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John Hundley Rutledge Bible Record Submitted by: Linda Lawson 1-17-00 Copied from the Bible of JOHN HUNDLEY RUTLEDGE BIRTHS: John H. Rutledge the son of David and Sintha Rutledge was Born May 30th 1824 Julian Rutledge the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rutledge was born Feb. 27, 1897 MARRIAGES: John H Rutledge and Ann H. Grile was married May 6th 1875 D.C. Hutchinson and S. A. Grile was married Sept. 22, 1880 G. R. Jones and A. R. Grile was married Oct. 31st, 1880 D. S. Grile and E. H. Jones (unclear spelling) was married April 20th, 1881 DEATHS: David Rutledge died October 19th, 1856 A. C. Jones Died February 17th, 1870 Mrs. Synthia Rutledge died Sept 19th, 1874 Cpt. Wm. H. Stokes died Feb 28th, 1877 Albert E. Grile died May 4th 1877 Park H Rutledge Died February 17th 1881 Clary Newcomb died Dc. 25th, 1883 Syntha J. Newcomb died May 9th, 1888 Joseph Newcomb died Jan 16th, 1888 Sarah F. Collins died July 12th, 1896 Jack Yeats died March 17, 1897 (date unclear) Julian Rutledge died June 21, 1907 John H. Rutledge died Oct. 1907 In the Bible an original postcard written by D T Newcomb to John Rutledge was found. It’s postmark was “Rich. & Dan and dated MAR 26” The Postage was one cent The Address was: J.H. Rutledge Randolph Charlotte County Va It was dated March 26, /83 and read as follows (Please note that there was no punctuation in the postcard): J H Rutledge Dear Sir I have not heard from you in some time Please write to me and let me hear how mother is The last letter I had from you stated you would write to me every week That has been three weeks ago Let me know how you all are I got a letter from Josh Ferrell a day or two ago He wants to come back to Va I have been troubled with the rheumatism for too weeks so that I can hardly get about though I have been attending to my business all the time but it is about all I can do I have got the Widow Toombs staying at my house Been there four weeks Lizzie has gone to housekeeping three weeks today D T Newcomb