John Elam Family/Henry Cemetery, Charlotte County, Virginia

Submitted April 2012 by Kathy Liston
This cemetery is located at our home, Westview, built by John Elam in 1832, 
in the Aspen Wall area near Brookneal.  John Elam was the son of Edward 
and Jane Elam, and he is buried here with his second wife, children, son-in-law, 
and sister-in-law.  The stones are plain, with just names and dates.  
John Elam     1769 - June 11, 1847
Martha J[ane Davis] Elam     1796 - November 29, 1873 [wife]
Ann Eliza Elam     November 13, 1828 - September 20, 1858 [daughter]
Susan J[ane] Elam     December 22, 1832 - September 14, 1890 [daughter]
John W[esley] Elam   August 24, 1841 – March 19, 1916 [son]
Isabella D[avis Elam] Williams     September 9, 1830 - June 12, 1901
F[rancis] S. Williams     March 4, 1823 - July 13, 1882 [husband of
Ann G. Davis     1793 - November 1886 [sister of Martha]
Also in the cemetery are members of the Henry family, 20th century
descendants of Patrick Henry' youngest son, John Henry.  Elizabeth Terrell Henry 
was the grand-niece of John Wesley Elam's wife, Elizabeth Nowlin.  Elizabeth 
Henry's mother, Kathryn Nowlin Terrell, inherited the property after the deaths of 
John Wesley and Lizzie Elam, her aunt.
James M[arshall] Henry [jr]  1905 - 1970
Elizabeth Terrell Henry     January 7, 1913 - July 27, 1966, Daughter of 
Kathryn Nowlin and William Ervin Terrell [wife of James]
Kathryn Ann Henry     April 25, 1939 - May 28, 1955, Daughter of Elizabeth 
Terrell Henry and James Marshall Henry
In addition to the family cemetery, there is an African-American cemetery that 
was in use from ca. 1830 until the 1930s.  This began as an Elam slave burial 
ground and continued to be used by neighboring black families until the 
establishment of cemeteries at Aspen Hill and Spring Hill churches.  The graves 
are marked only with field stones and coffin sinks.  In 2001 we surveyed the 
site and identified at least 70 graves.  While we don’t know who is buried in each 
grave, we do have the names of several people buried there.