACONIA -- George Klise, D J Kuhn, Hugh McCarthy, William Palmer, F M 
White, John Bliss, John Corn, J W Dickinson, Daniel Hamilton, J L Jones, W H Keeton, 
Lewis Klise.
          LINDWARD -- J B Barnes, S Y Saunders, J W Roberts, J F Newcomb, J E 
Roberts, G W Atkins, Albert Coleman, The Driggs, L R Jeffries, R T Johnson, H Collins, 
J B Bigger, Egbert Saunders.
          LULA -- W H Eubank, James Bradbury, Henry Bradbury, John 
[Page 366]
Dickinson, Wm Palmer, Thomas Crenshaw, Samuel Hailey, John Bradbury, Richard 
Crenshaw, John Crenshaw, Daniel Crenshaw, Frank Watson, Rob Watson, R A Carey, 
B F Taylor, John Towler, E L Taylor, Robert Towler, T O Haily, C H Endaily, 
A H Powers, W D Foster, N H Otley.
          MADISONVILLE -- L R Ford, W T Pugh, W H Shorter, B V Marshall, 
W J Watson, J L and N J Marshall, J P Pugh, W M Marshall, W M Carwiles, 
W C Carwiles, J T Duprey, T J Thornton, James Thornton, M M Thornton, 
Wm Pollard, J M Dunn.
          MOSSINGFORD -- H E Edmonds, T C Morgan, D L Morgan, Thomas Edmonds, 
R V Gaines, W E Gaines, J T Overby, R D Adams.
          ONTARIO -- N D Dickerson, J C Hailey, R S Wood, P E white, W H Otley,
 C M Hailey, A B Crawford, E R Bagby, W E McNery, John Ward, J E Hailey, 
M Anderson.
          RANDOLPH -- Robert Hamlett, S C Newcomb, W H Elliotte, A S Barksdale,
H C Barksdale, O Hand, J E Booth, Byron Spencer, C E Boulden, C T Layne, 
P C McPhail, W M Watkins, N B Watkins, W W Dickinson, W I Dickinson, A C Bruce & 
Bro, J B McPhail, D B Hutcheson, J T Palmer, James Jones.
          REARDON -- Tinsley Madison, H C Adams, Glasco Hamlet, Henderson 
Hamlet, Wesley St John, C H Hamersly, J O Snell, H M White, H V Glenn, 
R P Carter, R W Hamersly, Lacher [?] Covington, H N Andrews, A A Elliott, 
F G North.
          RED HOUSE -- L H Clay, M B Hancock, W H Marshall, Sidney Hamlet, 
B P Haney, J T Geminy, Sam Walker, R E Musgrove, D A Hancock.
RED OAK GROVE -- J N Bruce, J W Wagstaff, G B Wagstaff, A J Atkins, 
J A Barnes, Edward Hines, Chas Toombs, Richard Toombs, R  S Roberts, 
J E Roberts, C E Hudson, Michael Duffy, C McClosky, W S Moseley, Hunter Johns, 
S F McCutcheon, John Fulton, D B Britton, Jno R Hines, E L Haskins, John C 
Carden, F M White.
          REESE'S -- R W Lawson, J R Goode, M W Crews, J A Bailey, W T Lester, 
T P Jackson, J T Garnett, H F Hovey, H R Adams, John Glasco, Wm Wheeler, Geo W 
Dickerson, Geo W Ferrill, P H Baker.
          ROLLING HILL -- Wm Berkly, G Dickerson, B P Harvey, S Snell, Hill 
Ford, P Randolph, T Madison, Chas Madison, W Wheeler, L Elder, L Braxton, Wash 
Ford, P R Ford, J H Dickinson, J D Snell Jr, J C Snell, R N Hamersley, 
J D Moost, G Elder.
          ROUGH CREEK -- J M Webb, H W Harvey, E H Pugh, S W Clay, H T Deaner, 
J J Deaner, J L Adams, A H Payne, c A Slaughter, A J Pugh, W W Pugh, W A White, 
J W Lewis, H C Thornton, Frank Hamersly, R P Carter, Anderson Elliotte, 
J N Bailey, G W Berkley.
SAXE -- Roberts & Daniel, Wm Tharp, George T Roberts, C C Davis,
[Page 367]
Henry Garrett, John Brankley, H Tucker, Barksdale & Hailey, Peck & Bro, John Harvey, 
A Y Malone, F [E?] J Dickerson, Doctor Dickerson
          SMITHVILLE -- Wm G Spencer, G W Berkley, E A Adams, J D Sheperdson, J E Robison, 
T F Morrisette, W H Bailey, Marshall Dunavan, W Watkins Jr, W A Smith, H A Marshall, 
F T Banks, S C Daniel, W L Flournoy, W H Smith, H C Grigsby, John Corden, Robert Smith, 
R L Vashon.
[End of Charlotte County article. Transcribed from scanned images 
by JoLee Gregory Spears 11-10-98]