Charlotte Co., VA Album of Ancestors

Pre 1925
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Hassie Green and Martha May (Rutledge) Farrar
Farrar-Rutledge: Hassie Green Farrar and Martha May Rutledge, married 30 Dec. 1902 in Charlotte County.
Linda Lawson 2-28-02
  Gregory & Eubank: Mrs Durelle J. Gregory (seated center) and her sisters. Mrs Gregory was Mary Susan Eubank, dau. of John E. Eubank.
JoLee Gregory Spears 8-5-03
Mrs. Durelle J. Gregory & sisters
King: Cynthia King, 1875-1968, married Thomas A. King circa 1900, daughter of Joseph and Cynthia (Rutledge) Newcomb.
Linda Lawson 8-10-00
   ABRAHAM COPAL: Resided in Charlotte Co., VA from 1843-1881. This photo is believed to be of his second wife, Mary E. Aronburgh of KY & their daughter, Polly.
    Copal collection of photos
—  Boyd & Shirley Copal 2-12-02
Abraham Copal
Rutledge-Wilson: William Henry and Willie Effie (Rutledge) Wilson, about the time they were married in 1909.
Linda Lawson 8-10-00
  Wilson: William and Effie (Rutledge) Wilson and their 14 children on 6-10-1950 at Hebron Methodist Church.                  
Linda Lawson 8-10-00

CLARK: circa 1887 Charlotte Co., VA, photograph of "my beloved grandmother," Alice Lee Clark, with her father Robert M. Clark
Debbie Briggs 1-4-00

  HARVEY: circa 1874 Charlotte Co., VA, Robert Michael Clark and Sarah Cassandra Harvey and her older brother John William Harvey, click on photo for additional information  — correction by submitter Debbie Briggs 2-10-06
      HARVEY: John William Harvey family. Debbie Briggs 2-10-06

Unit of the United Confederate Veterans
Collection of Marvin Berkley
Debbie Briggs 8-4-00


  GREGORY: Lieut. William T. H. Gregory, killed in battle 8 May 1862, son of Josephus Gregory and Elizabeth (Lee) of Lunenburg Co., VA., unmarried brother of the submitter's grandfather, E. J. Gregory. Click Woodburn for his family's home place.
JoLee Gregory Spears 1-2-00
HOLT: circa 1890 Marcellus Coleman Holt Family. Click on photo for family information.
Lisa Hopp 1-3-00
  HOLT: c. 1900 Leslie Taylor Holt b. 6 Nov 1882 in Charlotte Co., VA; d. 21 May 1943 in Charlotte Co; m. Mary Willie Harvey, dau of Henry Watkins Harvey and Susan "Susie" Raine. Leslie and Mary are buried in the Bethel Baptist Church Cem. in Phenix.
Lisa Hopp 1-3-00

JEFFRESS-LEWIS: Willie Hunt (Jeffress) Lewis, (b. 1871-d.1957), dau of Edward Hudson Jeffress and wife Sallie Browne Overbey, was reared at Woodlawn.
Sallie Hurt 1-2-00

JEFFRESS: Edward Hudson "Ned" Jeffress, CoK, 3rd Virginia Cavalry, son of Luther Creath Jeffress and Elizabeth Hudson Wilson. Click Woodlawn for family home and information. Click letter for mail home during Civil War. — Sallie Hurt 1-2-00
JEFFRESS-LEWIS: Willie Hunt (Jeffress) Lewis, (b. 1871-d.1957), 1899 photo.
Sallie Hurt 2-24-00
  Robert Dennis Lipford b. 1862-d. 1946 and wife Nannie Frances (Wilkerson) Lipford
Horace Raymond Lipford, Jr. 7-03

Robert Dennis Lipford  
  Nannie F. Lipford
Eliza M. Clark and granddau. Ellen G. Harvey

HARVEY-CLARK: Ellen Gordon Harvey b. 22 Jul 1869, (dau. of Hezekiah F. and Louisa Jane Clark Harvey) with her grandmother Eliza Mason Clark wife of Micajah Clark.
Jeanne R. Byrd 3-10-03


HARVEY: Lucy Forrest Harvey (Mrs. James Arthur Ramsey), dau. of Hezekiah Ford Harvey & Louisa Jane Clark, said this photo was of three of her sisters. The little girls are now not identified.
Jeanne R. Byrd 3-10-03

Harvey sisters
'THE HARVEY SISTERS": Mary Willie Harvey (b. February 5, 1883 in Tola, Charlotte Co.) is pictured in the back right with three of her five sisters.
Lisa Hopp 8-9-03
  BURWELL NICHOLAS MASON HOLT: ("Uncle Nick") and his wife Charlotte Elizabeth East Holt, with their nephew and niece Leslie Taylor Holt and Malinda Josephine Holt ("Josie"). Photo c.1910-1920. The scar on Nick's forehead is from a bullet wound sustained in the Civil War.
Lisa Hopp 8-9-03

Burwell N. M. Holt
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