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    Your submissions are welcomed - any Charlotte County records you have gathered in your research.

    They do not have to be of your own family. The tad of info you submit may be the very thing that will match with another's info. "What goes around, comes around"!

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JoLee Gregory Spears, coordinator


Records Specific to Charlotte County

See Charlotte Co. Your Section for other county records submitted.

Post 1865

Type of Record Record Submitted by Date
Fears Family Records of Fears family in Charlotte County with link to the Fears Family of Henry County, Indiana Eileen Watson 15 Sep 2005
The Charlotte Gazette Marriage notice of Samuel Branch to Elsie Wyatt, colored Susan Lamm
23 Feb 2002
Farm Journal Josephus Gregory Farm Journal - SW Lunenburg near Mecklenburg & Charlotte lines JoLee Gregory Spears 30 Aug 2001
Plantation Records Former slaves being paid for work at Westview Plantation
7-27-04 (see below for pre-Civil War)
Kathy Liston

27 Jul 2004

Cemetery Henderson/Johns cemetery Kathy Liston 1 Mar 2005
Charlotte County Historical and Genealogical Society LLC Galilee Baptist Church Cemetery and Church   03-Nov-2014

Pre 1865
Type of Record Record   Submitted by Date

Elam Family Records

  Slaves at Westview Pre-Civil War (see above for post-Civil War) Kathy Liston 27 Jul 2004
Deed Eldridge Carter deed Eldridge Carter and Priscilla his wife "(free negroes)" to Thomas O. Hailey JoLee Gregory Spears 22 Nov 2003

List from Book of Registers of Free Negroes and Mulattoes-Charlotte Co.


See List


JoLee Gregory Spears 13 Sep 2001
Will Francis Roberts 1864 Catherine, Cephas, John Wesley, Minerva, unnamed others Kathy Liston 23 Mar 2001
Bill of Sale Cornelius Barnes of Charlotte Co. to Josephus Gregory 1834 Salina about 25 years of age and her three children (that is) Allan Legrand her oldest was born the 27th August 1827, Elizabeth Maria born the 20 Sept 1831 and Kitty Reeveley? born 12 April 1834. - Paper in Gregory collection
(Allan Legrand was also spelled "Allen" in the record.)
JoLee Spears 16 Sep 2000
Accounting Betsey Ann Elam 1846 Abram, Amy, James, John, Nelson Alice Ellingsberg 26 Dec 2000
Will Edward Elam 1809/1810 Elvey, woman (?) Heather, Milley, Mesbeck, Sam, girl Teresa Kay Smith 7 Dec 2000
Accounting Reps J. Elam 1865 Hillary, Margaret, Tim Alice Ellingsberg 26 Dec 2000
Inventory & Appraisement Solomon H. Elam 1843 Names in alphabetical order: Abram, Albert, Amanda, America, Amy, Ann, Churchwell, Cuffy, Cumby, Daniel, Dick, Elbert, Elizabeth, Erasmus, Fanney, Granderson, Green, Harrison, Hillary, Isaac, James, Jane, Jo, John, Katey, Kitty, Louvenia, Lovey, Lucy, Lyree, Martha, Mary, Matilda, Melissa, Miles, Milton, Narcussa, Nelson, Patsey, Peggy, Pink, Polly, Purdy, Sally, Sandy, Sarah, Simon, Thomas Alice Ellingsberg 26 Dec 2000

Will of former Charlotte resident

Link not valid 24-mar-08

William Elam 1805/1809, Edgefield Dist., SC Charles, boy James, Liddy, Mary, Matt, Peter, Pink, Polley and her boy Billey, Sarah Kay Smith 7 Dec 2000
Estate Appraisement William Elam 1862 Abednigo, Abram, Albert, Alick, Amanda, Andrew (son of Ulous), Billy, Bitsy (infant), Bob, Branch, Caty, Charles, Daisy, Daniel, Dora (infant), Edna, Elvira, Eliza, Elizabeth (child of Sarah Jane), Eramus, Fanny, Francis, Grandison, Grief, Harriet, Henry, Hillary, Isaac, Infant (child of Sarah Jane) , James, Jimmy (son of Ulous), John Henry (son of Amanda), Lilla (infant), Little Grandison, Lucy, Lucy Ann, Margaret, Mariah, Martha, Martha, Mary Eliza, Mesheck, Milly, Molly, Ned, Neely, Quincy, Quanby, Sally (child of Lucy Ann), Sam, Sandy, Sarah, Sarah Jane, Shadrack, Simon (child of Lucy Ann), Sucky, Susan, Thom, Thom Alice Ellingsberg 25 Nov 2000



John Haynes 1816 Billey; Calin?; Mace; Old Milly; Nell; Salley; Tom JoLee Spears 17 Sep 2000

All rights reserved. JoLee Spears 6 Sep 2000

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