1909 Charlotte County Confederate Pension List

Courtesy of Jeff Weaver

After the Civil War ended the problem of disabled Confederate soldiers and Confederate widows came before the Virginia Legislature several times. In 1888 the Legislature approved payment of pensions of widows of soldiers killed in action or who died in service and those who were severely maimed while wearing the gray. In 1900, as the veteran population aged, some restrictions were lifted. In 1902 requirements were further eased.

The procedure followed was that the veteran or widow filled out an application for a pension. This pension was then presented to a local pension board for review. If this board approved the pension, then it was sent to the Auditor of Public Accounts for payment. The pension applications were not kept at the county level. The Auditor of Public Accounts published a list annually, by county, of the receipents of these Confederate pensions. This is that list for Charlotte County in the year 1909.

The following list shows the name of the pensioneer, and the act under which they were drawing benfits. Contact the Library of Virginia for copies of the actual pension application if desired.

Adams, Willie Ann 1902
Allen, David C. 1902
Allen, Jas. A. 1900
Allen, Martha F. 1900
Bagley, E. R. 1888
Baker, M. E. 1900
Baldwin, Hoyle R. 1900
Barbour, Mary E. 1888
Berger, James H. 1902
Berkley, P. J. 1900
Berkley, W. W. 1902
Bishop, Martha A. 1902
Blanks, J. B. 1900
Booth, Mary B. 1888
Bradbury, John W. 1888
Brightwell, Mrs. M. A. 1900
Carden, J. C. 1900
Carwiles, Mary J. 1902
Cassada, Elisha 1888
Cassady, Nancy T. 1900
Chappell, C. C. 1900
Chappell, D. A. 1902
Chappell, Mary W. 1902
Childress, Mary F. 1902
Cobb, Bettie A. 1900
Cole, Saluda E. 1902
Collins, H. W. 1888
Covington, R. S. 1888
Crenshaw, Rebecca P. 1888
Crutcher, G. T. 1902
Culley, Robert A. 1900
Daniel, J. C. 1900
Daniel, J. H. 1900
Daniel, W. T. 1900
Davis, Mrs. B. F. 1888
Dickinson, C. R. 1888
Dodd, W. S. 1888
Dodson, Bettie C. 1902
Duncan, Thomas A. 1888
Elliott, John W. 1902
Eudaily, David 1888
Eudaily, Mrs. A. M. 1888
Evans, Lucy F. 1888
Evans, P. L. 1900
Farnett, T. J. 1888
Farrar, Maria 1888
Ferrell, T. E. 1900
Ford, May J. 1900
Ford, P. R. 1900
Foster, J. T. 1888
Gaines, R. L. 1900
Gibson, J. W. 1902
Green, Fannie M. 1902
Green, Mary E. 1888
Hailey, Ann E. 1888
Hailey, J. E. 1888
Hall, Jas. B. 1900
Hamilton, James M. 1902
Hamlet, J. W. 1900
Hamlett, J. M. 1902
Hamlett, Mrs. M. L. 1902
Hankins, J. D. 1888
Harding, A. D. 1888
Harvey, Nancy L. 1900
Jackson, E. M. 1888
Jardiman, J. E. 1888
Jennings, Emily S. 1902
Jennings, Margaret E. 1900
Johnson, R. T. 1902
Jordan, J. B. 1900
Lankford, Robert 1902
Latham, J. W. 1888
Ledbetter, Charlotte A. 1888
Legrand, Martha A. 1900
Legrande, W. A. W. 1902
Lester, H. F. 1900
Lester, W. T. 1900
Lindsay, J. S. 1888
Lock, Mrs. A. G. 1888
Mallory, Mary F. 1900
Marston, E. L. 1888
Mason, A. E. Margaret 1888
Mason, Jno. T. 1900
Moore, J. W. 1888
Morris, Sarah E. 1900
Morton, Emma L. 1888
Morton, Margaret R. 1902
Nelson, Mary E. 1902
Nelson, W. H. 1888
Newcomb, Grief 1888
Overstreet, Eliza 1888
Owen, Thomas S. 1900
Palmer, Elisha 1902
Pemberton, P. C. 1902
Perkinson, J. W. 1902
Pettus, Nannie E. 1902
Puckett, Serena A. 1888
Puryear, Mary R. 1902
Ramsey, Jno. R. 1900
Rawles, Clayton 1900
Richardson, Mary E. 1902
Roach, E. T. 1888
Roberts, G. J. W. 1888
Roberts, P. H. 1888
Rodenhizer, H. W. 1902
Rogers, T. H. 1888
Rosser, C. L. 1900
Ryan, James M. 1888
Shumaker, Elizabeth F. 1902
Smith, A. W. 1900
Smith, Vincent C. 1900
St. John, Isaac W. 1900
St. John, James A. 1900
St. John, Robt. C. 1900
Stern, Mrs. L. L. 1888
Thomas, Bettie R. 1900
Thompson, J. C. 1902
Thompson, Martha J. 1900
Towler, Drucilla B. 1900
Townsend, W. H. 1888
Tucker, Eliza D. 1888
Wallace, E. Emily 1888
Ward, L. T. 1888
Ward, R. S. 1888
Watkins, Ann C. 1902
Watson, Wm. R. 1888
Wayne, Sarah E. 1902
White, Nannie W. 1902
Williams, W. J. 1902
Willis, S. H. 1888
Wilmoth, Wesley 1900
Wilson, Mary A. 1900
Winfree, R. E. 1900
Woodall, J. W. 1900