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Communicants in Rough Creek
No. Names Received On
Died Age Remarks Was In
This Ch.
1.Josiah Jackson
19 Oct. 1823cert.died 1840  18yrs
2.John S. Armistead
(R.E., S. of 9)
3.Daniel W. Williamson""    
4.Martha Madison
5.Eliza. Jackson
(W. of 1, d. of 4)
6.Susan Armistead
(W. of 2, d. of 4)
7.Susan Smith""  dismissed to join H. Creek church 
8.Susan Harris
(W. of Henry)
""  " 
9.Susan Armistead
(Wid. M. of 2)
""  dismissed 18286yrs.
10.Martha White
""deceased 1828  6yrs.
11.Pamelia F. Williamson
(W. of Wm, d of 1)
12.Eliza Madison
(1st W of Henry, d of 10)
""died 1826  4yrs.
13.Nancy Armistead
(W. of Rev Sam - d of 4)
""  dismissed to join the H. Creek Ch. 
14.Frances Walker
(W. of - d of 9)
""  dm'd. 1827   "5yrs.
15.Sarah Brizandine
(W. of Rich:45)
""  "            " 5yrs.
16.Frances Williamson
(W. of Taylor d. of 17)
""  dismissed to Church of Maysville 1823 
17.Susan Williamson
""  died 1840 18yrs.
18.Mary Harvey
(W. of Nathan d of 17)
""  dim'd  
19.Margaret Atkins >BR? (Widow)""died Aug 1853  31yrs.
20.Louisa M. Thomas
(d. of Capt. John)
""7th Sep 1829 (27) Dismissed to Cub Creek 18231yr.
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21.Patrick Jackson
(S. of 1)
19 Oct. 1822Cert.  Dismissed- Join in Farmville 
22.Sarah Alday""died 1823  1yr.
23.William McConville
(Rom. Cath.)
3rd Sept.Ex.  Member at Hat Creek 1826 
24.Mary McConville
(W. 23)
""  " 
25.Garnett Andrews7th Oct 1827"    
26.Mildred Andrews
(his W.)
27.Robert V. Glenn"Cert.    
28.Robert Armistead Jr.
(S. 9)
"Ex.  Dismissed to join H. Creek 
29.Martha Jackson
(d. 1; now M. White)
""  Dismissed Sept. 15 1837 to Miss. 
30.Susan Stevens
(Mrs. Howe)
""  moved to Ohio 
31.Ephram Howe""  moved away 
32.Robert Andrews
(B. 25)
2nd May 1828"  moved away to Georgia 
33.Martha Andrews
(his W., d. 39)
""  moved away fall 1838
& Martha his wife
34.Frances White
(d. 39)
35.Cutbirth Williamson
(s. 17)
19th July 1828"    
36.Jas. M. Armistead
(S. of Rev. Sam)
"Cert.  dismissed to join H. Creek 
37.Ann Harvey
(W. of Charles 38)
"Ex.  dismissed to join Little Concord 
38.Charles C. Harvey""  " 
39.Eliz. White
""  dismissed to join in Mi 
40.Ann Raine"Cert.died 1840  12yrs.
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41.James A. Noel19th July 1828Ex.17 Oct 1873 Stricken from the rolls for Intemperance45 yrs.
(Lines drawn through all the above)
42.Susan Noel
(his wife)
19th July 1828"    
43.Lydia Price
(d. 9)
44.Martha Roach""  Joined the Baptists 
45.Richard Brizandine
(H. 15) (Omitted in proper place, after 22)
19th Oct 1822"  " 
46.John Leeker""died 1828  6yrs
47.- Leeker
(his wife)
""   6yrs.
48.Eliza Moore, Mrs.""  dismissed 
49.John Armistead27th Sept 1829Ex.died 1847  18yrs.
50.Henry Madison
(S. 4)
51.James Nash""  stricken from our book by request 
52.Wm B. Williamson
(S. 17)
53.James C. Colley""  dismissed to Red River 
54.John H. Thomas
(Br. 20)
""died 1854 April  25yrs.
55.Th. Jefferson Paulett""  moved 
56.Samuel W. White
(S. 39)
""died  dismissed to Mi Sept. 15, 1837 
57.Rich. N. Andrews
(S. 25)
58.Jane Nash
(W. 51)
59.Mary A. Barksdale""4 Feb died 1835   6yrs.
60.Sarah Hamner
(W. of Clifton)
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61.Eliza Overstreet
(W. of William)
27th Sep 1829Ex.Dead   
62.Mary Madison
(2nd W. of Henry 50)
63.Sarah C. Nash
(d. of James 51)
64.Sarah Ann Barksdale
(d. of Mary 59 now Mrs. Bagwell)
""  moved to Lynchburg 
65.Charles Anderson25th Oct 1829"died   
66.Clifton G. Hamner""died   
67.Raliegh White
(son of Elizabeth 39)
""  dismissed by request 
68.John A. Andrews
(son of G. 25)
69.Allen W. Elliot
(son of 40)
""died 1856 May 24  27yrs.
70.Martha H. Anderson
""  dsmsd to join at Maysville Buckingham Ct House 
71.Merinda G. Ramsey""  moved 
72.Catharine F. Ramsey""died   
73.Martha E. Ramsey""  moved 
74.Harriet S. Thackston""  " to join at Buffaloe 
75.Ann Anderson
(wife of 65)
6 Decem. 1829Cert.died   
76.Sam Fuqua
1 June 1830Ex.died   
77.Jane RamseyMay 1831Ex.    
78.Henry M. Armistead
Octr 1831Ex.  diss. to join H. Creek 
79.Brice Martin""  " 
80.Catharine P. Wyatt
(wife of P. Wyatt)
""  " 
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81.Martha Williamson
(wife of Danl Wmson)
Oct. (4) 1831Exam.  dismissed to join Little concord 
82.Julia Ann White""  dismissed to join Baptists 
83.Eliza Ganes""  moved 
84.Nancy Nash""    
85.Eliza Nash""    
86.Harriet P. Armistead
(Daughter of S.A.)
""  dismissed to join H. Creek 
87.Mary White
(Wife of Wm. White)
88.Francis Roberts""  dismissed to join in Mi 
89.William P. White""    
90.James CammellJune 1832"died 1857   
91.Angeline Brown""  dismissed to join H. Creek 
92.Wile ClarkNov. 1833"  Moved to Bedforde 
93.Mildred Clark
(Wife of Wile)
""  dismissed to join some other branch of our church 
94.William A. Fuqua""    
95.Jane Campbell
(d. of 90)
Oct. 1837"  moved 
96.Cary AndersonSep. 19, 1837"    
97.Eliz. Anderson""    
98.Eliz. I. RainesOct 1837"dead   
99.Clarissa Armistead""dead   
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100.Caroline Armistead
(now Mrs. Flippin)
Oct 1837Exam.  letter of dismissal to Farmville 
101.Sarah E. Marshall""  moved 
102.Eliz. Campbell""    
103.Jane Campbell
(a line drawn through the name)
104.Mary C. Andrews""dead   
105.Mary SlaughterApr. 1838"    
106.Mary A. Barksdale (Junr)""died 1839   
107.Lavelett Barksdale
(now Mrs. Dickerson)
""died moved to Charlotte Court House 
108.James Hamersley *
(son of Revd Wm Hamersley)
""  dimissed by order of Session 
109.Mrs. Henrietta CollySept 1844"    
110.Thomas E. BarksdaleOct 19 1844"  dismissed to Halifax C. House 
111.Mary S. ArmisteadSept 1844"    
112.Mrs. Barbary Glenn""    
113.Elbert M. WilliamsonDec 6 1851"    
114.Elizabeth C. Williamson""    
115.John W. White""    
116.Wm M. Fuqua""    
117.Robert S. Glenn""    
118.David Flournoy""died 1853(?), marked through   
119.Nathaniel A. Flournoy""    
*Possibly the one omitted June 1844, not named. See page 76, or the one page 77, Octr. 17, 1844
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Communicants - Servants
Names Remarks
MorrisServt of G. Andrews 
Judith" J.H. Marshall 
Charles" A. Vaughandismissed to Farmville
Charlotte" Thos. Harvey 
Henry" Henry MadisonBaptized
Fannie" Thos Flournoy"
Raliegh" Mr. C. Flippin"
Page 255
No. Names Received On
Died Age Remarks Was In
This Ch.
120.Martha F. FlournoyDecr. 6 1851Exam.    
121.Martha A. Hannersley""    
122.Mana L. Fuqua""    
123.Mildred M. Glenn""    
124.Martha V. Flournoy""    
125.Clarissa E. Chappel""    
126.Elizabeth C. Williamson (marked through)    
127.Dr. Richard PriceNov. 56"    
128.Thomas Daniel""    
129.Henry Daniel""    
130.Wm M. Fuqua""    
131.Thomas Glenn""    
132.Clementine Rattray""    
133.Eliza Mullin""    
134.Antonett Hannersley""    
135.Isabella Lee""    
136.James H. ArmisteadDec. 56"    
137.Sarah A. Armistead""    
138.Emma Armistead""    
139.John Chappell""    
Page 256
Communicants in 1842
 Elizabeth Jacksondied 18501.
1Amanda Jackson 2.
 Jno. S. Armisteaddied Oct 18443.
2Susan Armisteaddead4.
 Jno. Armisteaddied 18485.
 Clarissa Armistead"    "6.
3Wm B. Williamson 7.
4Permelia F. Williamson 8.
5Jas P. Williamsonmoved to Petersbg9.
6Danl W. Williamson } 10.
7Martha A. Williamson }Joined Little Concord11.
 Cutbirth WilliamsonJoined the Methodist 
8Garnet Andrews 12.
9Mildred Andrews 13.
10Richd N. Andrews 14.
11Jno A. Andrews 15.
12Eliz. F. Andrews 16.
 Mary C. Hancockdied17.
13Ro. V. Glenn 18.
 Martha Glennmoved to Notoway19.
14Marg. Atkinshavenot attended our Church for 20 yrs20.
15Susan Noel 21.
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 Eliz. Moore (marked through) unknown to the Clerk 22.
16Henry Madison 23.
17Mary Madison 24.
18Clar. Madison 25.
 Jno F. Madisonmoved to Danville26.
 Sarah C. Nashnever attended our church27.
 Nancy Nashdead26.
 Eliz. Callowaydied 1844 
19Jno H. Thomasdead28.
 Clifton S. Hamnerdismissed to Join new church taken from Cub Creek29.
 Sarah Hamnerdead30.
20Cary A. Anderson  31.
21Eliz Andersoninsane32.
 Ann Andersondied 1844 
22Allen W. Elloittdied 185633.
23Mary E. Elliottdied 185734.
24Jas W. Elloitt  35.
25Wm A. Fuqua  36.
 Saml L. Fuquadied 184937.
26Wm P. White" 1863 June 1138.
27Mary White" 1874   "  739.
28Jas W. Whitedied Oct 185340.
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Communicants in 1842
29James Campbelldied 183741.
30Eliz. B. Campbell 42.
31Jane Campbellmoved away43.
32Ann F. GainesMoved to Kentucky44.
 Julia A. Harvey3 Sab Sept dismissed to Join Baptists 
 Cath. Flippindismissed 1st Sab June 1842 
33Mary Slaughter  45.
34Sarah E. Marshallmoved away46.
35Josiah Chappell  47.
36Patara Harrisdismissed to Lynchburg48.
37Tho. I. Flournoy 49.
38F. M. Flournoy 50.
39David Hancockmoved away51.
40Jane Ramsey 52.
41Dr. Jno. O. Armistead 53.
42Elizabeth Armistead 54.
43Charles A. Rain 55.
 Peyton Glenndismissed to Missouri56.
 Elizabeth RiceNov. 1843 dismissed to join another branch of our church 
 Edward Elliottmoved to Texas57.
44Martha Harveywife of Col. Jno. Harvey58.
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59.James Collyhanded his letter back & was rec.
Since have moved to N.C.
60.Mrs. Henrietta Collymoved to North Carolina 
61.Thomas E. Barksdaledismissed to Halifax Ct. House 
62.Mary S. Armistead 45
63.Mary June Hannersleyby letter46
64.James Hannersleydismissed47
65.James Harrisdismissed48
 Mary Ann Armistead (crossed out)  
66.Miss Frances Flournoy 49
67.John Harveydead50
68.Thomas Harvey 51
69.Martha Harveywife T.H. died 
70.Drusilla Harveydied 
71.Miss Mary H. Harveymoved52
72.Mrs. Barbary Glenn  53
72.MorrisServant of G. Andrews54
73.Charlesdis'm to join Farmville
Servant of A. Vaughan
74.Judithdis'm to join Farmville
Servant of Jno H. Marshall
75.Charlottedis'm to join Farmville
Servant of Thomas Harvey
 Dandridgedis'm to join Farmville
Servant of Maria Morton
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These pages contain columns of statistics, combining the annual reports 1823-1849.
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Memorandum compiled by Rev. N.A. Brown 1887

The general Roll, (pages 242-252 and page 255) embraces names of persons admitted as late as Dec. 1856, It does not, however, include the following, Admitted April 1841 Mary E. Elloitt,* Martha J. Glenn,* Eliz. F. Andrews,* and James P. Williamson.* Admitted Sept. 19, 1841, Dan'l M. Hancock,* Jos. W. White,* Jas. Elliott,* and Jno. F. Madison.* (pg 68). Admitted March 1842, Thos. Flournoy* and F.M. Flournoy,* by letter. (pg. 70). Received May 1842, (pg. 72) Dr. John O. Armistead,* Mrs. Eliz. Armistead, * Chas. A. Rainey,* Peyton Glenn,* Miss Elizabeth Rice,* and Edward Elliott.* Recd. Jan. 1844, (pg. 74) Mrs. Martha Harvey,* by letter. Recd. Octr. 1844, (pg. 78) Mary J. Hamersly* by letter, and James Harris, * Elizabeth Hamersly* and Miss (Frances) Flournoy* on exam. Recd. May 1851 (pg. 87) Miss Frances Hamersly and Miss Ella Fuqua. Received Octr. 1852 (pg. 91) Mrs. Catherine Ford.
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