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The Charlotte Hotel, Keysville, VA

Submitted by Lee Hanmer (Neal) Ramsey

Right: back of above photo of Charlotte Hotel

The child in the above photo is
Electa Price Hanmer

Notes regarding the history of the Charlotte Hotel made in 1971 by Lee Hanmer (Neal) Ramsey and her grandmother:

Lots 125, 126, and 127 were sold to Paul Fore in 1881 by Priddy, Rummel, and Hardman, developers of the town of Keysville through their "Land Improvement Company".

Paul Fore's son, Alvah, inherited the "house and lots at Keysville known as the Hotel Lot" in 1896.

The property was purchased in 1906 by A.B. Hanmer and Margaret Hanmer Wade, who remodeled the building and added the North "Ell" on former warehouse property purchased from P.H. Osborne. The Hotel opened for business in 1907.

Mrs. Wade operated the Hotel until her retirement around 1929. Others then leased and continued to operate it. It was purchased by T.D. Neal in 1944, and the two ells were converted into apartments.

See a letter written by Julian Osborne re the Charlotte Hotel.

Brief genealogy of the Hanmer/Neal families furnished by Lee Hanmer (Neal) Ramsey:

Lt. Herman Day Hanmer (1838-1904) (NY Cavalry w/Gen. Wilson's "Raid" and attack on the Staunton River Bridge) was the son of a lumberman in the Catskill mountains. He was impressed with our area, and after the War brought his wife, Electa Stratton Hoffman (1849-1893), whom he married in 1868, and infant daughter back to the County. He purchased land below Ontario and established a farm and sawmill.

Their children were:
Margaret ("Mag") Hanmer1869-1961 m. Eddie Wade
Robert Vernon ("Vernie") Hanmer 1871-1925, never married
Alexander Beatty ("Bate") Hanmer 1873-1941, never married
Annie Helena ("Nell") Hanmer 1875-1904 m. William Pettus, was mother of Lucille, Thelma, and William
Frederick Isaac ("Fred") Hanmer 1877-1960 m.1904 Lelia Hunter Davis 1882 - 1972

My mother, Electa Price Hanmer 1905-2002, was their first child of six. She is the child in the above 1907 Charlotte Hotel picture.

Howard Herman ("Howie") Hanmer 1880-1958 m. Florence Davis, 4 children
Bertha Grace Hanmer 1881-1979 m. George Overton Pettus; mother of Reginald and Overton
Winfield Scott Hanmer 1886-1929, never married
Georgie Hanmer 1889-1975 m. Henry Osborne, mother of Julian Osborne)

My father was Dalma Neal, one of 12 children of A.P. Neal of "Pleasant Grove" in Lunenburg. It is notated on the Confederate map [Section 11] as "A.R. Neal". (My gr.grandfather was Alexander Rutherford Neal.) Daddy's mother was Maude Clare Winn. I have never known her father's name, but her widowed mother became Dr. Passmore's second wife and is buried in the yard at the Passmore house (on Rt.40 just before you cross the river.) She once ran a store and taught school at Pleasant Grove.