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Solomon Harmon Elam

Below is excerpt from Charlotte County, VA Order Book 31, page 157,which identifies the children of Solomon H. Elam who were living at the time of Charlotte Court 6 Nov. 1843. The record shows Solomon H. Elam was a pensioner of the United States, and was a resident of the county of Charlotte. The record states that he died 23 June 1843, leaving no widow, "but the following children towit:
William Elam,
Repps J. Elam,
Lucinda Elam,
Betsey Ann Elam,
Osborne Elam,
Edna G. Gregory, all of whom are of legal age."

- JoLee Gregory Spears

Below are various records submitted by Annette E. Wetzel April 1998.

This certificate was found in the Revolutionary War file ofá "Thomas Spencer of Charlotte County, VA," and can be viewed in its printed form on page 316 ofá "Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Volume 1,"á Compiled and Edited by Louis A Burgess, Richmond Press, Inc., Richmond, VA 1927. Reprinted 1973 by The Reprint Company, Spartanburg, SC.

'From a list of such officers and soldiers of the Va. line during the Rev. as settled their accounts, and received certificates for the balance of their full pay, according to an Act of Assembly, passed Nov. session, 1781; that certificate issued 19 Oct., 1784 in name of Thomas Spencer, as a Lieutenant of infantry, for 98 pounds, 6 s., 8 d., which certificate appeared to have been delivered to himself. Auditor's Office, Richmond Va., 17 Dec., 1832. Signed, John E. Heath, Auditor.

Dec. 13, 1776.á We the subscribers, do agree to have received from Thomas Spencer, Lieut., two months' pay, from 28 Sept. to the 28 Nov. Signed, George Hankins, Clement Sullivant, Natt Sullivant, Jesse Brown, Philip Savage, Temple Taylor, Philip Holt, Robert Bage, John Badgett, Jonathan Terrill, Samuel Lunderman, John Lucas, Robert Hollerman, Thomas Bedford, Solomon Elam, William Steward, William Jordan, Thomas White, Samuel Henry, Sergt."

Solomon Harmon Elam married Phoebe Osborne, daughter of Repps Osborne, on October 31, 1782. (Charlotte County Marriage Bonds, Book 1, Page 51)

In the 1840 Census of Charlotte County, Solomon H. Elam's household consisted of 1 free white male age 50-60, 1 free white male age 80-90, 1 free white female age 30-40, one free white female age 40-50, and 48 slaves, 25 of whom were male, and 23 of whom were female.á The household was further described as having "13 engaged in agriculture; 6 in manufacturing and trades, 2 lunatics at private charge and 1 pensioner for Revolutionary War, Solomon H. Elam, age 82. (Roll 554, Vol. 3, page 149)á One of those listed as "lunatic" was a son, Osborne Elam; the other was a daughter, Betsey Ann.á Regular accounts were filed with the Charlotte County Circuit Court regarding amounts spent for their care.

Solomon H. Elam did not leave a will. His estate was inventoried on Nov. 13, 1843 and appraised at $17,876.44. William Elam was listed as administrator. (Charlotte County Will Book 8, page 278)á The estate sale was dated Nov. 13, 1843, but not recorded until May 6, 1844. listed among the purchasers were William Elam, William S. [or T.] Elam, and Samuel Elam.á (Charlotte County Will Book 8, pages 293-295)

Some of the records of his Revolutionary War service are as follows

"Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, 1775-1783" by John H. Gwathmey, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1979

page 245Ealom, Solomon, 4th Continental Line

page 252Elam, Solomon (Ealom) 4th Continental Line; Charlotte Pensions.

"Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records" Volume 2, Compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Heritage Books, Inc., page 75

"Elam, Solomon H. Entered service from 1776-7, Charlotte County, VA,

where born; Pension there at age 75 in 1833. F-S17940, Roll 908

(microfilm number for record)"