Charlotte County Virginia Published Genealogies

Published Genealogies Referencing Early Residents of Charlotte Co., VA

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Primary Family Name Title Author
GREGORY Joseph Gregory The Centenarian and Descendants
and its companion Gregory Family Correspondence 1829-1888 & Travel Diary, 1990
JoLee Gregory Spears
HALEY Haley and Related Families, c1979. Commonwealth Press Edward Franklyn.Haley
NASH Some Nashes of Virginia: Two hundred years of an American Family 1774-1974, 1975 Claude W. Nash.
NEAL The Beaver Pond Neals of Virginia, 1965 Carl B Neal
OSBORNE The Osbornes
and related families Jones, Worsham, Fowlkes, Robertson and Gayle, 1983
Elizabeth J. Harrell.

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