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Family Sheet

The Henderson and Susan Lee Family

Provided by Stephen Israel


    3    Henderson Lee was 32 on Mar 3, 1825, when he married Susan Lewis Hatchett, nee Lampkin9, daughter of Major Sharpe Lampkin & Mary “Polly” Wimbish. Born Nov 11, 1798, Susan died on Dec 23,1873, when she was 75.


    4   i.    Henderson Lewis Lee (1826-1894)

       ii.    Ambrose Sharpe Lee9. Born on 3 Aug 1829. Ambrose Sharpe married Sally Carrington9.  He was an attorney in Mecklenberg County. Ambrose Sharpe died in Mecklenburg County, VA at the home of his sister Petronella S. Lee Johnson on 9 Sep 1901; he was 72.

      iii.    John Wimbish Lee9. Born on 9 Dec 1830. John Wimbish died on 21 Feb 1874; he was 43. He never married.

       iv.    Mary Elizabeth Lee9. Born on 17 Jan 1834. Mary Elizabeth first married John Rufus Graham9; second, Col. Robert W. Ashlin9; third, Dr. Thomas J. Booker9. She had 2 children who both died in childhood. She was a music teacher for years at Burkeville, VA. She was also the author of "Virginia Past and Present" and of poetry and other literary works located in the Eggleston Library of Hampden Sydney College. Mary Elizabeth died on 25 Dec 1897; she was 63.

        v.    Petronella Susan Lampkin Lee (1838-1924).  Through her granddaughter, Petronella Lee Fitzgerald (1890-1995), much oral history of the Lees has been recorded on tape.

       vi.    Susan Martha Friend Lee. Born on 11 Apr 1835. Susan Martha Friend died at the age of 4 on 24 Dec 1839.