Charlotte County Virginia Queries for 1997 Part II

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Jimmy A. Clayton (  30 Dec 1997
Her son, and others who knew her spoke so well 
of her.  How could such a nice, frail yet contributing, lady be one of 
the "brick walls" in my family research toils?

Her son, John Thomas CLAYTON, we called him "Papa"...said that she was 
in an orphanage near Drakes Branch, Charlotte, County VA, that she lived 
with a family (possibly Dickersons) in Drakes Branch.  Said that she and 
his father Simeon Albert CLAYTON eloped from Charlotte Co. c. 1880.  He 
said Dickerson might not be her real sur-name.   

Her name could have been Catherine, she was always called "Kate" or 
"Katie" here around old Caswell and Person County, NC where my great 
grandfather Simeon Albert Clayton brought her to live.

I have read that Ben Dickerson was the keeper of the poor in Drakes 
Branch in grandmother's day.  She would have been quite young then.  I 
do not know how long Ben was "keeper of the poor house." I have yet to 
find an orphanage near Drakes Branch.

The 1900 Durham Co. NC Census lists her birth year as 1863. She died in 
Durham Co. (very near Person Co. line) in 1907.  She is buried in 
Wheeler's Primitive Baptist Churchyard, in Person County, near Hurdle 

Using today's modes of travel, she would not have lived far from 
Charlotte County, VA.  In her day, being poor, she found it impossible 
to return home and often sang "In Olde Virginny."  Sometimes tearfully 
reminiscing of her Charlotte County childhood.

The John Dickerson Family, on the 1870 Charlotte Co. VA Fed. Census, 
reveals that John's wife is Matilda and they have a daughter "Cattie" 
(probably pronounced "Katie") and a daughter "Mattie" pet name for 
Matilda.  Grandma Katie named her only son John and named a daughter 
Mattie.  This family lives near the James Dickerson Family and the 
Pleasant LIPSCOMB family.  Pleasant has a son George and my grandma 
Katie knew a George Lipscomb that came to Caswell/Person Co. NC.  

Papa said that when grandma Dickerson and grandpa Clayton eloped she 
was, at the time, living with a Dickerson family in Drakes Branch. 

Could "Papa" John T. Clayton have been mistaken about the orphan 
traditon?  Could the John Dickerson family be my great grandma's lost 
family?  Could the John Dickerson family have fallen on hard times 
leaving family members in the poor house?  Could Katie have only 
been living with (relative?) Wyatt Dickerson during hard times.  

One of grandma's friends here was Etta BROOKS, she also knew members of 
the HULL Family.

Would anyone researching the Charlotte County Dickersons be able to help 

Dorsey Drane (   Dec 30 1997
SPENCER/PEARCE: Looking for information about this line of my ancestors:
b: 16 Dec 1745 of Charlotte Co., VA
d: Feb 1828 near Parkersburg, Wood Co., VA (now WV)
b: 1748 of Chickahominy, Cumberland (now Powhatan) Co., VA
d: 1786
2 Frances A. ("Fannie") SPENCER
b: 1766
d: Aft. 1806
b: 1764
d: 1810 3 Martha Hughes WINFREY b: 16 Dec 1806 d: 2 Dec 1873 +William P. DRANE b: 30 Jan 1800 Augusta, Richmond Co., GA d: 15 Jul 1870 Prattsburg, Talbot Co., GA 2 Thomas Cole SPENCER b: 17 Aug 1774 Charlotte Co., VA d: 1860 Charlotte Co., VA +Frances W. PEARCE b: 1776 d: 17 Aug 1817 Charlotte Co., VA 3 Matthew Lyle SPENCER b: 6 May 1809 Lunenburg Co., VA d: 28 Dec 1887 Batesville, Panola Co., MS +Louisa Stokes NEAL b: 18 Jan 1817 VA d: 9 Jul 1874 Batesville, Panola Co., MS I know a little about them, but would like to know *much* more. Frances W. PEARCE's father is supposed to be a Martin PEARCE. I include the non-Charlotte Co. people on the off chance that their spouses were born there. Thanks  Dec 1997
MOORE: Looking for information on JAMES MOORE and WILLIAM MOORE. I'd like to know any dates, places, and names in family. Were these two guys in Halifax Co. thru 1793, then to Charlotte Co.; or back and forth? Is this the James who died about 1812?
Dottie Tabor Blankenship (  Dec 30 1997
SPAULDING: I'm researching Nancy SPAULDING, b-ca 1781,Charlotte Co.Va, d.after 1850,Lawrence Co.Ky.m. Richard PACKWOOD. Are these names in any Charlotte Co.Va books that I might purchase for info. I'm always doing research so I would prefer to buy books, ONLY if they are in them! Thanks!
Bill Verdell   Dec 20, 1997
BREWER/VERDEL: Looking for info on Anthony(Antoine)VERDEL, French Army, who married Edith BREWER, dau of Sackville Brewer, of Charlotte County during revolution (probably winter of 1781-82 during billeting of French forces at Charlotte Courthouse). Edith later returned with son John A. Verdell and married Capt Holman Rice. Need any info on any of these people.
Mary Lucado (  Dec 16 1997
HOLT/FOSTER/HAILEY: I am seeking information on Jesse HOLT (1792-ca.1845) and his wife Sarah FOSTER of Charlotte Co. Jesse and Sarah married in 1815. Their daughter Elizabeth F. Holt married James H. HAILEY in 1841. If anyone has any information on any of the above people (parents, etc.), I would appreciate it! Thanks
Don A. Swofford (  Dec 4 1997
ELLIOTT: I am doing work on the ownership of a 1750 house north of Phoenix called the Old Elliott home place. It is just south of Rough Creek. Do you know anything about that Elliott family?
Barbara J. Emery(HYBY@WILLARD-OH.COM)  Nov 30 1997
CAGE: Seeking info. re. Benjamin CAGE listed in Charlotte Co. Census of 1782, page 14. Interested in his connection to Edward and Robert CAGE. Thank you, Barbara Long Emery, Willard, Ohio
Frank Tate, Jr.(  Nov 29 1997
HALEY BOOK: I have been trying to get a book about the HALEY Family done by E. F. Haley. Some years ago he did some research for me in Charlotte Co., VA about my ancestors Uriah Warner Pollard who married Barbara Elizabeth Haley. He was deceased before I learned about his book. . . I have seen a copy of this book that has my Pollard-Haley family included. I would be very much obliged with any help you can give me to obtain a copy.  Nov 29 1997
WOOD: I am trying to find any information on the family of Francis WOOD, who lived in Charlotte Co. sometime before the Rev. War. His family moved to Amherst, then Bedford Co. I have some info to share but would appreciate any that comes along.
John Norris (  Nov 29 1997
NORRIS/GILBERT: My grandfather John NORRIS, 3 times removed was born in Lunenberg Co. Va. Oct. 20, 1750. At some point he moved to Charlotte Co. He married Ann GILBERT, b. abt. 1757 (don't know where) abt 1772. He later moved to Halifax Co. Va. before settling in Wilkes Co. N.C. He died after 1835 in McMinn Co. Tenn. Is there anyone out there that can offer any information abut Ann GILBERT, and add to any information I have on John. Thanks for your help.
Sharon Bryant(  Nov 15 1997
BARBEE/FIELDER: I am researching Edward BARBEE born 1823 in Appomattox Co. who married Sarah Elizabeth FIELDER. They were listed in the Charlotte Co. Census of 1850 with two children. Their daughter Florence Addison Barbee married William Beverly WOOTTON of Prince Edward Co. They moved to Kentucky in 1869 following the war. Other connecting families are INGE, GAULDING and WOOTTON.
Mike Evans (  Nov 1997
EVANS: My GGG grandfather Elisha E. EVANS was born abt 1804 in CharlotteCo. to _______? He married Mary C. SMITH daughter of Reubein and Elizabeth W. SMITH April 1829 in Halifax Co. I'm looking for all info on Smiths then and Evans I have written and received some info from the Clerk of Court Charlotte Court House. They were very friendly and helpful.
Naomi Luck (  Nov 9 1997
WILLIAMS/THREAT/BRAXTON: I was so excited to find Charlotte County's website! I am doing research on my family. My paternal family came from Charlotte Co. The names I am researching are WILLIAMS, THREAT and BRAXTON. Is it possible go get copies of birth, marriage and death records directly from the Charlotte courthouse?
Ellen Bailey (   Nov 9 1997
"The Southsider" I understand there is a Charlotte Co. newsletter that Gerry Gilliam writes. Do you know how I can subscribe? Appreciate any help. Plan to go down and look for Harvey family gravesites in a few weeks. Haven't had much luck yet even though I have been through about 7 cemetaries around CCH. Now have the topographical maps so maybe I can find some of the obscure ones and locate Harveys, haven't got a lot of expectation since I am looking for the ones from the late 1700s to and through the 1800s.
From: JoLee
Let me know how your trip turns out!
You must be speaking of "The Southsider" that is edited by Gerald T. Gilliam.
The Southsider is published quarterly by the Charlotte County Branch of The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, P.O. Box 104, Charlotte Court House, VA 23923-0104. The subscription rate at the last issue was still $8.00 for the calendar year.
By the way, now on the Charlotte VaGenWeb Page is notice of the new USGenWeb SEARCH ENGINE. You must go there! It is really neat. (But, we could use more good stuff to search!)
Tom McCargo (tommcargo@aol)   Nov 9 1997
MCCARGO/BLANKENSHIP/ BRIZENDINE/CALLICOTT/LIGON: My time online is limited due to an illness in the family, but I have been researching Charlotte Co families since my retirement from the US Postal Service in 1978. I have much data on the descendants of John MCCARGO who lived on the Reynolds Branch of Horsepen Cr near Wylliesburg and died there in 1814. I also have data on my related collateral lines i. e. , BLANKENSHIP, BRIZENDINE, CALLICOTT, LIGON. I will share any of this with other researchers. My current problem No 1 is find the parents of Hezikiah Blankernship who died in Halifax Co about 1845 and whose daughter Martha married my gggrandfather Little John MCCARGO.
Richard Barnhill (  Nov 1 1997
BARNHILL: Seeking info on Mary M. ? BARNHILL. Buried at Ashcamp church in Keysville (Charlotte Co. Va.) ? Died around 1916 to 1919, Any help is greatly appreciated.
Mary Reed (   Oct 30 1997
WRIGHT: Seeking info on Richard WRIGHT Junior and wife, Judith. Richard, was s/o Richard WRIGHT of Louisa Co., VA. Louisa Co. VA Deed Books C, D1/2, D and D 1/2 of 1759 - 1774 Pg. 190-192 3 Jan. MDCCLXX (1770) states "Wm. Wright, Planter and Mary his wife of Louisa Co., and Richard Wright Junr., planter, and Judith his wife of Charlotte Co. ........". Any help is appreciated.
Ellen Bailey (   Oct 29 1997
HARVEY: I have made 2 trips down to the CCCH from Wash. D.C. and have met some wonderfully helpful people. The gentleman ( I am embarassed I can't recall his name!) at the library was very courteous and helpful - he offered everything that was available. The young lady at the ? place across the street where I had some copies of wills made was so kind and strong! Those books are heavy! I hope that "Charlotte County - Rich Indeed" is reprinted. I tried to find a copy through some book search services, and the only copy found was for sale at $150! ... I have been trying to find HARVEY gravesites, and have roamed through 8 cemetaries in the area so far - no luck. Most have probably disappeared over time. I now have some topography maps and am going to try again with some of the more obscure sites indicated. Do you know of anyone who could perhaps give me some guidance on very specifically where the Harveys might be buried? Thank you for your very interesting web site.
(  Oct 29 1997
TUCKER: Need information on sons and daughters of Thomas A.TUCKER born in Phenix area on Feb.27,1869 died July 16 1947
Ward H. Oliver (  Oct 26 1997
OLIVER/ARMISTEAD: Ward H. Oliver is looking for further information on this OLIVER family: In 1796, David OLIVER married Elizabeth ARMISTEAD; in 1804, John OLIVER married Sarah ARMISTEAD, both in Charlotte County. Elizabeth & Sarah were daughters of William ARMISTEAD of Charlotte County; David and John were sons of Benjamin OLIVER Sr. of Hanover County, where these families lived. I am especially interested in the origin of this OLIVER family.
CRodgers (  Oct 26 1997
RODGERS: Thomas RODGERS Charlotte County Will page 385A, June 25, 1785 refers to several sons but names only Andrew. What were names of his other sons? Was his wife Elizabeth Ann Carr? Did his son Andrew move to Saluda River, SC where Thomas had owned property? Any info on this Thomas RODGERS and family will be appreciated.
Keith (  Oct 18 1997
PRIDDY: Do you have any info on the PRIDDY's in Keysville, Va. in 1863? I have a letter stating "Mother Priddy" living in what became the Keysville Hotel" Thanks
Lib Smith (  Oct 13 1997
ROBSON: Hi JoLee, I thought perhaps you'd like to hear about a SUCCESS STORY which was a result of your query section on the Charlotte Co. VA Genweb page. Recently I posted a query (Lib Smith Sep 21, 1997) about the ROBSON family and at the same time read another query (Carol Renner Apr 23, 1997) which listed a Sally Robson. I deduced that she was probably Sally Johnston married to a Robson and hoped she might be my Sarah Johnston married to Robert Robson. In fact, I hit the nail on the head, and now I have a new ancestor and a new internet friend/cousin with whom I'm exchanging e-mails about ancestors and our immediate families and interests! Computers, the internet and USGenWeb are all great! Thanks for all your hard work! Lib Smith
Jean Rader (  Oct 13 1997
EPPERSON/HICKS: William EPPERSON who married Nancy HICKS left an inventory in Charlotte Co. Book 10, page 83 and accounts Book 12 page 224 1814. MITCHELL: His son was Francis, born 1790 that married Jincy MITCHELL. Does anyone know when and where he died?
Linda Watkins (  Oct 3 1997
WATKINS/PARISH: Seeking information on the family of Richard WATKINS, married to Elizabeth PARISH in Charlotte County, Va., May 10, 1773. He is the son of William and Martha Herndon Watkins of King and Queen County, Va.; He moved to Mason Grove, Tennessee, where he died in January 1836. He was a Revolutionary War soldier. Would like information about Elizabeth Parish and also information about a first wife, Elizabeth SPENCER.
Nancy Forsyth (  Oct 3 1997
MORTON: Hi, I am trying to find the site of my MORTON ancestors in Charlotte Co. The Morton homeplace was called Little Roanoke Bridge. Could you give me dirrections on how to get there from Charlotte Court House?-- Nancy Forsyth in Kentucky
Susan D. Jones (  Oct 1 1997
CRENSHAW - Daniel H., b. c1800, d. before 1850, m. 1820 Lucinda Pettus, dau. of Overton Pettus. Who is his father?

PETTUS - If you have a copy of the big Pettus book that traces all of the branches of all of the families, please let me know if you will look a family up for me: descendants, if listed, of Thomas Crenshaw m. Susanna Pettus, 1786.

CARY - looking for descendants of Russell A. CARY and wife Lula M. Lived in Charlotte Co. but could not find marriage there, about 1890. Children: Willie/Nellie, Lena F./Flossie L., Bruce R./Robert B., Mary A., Daisy, Russell A. Jr.

TOWLER - looking for descendants of John W. TOWLER and wife Cornelia Kate CRENSHAW, m. Charlotte Co. in 1889. Children include: Edgar/Edward, Thomas J., Ellie B., John W., Mattie Arlene, Mary/Maxine

HAILEY - looking for descendants of George F. HAILEY and wife Martha CRENSHAW, m. Charlotte Co. 1882. Children: Aubrey m Estelle Eloise WILKERSON and had Raymond and Virginia; Ira Frank; and Kate/Pansy

Susan D. Jones  Sep 26 1997
I am looking for the parents of Daniel H. CRENSHAW, b. c1800, m. in Charlotte Co., Lucinda PETTUS, daughter of Overton Pettus. Daniel CRENSHAW is deceased by 1850, no will. He had a son Wyatt Thomas CRENSHAW who m. Martha E. LIPSCOMB, and sons James CRENSHAW and John CRENSHAW. I am interested in the descendants of Wyatt Thomas and Martha CRENSHAW. Is Daniel H. CRENSHAW a son of Cornelius CRENSHAW who m. 1799 Sara LEE?
James W. Bond   Sep 25 1997
My ancestor William Thomas BOND was born on 25 Sept 1766 in Charlotte Co., Va. His father's name was Jesse BOND. I am needing info on William's parents and his siblings. I have information to share on William and Martha BOND's son.
Lib Smith  Sep 22 1997
Looking for information about Robert ROBSON and his wife, Ann Hamilton LUCAS. According to his obituary, Robert ROBSON was born in Charlotte Co. VA in 1802. His parents were Robert ROBSON (Sr) and Sarah JOHNSTON. His wife's parents were William LUCAS and Elizabeth HAMILTON. Robert Robson's brothers and sisters were George W. ROBSON; James J. ROBSON; Margaret H. ROBSON (married Benjamin WILLIAMS); Jane ROBSON (married Matthew FARRAR); and Nancy ROBSON (married John G. MILLER). The ROBSON family moved to Giles Co., TN (1830 census) and had moved to Tallahatchie Co. MS by 1835. Robert ROBSON formed his own company in the Civil War in Tallahatchie Co., MS called "Robson's Rebels". He died in 1862 in Murfreesboro, TN. I need information about his wife, his parents, and her parents, and I would welcome information about any other ROBSONS or their spouses. Thanks.
Michael Hailey   Sep 19 1997
My great grandfather, William HAILEY (9/6/1861-1/12/1946), was from Tenn and his father was named George HAILEY. This George died in the war and William*s mother not long after. I have found a marriage record for them in Benton County Tennessee and have little more to go on. A search of records puts a great deal of Hailey/Haley/etc activity in Henry County where a George Haley is with his father John. This is the same John, already married, I believe that is in Henry County in 1840 with Benjamin, also married and probably a brother, and a Mary who is old enough to be their mother but with no husband. In the same county is an Archibald Haley also old enough to be the father of the two young men. Near is a Nancy Hailey age around 50 with children no husband. John in 1850 gives his birth state as Virginia and Archibald being an odd name I checked and found an Archibald on the 1810 and 1820 census records for Charlotte County Virginia, I wish I had access to an 1840 and 1850. Marriage records for that county show his being married to a Judith Haley 1806 and another source has an Archibald Haley marrying a Nancy Mullins in 1818. This other source, a book on the Haley family in Virginia by Edward Haley, has this to be the same man but does not give the children past a point for Judith and none for Nancy. A will is given for a Henderson Haley in Henry county in 1851 which is the name of a son of Archibald and Judith Haley which would further tie this Archibald to Charlotte but would not explain why a Henderson is reported on other Virginia Census records according to Edward Haley. If this Nancy on the 1840 Henry County Tennessee is Archibald*s wife then the Benjamin on the 1840 cannot be their son as she has a Benjamin living with her on the 1850 census. If he is Archibald*s son then she is not his wife and that would explain their separation. John and Benjamin could not be the son of either but instead are the sons or brother-in-laws of the Mary they are living with in 1840. Who is Mary? Is she the same Mary May who married Joseph Haley in Charlotte and gave Archibald Haley as the surety? If so she lies about her age and this would give speculation about her giving South Carolina as her birth state. I do not know at this time what happens to Archibald after the 1840 census. You can begin to see why I am interested in Archibald and his children. If you could shed any light on the children and or the relation of the Mary Haley mentioned I would be eternally grateful. Below I have listed the information I have been able to gather other than that which Edward Haley gives. Sorry for the long letter but if any one gives me a chance I prefer to be thorough. Marriages of Interest Hailey, Benjamin to Bitty Stroud 12-19-39 Henry probate in 1845 Hailey, John T. to Nancy Jones 12-23-1841 Henry Hailey, Matilda to Howel Stroud 2-24-1842 Henry Haly, William to Nancy Vann (could this be Vaughan) 1-27-1845 Henry (son of Mary) Haley, Maranda to John Vaughan 3-2-1845 Henry Haily, Martha to James Vaughan 3-11-1846 Henry Haley, E. P. M. C. to Minerva J. Lankford 6-8-1851 Henry Haley, Caroline to James F. Holliday 3-6-1854 Henry (Mary*s daughter) Haley, Sarah C. to James F. Holiday 10-17-1854 Henry Haley, William to Amanda Bushart 11-11-1854 Henry (Nancy*s son) Hailey, Benjamin to Martha L Bush 12-28-1854 Henry Haley, Nancy to George Younger 8-23-1857 Henry Hailey, Mary J. E. to George Hall 1-11-1858 Henry Haley, Edward to Jane C. Hart 1-5-1859 Henry Wills Haley, Benjamin probate in 1845 Henry Haley, Henderson probate 1851 Henry Haley, Nancy probate in 1856 Henry 1840 Census Carroll/Henry HAILE, Nathaniel Cr-72 010010001-20100101 HALEY, Benjamin (age 20-30) Hn-442 (Nancy/Archibald*s son) 00001-0001 HALEY, John (age 20-30) Hn-442 (married within six years, where?) 10001-0001 HALEY, Mary Hn-442 (must be recently widowed) 1001-210201 HAILEY, Archibald (age 50-60) Hn-455 (Charlotte County Virginia?) 00000001-010020001 HALEY, Nancy Hn-475 (possibly Archibald*s wife why are they apart?) 11-0121001 1850 Census Henry HALLEY, John 57(or 37)?, Sarah Elizabeth 37, Betsey Ann 21, Martha Jane 20, George H. 16, Sarah Frances 14, Mary Emily 11, Sophronia T. 9, Francis Marion 7, Virginia Clay 5, James Harvey 1, Va Va Hn-23-754 HAILEY, Mary 47, Nancy 26, Caroline 15, John 11, Mary E. 9, SC T, Hn-56-567 HALEY, Wm. 22, Nancy 20, Wm. 5, Green 1 T T Hn-57-568 HALEY, Nancy 50, William 18, Benj. 13, SC T Hn-59-609? Died 1856 in Henry. HAILEY, John T. 33, Nancy 27, Paralee 7, William 5, James 3, Marion 1, Va T, Hn-153-724 1860 Census Henry HALEY, Ludson S. 31, Louisa 29, Mary A. 9, John T. 7, Walter 5, Sanders 3, William 1, Hn-313-487
Barbara Obaker   Sep 13 1997
I am looking for ancestors of Lafayette Alexander HANKINS (1834-1925) and his wife Sarah Flippin (1830-1923) who lived near Keysville, VA. He served in the 23rd VA Infantry, Co. K 1861-1865. After the Civil War they moved to Fayette County, PA. There are several HANKINS in the muster rolls of the 23rd Infantry, Co. K, but we don't know if they are brothers, cousins or what. Thank you for your help.
Floyd Smith  Sep 13 1997
Josiah S. WALTON b. 1776 Cumberland Co., VA, m. Nancy (Woodfin ?) ca 1797 in Charlotte or Cumberland Co. Purchased 150 acres of land on Cub Creek in 1801, sold it and moved to Williamson Co., TN in 1810.
James Dabbs   Sep 9 1997
I am looking for information on the ancestors and descendants of Joseph DABBS who moved from Goochland Co., VA to Lunenburg (Charlotte) Co. in 1747 and died there in 1749. I am descended from his oldest son William DABBS who married Catherine ?, lived in Charlotte County and died there in 1804. They were members of the Briery Presbyterian Church just over the county line in Prince Edward Co. The other children of Joseph Dabbs and his wife Nanny HOGGATT were; Richard DABBS, Joseph DABBS, Eleanor DABBS, Mary DABBS , and probably Nathaniel DABBS. My ancestor Jesse DABBS, son of William DABBS and Catherine ? left Charlotte Co., and moved to Abbeville Co., SC about 1800. Any information on this family?
June Barnes  Sep 7 1997
I am searching for information on the descendants of Joseph HARRIS in Charlotte County, VA. He was born between 1765-1770. He married Joanna ALMOND Oct 17, 1792. Their son was Charles Thomas HARRIS born in 1797. Charles Thomas married Mary Jane RAMSEY born 1800. Mary Jane's parents were John and Mary Jane RAMSEY. Charles Thomas and Mary Jane were married about 1822 in Charlotte County, VA.
Carolyn   Sep 3 1997
Carolyn writes: For mail in requests there is a $ 5.00 fee plus 50 cents per page copy fee. You need to send location of the material you want - ie. WB # --, pg # --. I don't think they will do your research for you, however they might do a marriage record by name only as they have an index book. I have found them prompt and they have always sent me beautiful copies. You can ask for actual size copies, or reduced size. I always get the actual book page size. SASE, of course. I was in the Clerk's office about 15 months ago, and the ladies were friendly, courteous and helpful.
Geneva Newcomb-Cole  Sep 3 1997
Am in need of someone to look up some information for me at Charlotte Courthouse, VA. Specifically am looking for a will, or land record for Joseph NEWCOMB, or William NEWCOMB, sons of John Thomas NEWCOMB, Sr, b. 1787 in Charlotte Co., VA. Am trying to link my Edward Clay (also known as Elkana, Elkanah, Elinor) NEWCOMB as one of their sons.
Robert J Childs Sr  Sep 3 1997
I am researching the TALIAFERRO family of Virginia. I was told that some of the members of this family moved south into North Carolina and some stayed in Charlotte. At this time, I do not know the family of Taliaferro's that lived here in Charlotte. But would appreciate any information on this family. Thank you-Charlotte
Peter Smith  Aug 30 1997
I'm looking for information on: Thomas SMITH and his wife Rhoda(?) who arrived in Charlotte County about 1782, possibly from New York. Their sons William Alfred SMITH(1780-1851), Thomas SMITH Jr.(1782-1839), Samuel Strange SMITH (1802-?), and Issac SMITH. I'm also interested in any tips on how to get record information from Charlotte County through the Web. Thanks
Betty Allen  Aug 29 1997
I am looking for the parents and siblings of John BROWN and Margaret OSBORNE. John and Margaret were married in 1822 in Charlotte County. Both were born circa 1805, and are believed to be the parents of two sons, William A. and John J. BROWN. I believe this Margaret OSBORNE is the same Margaret BROWN who married Frederick HARVEY 1843, in Greenbrier County. Fred HARVEY may also have been from Charlotte County, and was born ca. 1820.
KarenWood  Aug 26 1997
Ralph T. JACKSON and "Polly" HARVEY m. Mar 1804 in Charlotte Co.Polly Harvey is d/o Thomas "Butterwood"Harvey and Barbara Walton. I believe that Ralph T. JACKSON is grandson of Ralph T. Jackson died 1774/6 in Chesterfield. Two of his son's, Ralph and Joseph, had land given to them by their step father, John Pattison, in 1746. This deed was witnesses by Francis Hester. My Ralph T. Jackson and Polly Harvey named my GGGgrandfather Francis Hester JACKSON, b. Charlotte 1815. Both Ralph and Joseph Jackson had sons who went to Charlotte Co. Does ANYONE recognize Ralph T. Jackson? He is either grandson of Ralph or Joseph Jackson of chesterfield. ANY help appreciated.
KarenWood  Aug 26 1997
Looking for information on John MOON, bought land in Charlotte Co in 1784 with brother William C. MOON. Need info on wife (may be Nancy BAGLEY of Charlotte or Mary DUDLEY of Lunenburg). Some known children, Nancy m. Thomas Walker, Isham, William Pleasant b. 1800 m. 1820 Mary HOLT, d/o of Caleb Holt, John, ?Isham, ?Archibald, ?Littleberry. John Moon died before 1825 when estate sale held. Can find no other records. Have info on William Pleasant Moon's family through present. ANY INFO on MOON family in Charlotte Co greatly appreciated.  Aug 23 1997
STERN, Peter, married Elizabeth JENNINGS on January 3, 1791 in Charlotte County. Need Peter STERN'S birth date and place. Also, his parents names, birth dates and places and where and when they died. Also, when and where did Peter STERN die? Elizabeth JENNINGS was the daughter of Dickingson JENNINGS. Where and when was Elizabeth born, and where and when did she die? Requesting both information and sources.
Jane Williams  Aug 23 1997
Need to find the family of Elisha WILLIAMS who married Rebecca MCKINNEY, daughter of Jonas MCKINNEY in Charlotte County 19 Feb 1786. Elisha and Rebecca had 5 children: Clement, Maggie (have been unable to locate anything about Maggie), Stephen who married Francis(?), Elijah who married Sarah "Salley" HALEY in Charlotte Co 9 Dec 1820, Jesse who married Mary HAMLETT in Charlotte Co. 15 Jan 1824. Clement died in Charlotte County, Stephen, Elijah, and Jesse along with most of their family members moved from Charlotte County to Montgomery County, Virginia between 1840-1860 censuses. Elisha remarried in Charlotte County to Caty HALEY 7 May 1801. I do not know of any children born to this marriage. Steven had a son named Elisha W. WILLIAMS who married Martha Ann GRIFFIN 6 Aug 1841 in Person Co N.C. Elisha W. also moved to Montgomery County with the above mentioned family members. I have much information on later family in Montgomery County which I will share. I especially would like to know who Elisha's father was. His marriage information says his father was Robert. Thanks for your help.
F B Elliott Aug 18 1997
MAYES/ELLIOTT Seeking information on the descendants of John G MAYES and his wife Jane ELLIOTT. They were married 1840 in Halifax Co. VA. In 1850 they were in Halifax Co with no children. They have not been located since. John's sister Elizabeth Jane MAYES married Jane's brother Jones ELLIOTT. They disappeared in 1860 also.
Mark Womack  Aug 18 1997
I am looking for a record of a marriage between Henry WOMACK of Halifax Co and a Susan ? around 1834. I know Henry lived in Halifax Co, but there is no record of their marriage there. This leads me to beleive they were married in a nearby county, possibly Pittsylvania, Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, Charlotte, or Campbell. If you have any info or advice, please contact me. Thanks!
Linda Doty Aug 7 1997
Searching for information on Reps SUN, son of Thomas OSBURN and Anne WORSHAM, who were married in Henrico Co. in 1714. Reps was a revolutionary soldier, but I can't find proof of that. I have found Reps Osburns in Charlotte Co., VA, SC, and GA, so that name was passed down often. Alternate email (I travel)
Butch Johnson Aug 7 1997
Seeking info on William SAMPSON of Cumberland County, Virginia (1764), Charlotte County and Halifax County. He died in Halifax in 1803 and left a will naming his wife Jinny, son Francis and daughters Martha (married John MOON or MOORE), Mary (married Mr. HALEY), Elizabeth (married Mr. SNOWDY) and Judith (married James PRESTON). Thanks
Butch Johnson Aug 7 1997
Seeking info on the parentage and siblings of Lucy WOODWARD (born about 1760) who married in 1778 in Lunenburg County, Virginia to William SLAUGHTER. Family tradition says that Lucy' mother' maiden name was HALEY. Lucy and William also lived in Charlotte and Halifax counties at various times. Any help with WOODWARD or HALEY would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Butch Johnson Fri Aug 5 10:17:30 1997
Seeking info on William EAST and Thomas EAST, believed to be brothers. They lived in Charlotte County, but had moved to Halifax Co. by 1769 when they sold 233 acres in Charlotte on Louse Creek to John Salle of Charlotte Co. Both Thomas and William had wives named Mary who relinquished their dower rights.
Donald Mark Phillips  Aug 4 1997
Seeking marriage record of Abraham WALKER and Sarah BAILEY in the 1780's or 1790's.
Don Johnson  Aug 4 1997
My name is Don Johnson. I have info on William N. JOHNSON born c. 1818 in Charlotte Co., VA. His father is James JOHNSON who died c. 1849 in Wilson Co., TN. William married Temperance Anne (Tempie or Tempa) in 1840 in Wison Co. and moved to Dyer Co.,TN c 1850 and to Hot Spring Co., AR in 1854. I am trying to connect James to the JOHNSTONS in Charlotte Co., VA in 1790.
No Name  Aug 2 1997
Looking for records on Mary M.? BARNHILL. Buried at Ash Camp Church in Keysville (Charlotte Co. Va)? Died around 1915 to 1920 ?
Ralph E. Lamkin  Aug 2 1997
Looking for James LAMKIN and son James D. LAMKIN. James married Mary DABBS (daughter of Richard DABBS) 24 November 1783. James D. LAMKIN married Mary W. HANKINS,(widow) 7 July 1817. Charlotte County is the place I know they were when they both married, but I am also trying to find out which county they came from before Charlotte. James senior could have come from Mecklenburg County prior to 1783.
Roy Ledbetter   July 26 1997
There are some records indicating a LOGGINS family connection to Charlotte County,VA, a Sunders LOGGINS was married there. Any information about the Logginses would be very much appreciated.
Paul Ensogna  July 23 1997
Berryman A. FOSTER I am looking for all people that are researching the decendants of Berryman A. FOSTER(b. 1809, d. 1889), husband of Frances A. DILLON. Berryman had the following children: Sarah Frances FOSTER Mary Jane FOSTER Wesley Baxter FOSTER William Dillon FOSTER Josiah Thomas FOSTER Gidian (Gideon) FOSTER Susanna FOSTER Samuel FOSTER For details on this and other Charlotte County Families you can check out my web page at
Judy  July 18 1997
I am looking for the parents of John ROWTON and any brothers or sisters. I estimate John was born about 1785. John married Martha FERGUSON in 1810 in Charlotte County. I know someone out there can help. I really appreciate any tidbits I recieve. I am looking for anyone with the surname ROWTON. Thank you.
Letty U. Fernandez   July 17 1997
DUNN, William Benjamin b. 1835, VA enlisted in Co. I 44th VA Infantry and served entire war. Was present at Appomattox as an officer. Died in Charlotte Co. in 1912. Would like to know the tricks in procuring a death record (not much luck at county level or at Richmond). Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Gini Ellen Carter  July 17 1997
Looking for information on: John HARTT, died 1793 in Charlotte Co., VA, the only other info. I have on him is his son John married in VA to Anny _____, he died 1817 in Stokes Co., NC
Susan Lloyd   July 17 1997
Searching for anyone working on the HINES family of Charlotte Co, VA I show him (James HINES) to be married to Polly BROWN, dau. of William BROWN. Don't know which Wm. BROWN. Any help would be appreciated. Can give details if interested.
submitter  July 14 1997
Richard HIGHT, d. abt 1805 Charlotte--also Thomas HIGHT in AR was from Char.
Dean   July 9 1997
Need any information on William GUILLIAM died Charlotte County in 1772. I believe he was a widower at time of death. No mention is made of the Care of 4 minor children.[ Harris, Minyard, Charles and Martha] This family was closely connected to the MINYARD[MAINARD] and Edward HARRIS families. I do not have the name of Williams wife. Will share info on these families.
Carolyn Carter Johnson   July 5 1997
William J. PAGE (b.c 1788, Charlotte Co, VA; d. intestate, 1864, Union Co, SC) was my gr-gr-grandfather and is driving me crazy! William J. PAGE m (1st) wife unk. Possibly moved to GA. Had children: Richard PAGE, Robert PAGE (of GA), Elizabeth PAGE (m. Andrew G____), Mary PAGE (m. Lemuel SPROUSE), Minny (Minerva? m. A____ WOOD.). William J. PAGE m. (2nd) in SC to "RUHAMA", Had children: Eugenia PAGE(m. John MOORE),Julius/Junius PAGE, Rosanna PAGE(b. c 1854) Nannie/Nancy PAGE (m. J. O. CARTER and was my gr-grdmother), McSwain PAGE , and John PAGE.Who were the parents of William J. PAGE? Who was his first wife? How to document him? There are lots and lots of PAGE families floating around!! Any help or info on this family would be much appreciated!
Mike Minadeo  June 29 1997
Looking for information on James MALCOM, wife Sarah (Sallie) MALCOM (GANNAWAY), and daughter Mary Ann MALCOM , who was born in Charlotte Co. VA. about 1775.
Ward Oliver  June 29 1997
Joseph OLIVER was born in Charlotte County 1780-82, the son of Thomas and Mary (OLIVER) OLIVER. Joseph married Ann Agness ELLIOTT, widow of William ELLIOTT, in Richmond May 9, 1807. William died in Richmond in 1806 leaving a widow and child. The 1820 census lists Joseph OLIVER in Charlotte Co. with one son and three daughters, all under 10. Two daughters married in Charlotte Co.: Ann OLIVER married George KENT in 1828; Charlotte OLIVER married Henry HAZLEWOOD in 1831. In 1823, Joseph entered into a deed of trust with his brother John and George KENT, saying that he felt unable to manage and settle his affairs estate so as to secure his wife and infant children. He probably died before 1830. I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer learn more of this family.
Rebecca Barr Evers  June 29 1997
I am seeking parents of John BRIDGES who marrried Mary d/o Thomas LIGON in Charlotte Co, VA in 1772. Their daughter Nancy married Thomas MELLARD ca 1800 in Charleston, SC & went to MS. Thank you.
Shane OSBORNE June 28 1997
OSBORNE - I am seeking information on Burwell OSBORNE (Mar. Mary F. HENDERSON 1/4/1821 Halifax Co., VA) and his father Skeron OSBORNE (Mar. Lucy FLEMING 11/18/1797, Prince Ed. Co. VA). He was also married to a Patty ARNOLD before Lucy Fleming. I am particularly interested in finding information on Skeron's mother and father as I currently have none. Skeron reportedly lived in Charlotte Co., VA most of his life and died in Halifax Co., VA sometime before 1812. Skeron's Will is recorded in Will Book 9, Page 131, Halifax Co., VA.
Joe Clemons  June 28 1997
I have Austin Clements listed in Charlotte County, VA, 1810 census. I'm not sure whether he's the same Austin Clements listed in Morgan County, GA, 1820 census, who is my great-great-grandfather, nor do I know who his ancestors were. Can you help me get any information that might enlighten me? Thanks.
Geoff Smith  June 28 1997
DENNIS/ELLIOTT and DENNIS/MORTON, are my problem areas. I have Col Wm Henry DENNIS 1801-1866,President VA Senate,planter, m. Anne MORTON 1804-. But John DENNIS, the father, is alleged to have had a span from 1783-1887. Can this be ? Who were his antecedents ? Also seek any info on John's wife Martha ELLIOTT, d. 1886. gs/seattle
J. G. Spears  June 28 1997
A reader writes: "Are old Charlotte Co VA newspapers in existence - either in book form or on film; and where can they be found? Also, what date do they begin?"
Ed Hamblin  June 18 1997
Looking for HAMLIN/HAMBLIN information in Charlotte County. Mackerness /Macness/Macnes/Mack HAMBLIN (c. 1745-1815) was probably the son of Thomas HAMLIN (or HAMBLIN) of Lunenburg County. He and wife Mary raised a large family of 8 offspring, 4 males, 4 females. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has run across a will or bible record for Mack HAMBLIN.
Vanessa   June 14 1997
Searching the CUMBY surname. Any info on a Simeon CUMBY as listed in the 1820 Census for Charolotte Co., VA would be appreciated! Searching for a Jason CUMBY who d. abt. 1911 in possibly GILES CO., Not many CUMBY surnames, so working frontward to see if Simeon CUMBY is connected or is an ancestor of Jason. Look forward to hearing from any CUMBY searchers!
Ryland Hamlett  June 12 1997
We are interested in information on the HAMLETT family of Charlotte County. Ryland HAMLETT is descended from Jesse Wesley HAMLETT (b. April 11, 1836; d. August 24, 1914; m. Sallie A. JENNINGS, b. June 2, 1844, d. August 18, 1940). Said Hamlett was a member of the 5th VA Infantry, CSA, and was Ryland's great-grandfather.  June 10 1997
The 1780 Charlotte Co. will of John LACKLAND named among his heirs daughter Anna WOODSON who received "a Negro girl named Margaret". Can anyone give me first name of Anna's husband? Was it by chance David WOODSON, son of Obediah Woodson/Constance Watkins??
Lisa Cox  June 7 1997
I am Lisa June Cox (maiden name), attorney, (1-800-462-8134). I am looking for the name of the wife of Henry COX, b. 1730 (my great-great-great-great grandfather), who gave birth to his son, Curd Cox in Charlotte County in 1762. This is my Cox line. Any info on these folks is appreciated. Incidently, Henry Cox later married Ann Madison, in Charlotte County in 1773 and then moved to TN, where I and all of my family live.
Teresa Newton  June 7 1997
I am searching for information on LOVEN/GIBBINS families. Elizabeth LOVEN, daughter of Adam LOVEN, married James GIBBINS in Charlotte County in 1821. They then moved to Mississippi and then back to Tennessee. Elizabeth was born Jan. 23, 1801 in Charlotte County. She joined the Primitive Baptist Church at "Morson's Ford, Virginia, and was baptized in Morson's River". Would appreciate hearing from others with info to share.
Rich Osborn   June 6 1997
Looking for any descendants of Sally ROBERTS and William BURCHETT who were married in 1795 in Charlotte County, Virginia.
Jennifer Waller McCann   June 1 1997
I am searching for Coleman Green WALLER born in about 1803 in Charlotte or Lunenburg Co. Va. Parents were Elizabeth and William or Rice Waller. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You,
Ricky Long 1 June 1997
BOULDIN, COLLIER, BENAUGH, MOSELEY- In the VA State Library & Archives are some Moseley notes from the Mary Collier Benaugh papers. At the time these notes were archived the papers were in the hands of Lizzie Benaugh of Birmingham, AL. This appears to have been several years ago. Is anyone familiar with this collection? I would like to know if there is more Moseley research in these papers.
Judy  May 27 1997
I have a CHILDRESS line in CHARLOTTE CO VA. On the 'Reunion Page' on VA GenWeb, there is mention of a CHILDRESS family reunion in Charlotte Co VA June 1st, 1997 saying more details to follow as available. Does not list a complete address to contact. I would like to know more details. Also would love to hear from all CHILDRESS researchers in the CHARLOTTE CO VA area. Thanks for all your help. Judy
Barbara Oakley Sirls  15 Apr 1997
William GILES (1785) came from Ireland to Charlotte Co VA. He married Lucy STANLEY 17 Dec 1804 IN Mecklenburg County. William and Lucy had a total of 18 children. William died in Williamson Co. TN 5 Oct 1854. His father could have possibly been Edward GILES who lived in Mecklenburg in 1784. Does anyone know anything about this family?
Sue Harris   May 25 1997
Willoughby PUGH, b 1711 Richmond Co., m 1st wf there & had 7 ch by her: Lewis, Willoughby, Jr., John, Thomas, Rosamond, David & Samuel PUGH. Thomas & David went to Campbell Co. Willoughby, Sr. m/2, c 1752, Richmond Co.(?), Martha LANDRUM & had 3 ch by her: Young, James & Martha. Willoughby d 1790 Charlotte Co. Would like info re Willoughby's 1st wf & ch - have a little; glad to share. Sue Harris
KarenWood  May 25 1997
JACKSON, MADISON, COLLINS, HAMLETT, ADAMS Looking for information on the above families, especially father of Ralph T. JACKSON m. Polly HARVEY, d/o Thomas "Butterwood" Harvey 1804, and Roger MADISON whose daughter Mary Madison m. Richard COLLINS. Also seeking info on Morris HAMLETT and son Thomas HAMLETT. Thomas HAMLETT's dau. Sarah m. Francis "Frank" JACKSON, s/o Ralph and Polly Harvey JACKSON. Looking for info of William ADAMS d. 1769? in Charlotte co. Father of Nathan ADAMS of Pittsylvania Co, Va. Any help appreciated. Will happily exchange info.
Edward R Johnson   May 25 1997
Seeking any additional information on Andrew J. YOUNG who married Marcia P. CUMBEE (b. about 1809)in Charlotte Co. on January 7, 1828. He died in Patrick Co., VA. Andrew and Marcia had ten children: Eliza YOUNG, b. abt. 1831, Mary YOUNG, b. abt. 1833, Martha E. YOUNG b. abt. 1834 in Charlotte Co., Charles Henry YOUNG, b. abt 1835 in Charlotte Co., Paschal L. YOUNG, b. abt. 1836, Prudence V. YOUNG, b.abt.1838, Sarah Lee YOUNG b. abt. 1840, John W. YOUNG, b. abt 1843, Edward L. or S. YOUNG b. abt 1848in Henry Co., and Catherine P. YOUNG b. abt. 1850 in Lunenburg Co.
Bill Horn May 25 1997
I am seeking information on the WILLIAM FEARS family who lived in Charlotte Co. in 1746. I am also seeking information on the DOWNEY family of Amelia Co.,and Prince Edward Co. VA.
Cynthia Dahl  May 25 1997
Looking for information on Francis M. THOMPSON b. 1786 in VA married Elizabeth ?. Francis and Elizabeth THOMPSON were the parents of Francis M. THOMPSON jr. b. 1820 in Charlotte Co. VA. This family eventually settled in Morgan Co. AL. Sound familar to anyone? Thank you in advance. Cynthia
Glen Harvey  May 25 1997
Hi! My name is Glen Harvey, and I am at the beginning stages of researching the HARVEY family name. Am looking for info on CAPT. THOMAS HARVEY T.H. and his ancestors. He was born ca. 1705/10 and apparently lived in Goochland Co., VA briefly and then settled in an area of what is now Charlotte Co., VA, but at the time was Lunenburg Co. Can you help me? Contact me Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Glen [Contact address updated 12-14-99]
Mike Milam May 1 1997
Searching Anthony Crafton born 1747 King William VA. Fought in the revolution in 1778 under Capt Josiah Morton and in 1781 under Capt. Sylvester Walker and Ensign James Speed. He may have married in King William Co. In 1771 moved to Lunenburg and in 1784 he lived for one year in SC then back to Charlotte County VA and then to Kentucky in 1797 Lincoln, Nelson then Shelby/Spencer Counties. Seeking spouse and siblings to possible daughter Jane.
Betsy Stafford  May 24 1997
DUDGEON, MARSHALL, DICKERSON: Looking for Rebecca DUDGEON (???), possibly sister of James DUDGEON who married Nancy MARSHALL in Campbell County, VA and moved to Fayette Co., KY, then Boone County, KY. Rebecca married ca 1774 to John DICKERSON, probably Charlotte or Halifax Counties, VA and moved to Fayette Co., KY. Rebecca married second, James BATES in Fayette Co., KY. Believe William Dudgeon of Charlotte Co. and wife Margaret related to James and Rebecca Dudgeon. Who are the parents of Rebecca and James??? John Dickerson was keeper of the Bridge on Lower Cub Creek. Many thanks, in advance!  May 24 1997
REDMOND: Wyatt Thomas REDMOND and his brother William REDMOND enlisted in the Charlotte Defenders (56th Virginia Infantry Regiment) in October 1863. These two brothers had traveled from Mississippi to join this unit. It is suspected they were living with relatives at the time of their enlistment. Would like to exchange info with anyone having knowledge of a REDMOND family living in Charlotte Co. during this time period.
Robert Balducci  May 24 1997
Several years ago, my cousin was travelling through Charlotte Co. and stopped at the courthouse. The clerk she talked with was a PALMER, I am a Palmer descendant, and she was told the family held a large reunion each year. Would you know anything about this and if so would you know who I might contact about such a reunion? Thanks, Robert Balducci
Michael D Milam  May 20 1997
I am seeking information on the family members of George MILAM (Milum) and Jane (Jinsey, Jensay) CRAFTON married in Charlotte County VA 18 Nov 1795. Jane is the daughter of Anthony and Mary CRAFTON. Anthony (Revolutionary Soldier VA line pension #S16351) b 1747 King William Co VA, moved to Lunenburg Co 1771. 1784-85 he lived in SC and then moved to Charlotte Co VA til 1796-7 he moved to KY, Lincoln, Nelson, Shelby/Spencer Cos. Seeking info on Mary, Anthony's spouse and on his children. Thank you for any help.



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