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Jo Lee Spears

Photos by Stephen Israel
February 2005

Weatherford in 2005 (above)

Elevation: 567'

House location: Lat/Long, 078 28 22 West; 36 58 39 North.

House faces 191 o  which is south southwest

Original house is 28' x 28' or square not counting all of the later add-ons


Click for Diagram by Stephen Israel 2005 of Weatherford and Lee/Weatherford Cemetery
Hand hewn beams (above)
Rear view from the cemetery (above)
Path to the cemetery (above)
Bench at the cemetery (above)
Monument of E. R. Bagby 1828-1911 (above)
Confederate stone of E. R. Bagby (above)
Shown above right is the Confederate stone of E. R. Bagby. Below right is the stone for Judith Ann Barbour Bagby (September 18, 1835 - June 7, 1933), daughter of William Barbour and Mary Polly Ragland; cause of death listed as old age. She and Elbert had nine known children:  John William, Mary Elizabeth, Martha Frances, Charles Henry, Sarah Jane, Rosa Gregory, Eddie Thomas, Lelia Redd, and Sammie Josephus. The left hand stone marks the grave of Andrew B. Weatherford, first husband of Rosa Bagby.

Nancy Edwards, provided this information to Jo Lee Spears for the VaGenWeb Project for Charlotte County, VA.

First husband of Rosa Bagby (above)
(information from Nancy Edwards)

Wife of E. R. Bagby (above)

Judith Ann Barbour Bagby  (September 18, 1835 - June 7, 1933)  Daughter of William Barbour and Mary Polly Ragland, cause of death listed as old age.

Shown above is the grave site at Weatherford cemetery of Dicia D. Lee Haskins 1850 - 1887. The left photograph is the head stone and the right photograph is the foot stone marked with her initials - D.D.L. H. "Dicy" daughter of David Lee and Elizabeth Watson, married Richard Edward Haskins on November 23, 1871, in Charlotte County. The 1870 Charlotte County census shows Dicy living with her parents and listed as a school teacher. The 1880 Mecklenburg County census, Christiansville District, lists Dicy Haskins as wife of Richard and mother of four children: Alvis, Louisa, Virginia, and William.

Typical field stone markers (above)