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John Lee Senior & Descendants Assets and verification

This is primarily for the benefit of John LEE Senr descendants to establish/document descendancy.  Suggestions are welcomed re anything that is needed here. JoLee Spears

1773 Gen 1
John Lee (Senr) was styled "of county of Charlotte" when he purchased in 1773, 634 acres in Charlotte County on the Middle Fork of Meherrin River. This is the first known record of John Lee Senr.
1793 Gen 2
Shows Ambrose Lee resided in Charlotte Co. in 1793 (no deed record found) Charlotte Co., VA OB 9:102-2 Pg 102, 19 July 1793, A court held for the examination of Richard Pearl, who stands charged with feloniously entering the dwelling house of Ambrose Lee on Tuesday the 2nd day of this instance, and taking thereof... (Notes of Thos McCargo, furnished by H. Lee Israel)
1795 Gen 2
7 Sept. 1795 Charlotte Co., Va. Order Bk 10:93, John White and John Lee presented surety to be administrators of estate of Ambrose Lee. Thomas Pettus, Joseph Pearson, Blankenship and Ambrose Haley were ordered to appraise Ambrose Lee's estate. The above shows Ambrose Lee was deceased in 1795. John Lee, Joseph Pearson were names of family of John Lee Senr of Charlotte and indicate Ambrose Lee was of this family. Thomas Pettus and Ambrose Haley were neighbors. John White was the name of the father-in-law of Ambrose Lee.
1804/1805 Gen 1
Will of John Lee Senr naming: (no order)
"Son" Thomas
No relationship stated: each one ninth (1/9) part of ballance of money arising from sale of my estate
Jane Pearson
Polly Almond
John Lee jr
Edward Lee
Thomas Lee
Joseph Lee
Henderson Lee
"Son" William Lee
Children of Sally Crenshaw "my daughter" 1/9 part of my estate

Note: The will appears to read as matters came to hand, rather than birth order. It is obvious there are 9 legal heirs. Some have interpreted the will to imply that "Henderson" was a son. Other records indicate that Henderson Lee was the only child of deceased son Ambrose Lee, thus would have received a full 1/9 portion.
Charlotte Co. marriage records show:
Polly Almond was a dau. of John Lee
Jeane Pearson was a dau. of John Lee
Sarah Crenshaw was a dau. of John Lee

Gen 2
Letter written by Thomas Lee of Charlotte Co., VA to brother-in-law Hezekiah Almond in Williamson Co., TN re the estate (est of John
Lee Sr). The letter is to "Bro & Sister" and mentions Bro. John and Bro. Jos., writer living this year with Jane Pearson, writer asks to be remembered to Cornelius Crenshaw and Sally.
Note: Thomas Lee, John Lee (jr), Joseph Lee, Jane Pearson and Sally Crenshaw are named in the will of John Lee Senior in Charlotte Co. (Three heirs named in the will are not mentioned in the letter: William Lee, Edward Lee and Henderson Lee.)

The letter shows Hezekiah Almond and Polly in 1807 were living in Williamson Co., TN; the Crenshaws were nearby the Almonds; Thomas Lee, John Lee (jr), Joseph Lee and Jane Pearson were in the area of Charlotte Co.

Gen 2
Edward Lee Sr was residing on the John Lee Senr home tract.  The place went out of LEE hands about this time. It was bought back in 1837 by John Lee Senr's son, Thomas. The tract was divided, and Thomas's son David built Woodland on the southern portion. The northern portion went into the hands of a Bagby family, and in more recent years is known as the Weatherford place. Evidence that the old cemetery on that place was the original Lee cemetery is the fact that Dicia D. Lee-Haskins, 1850-1887 (dau. of David son of Thomas) was buried in that cemetery, long after the Weatherford place went out of LEE hands. There was no kinship of Dicia LEE to later occupants. Other old obvious graves (before Bagbys & Weatherfords) are marked by field stones, and cannot be identified.
1826/1827 Gen 2
Lunenburg Land Tax Records show one and the same Edward Lee Senr(Capt) moved from Charlotte Co., VA to his land in adjoining Lunenburg.

Gen 2
John Lee Jr
Record Book Letters of Administration (Williamson Co., TN] No. 1, 1838-1855 by Louise G. Lynch 1971
P. 18 [orig. p. 125] "Terry, Francis July 1842, No will, John Lee, Admr."
This enforces the belief that John Lee (wife Frances Terry) of Williamson Co., TN was the same as John Lee [Jr] formerly of Charlotte Co., VA.  Further research would likely substantiate that the deceased Francis Terry was likely a female and the mother of Frances (Terry) Lee.  At least two siblings of Frances (Terry) Lee are of record in Williamson Co., TN: Lucy who married a Patton and brother Henry Buck Terry.

1845 Gen 2 & 3
Letter written by Edward Lee Jr shows "Old Uncle John Lee" was living in Tenn.  Edward Lee's letter to his sister Elizabeth Gregory in Lunenburg Co., VA also shows he, Edward Jr., was living in Pickens Co., AL.
1862 Gen 3
The Lunenburg Co., VA death record of Henderson Lee (s/o Ambrose s/o John Senr)shows he was, 69, minister,the son of A & E Lee, born Charlotte County, info provided by wife Susan Lee.
1864/1865 Gen 2
Will of son Thomas Lee (s/oJohn Sr) naming:
3 single daughters:
Frances Lee
Martha Lee
Melissa Lee
1 unnamed married daughter
2 sons:
David Lee
John H. Lee
unnamed wife
The married daughter not named by name likely was Sarah Susan Lee who married J. T. Eubank.
1865 Gen 2
Death record of Thomas Lee (s/o John Lee Senr) showing Thomas Lee's mother was named "Betsy," informant wid Elizabeth Lee.
Pettus Bible
Capt. Edward Lee Senr family & Gregory Bible
Bible of William Thomas Lee showing the marriage of his parents John and Frances Lee. This would have been John Lee Junior.
Entries copied by R. L. Wallace from Willie Bigger records (mostly Samuel E. Lee s/o Edward s/o John Lee Senr family) 
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