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On a visit to Charlotte Court House, in Charlotte County, VA, in 1987, I copied the following statistics from the County Clerk's Record Book:
CHARLOTTE COUNTY, VA - Death Records - 1853

Thomas Newcomb    11 May   died of dropsey - 68 yrs.
     parents - John & Betsy Newcomb - born Charlotte Co.
     wife was Mary Newcomb - he was chairmaker

Lucy Fanny Newcomb   died July   died of cold - 2 yrs.
     father - Joseph Newcomb

not named Newcomb   died March          5 mos.
     father - E. Newcomb

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, VA - Birth Records - 1853
Nov. 13 - Minerva S. Newcomb       Female     - Father - Jesse Newcomb
                                                                     Mother -
Elizabeth Newcomb

Sept.    - Lucy F. Newcomb           Female     - Father - Joseph Newcomb
                                                                     Mother -
Mary J. Newcomb

Oct.     - James B. Newcomb         Male        - Father  - Edward Newcomb
                                                                    Mother -
Mary Newcomb

Dec.    - Pauline Newcomb            Female     - Father - Miles T. Newcomb
                                                                     Mother -
Frances Newcomb

Nov. 19 - Jesse W. Newcomb         Male       - Father - Jesse Newcomb
                                                                    Mother -
Elizabeth Newcomb

March    Not named Newcomb                      - Father - Edward Newcomb
                                                                    Mother -
Mary Newcomb

Sept. -   Charles E. Newcomb        Male       - Father - Jesse Newcomb
                                                                   Mother -
Elizabeth Newcomb

Aug. 20 - Charles Richard Newcomb  Male    - Father - James Newcomb
                                                                    Mother -
Mary Juno

James Newcomb and Frankey Hampton
   married Dec. 15, 1797
   his parent - John Newcomb
   Surety on Bond - Edw. Hamblin

July 23, 1832
   James Newcomb and Nancy Freeman
   Surety on Bond - James Robinson

December 26, 1836
   John Newcomb and Mary Jane Ferrell
   Surety on Bond - James Colbins

December 23, 1836
   Jesse Newcomb and Martha Duffer
   Surety on Bond - Simeion Duffer

April 5, 1837
   Jesse Newcomb and Elizabeth Skelton
   Surety on Bond - James Skelton

September 13, 1843
   Charles H. Newcomb and Fanny Skelton
   Surety on Bond - James Skelton

April 31, 1849
   Cannon Newcomb and Mary Duffer
   Parent - Lucinda Duffer
   Surety on Bond - Anderson Toombs

April 5, 1819
   Edward Silvey and Unity Newcomb
   Surety on Bond - Thomas T. Warrey

May 23, 1822
   George Holt and Marinda Newcomb
   Surety on Bond - T.P. Richardson

March 7, 1831
   James Robertson and Ann Newcomb
   Surety on Bond - Jesse Newcomb

September 30, 1841
   Joseph Ferrell and Mary Newcomb
   Parents - Mourning Newcomb
   Surety on Bond - Jesse Newcomb

October 30, 1844
   Abraham Hopall and Prudence Newcomb
   Parents - Thomas Newcomb
   Surety on Bond - John Weatherford

Census Data

1810 Census - Charlotte County, VA
James Newcomb
   2M      0-10
   1M        -45
   1F      10-18
   1F      20-30

John Newcomb   Liv
   1M  over 45
   1F   under 10
   2F   18-25
   1F   25-45

John Newcomb   Inv.
   2M   10-18
   1M     25
   1F   18-25

1820 Census - Charlotte County, VA
James Newcomb - Head
   2M   10-18
   1M     45+
   2F   26-45
   1F   over 45

1830 Census - Charlotte County, VA
James Newcomb - Head
   1M   under 5
   1M   20-30
   1M   50-60
   1F   under 5
   1F   5-10
   2F   20-30
   1F   50-60

John Newcomb - Head
   3M   under 5
   1M   5-10
   2M   10-15
   1M   15-20
   1M   50-60
   2F   5-10
   1F   10-15
   1F   15-10
   1F   40-50

(Aune) Anne Newcomb - Head
   1M   under 5
   1M   5-10
   1M   10-15
   1F   under 5
   1F   15-20
   1F   20-30
   2F   30-40

1840 Census - Charlotte County, VA
John Newcomb - Head
   1M   10-14
   1M   15-20
   2M   20-30
   1M   50-60
   1F   10-15
   1F   15-20
   2F   20-30
   1F   40-50

Clark Newcomb - Head
   2M   under 6
   1M   10-15
   1F   5-10
   2F   15-20
   1F   20-30
   1F   30-40
   1F   50-60

Rorn Newcomb - Head
   1M   5-10
   1F   10-15
   1F   20-30
   1F   40-50

Thomas Newcomb - Head
   1M   40-50
   1F   20-30
   1F   60-70

Jepo (Jesse?) Newcomb - Head
   1M   30-40
   2F   under 5
   1F   20-30

1850 Census - Charlotte County, VA
Joseph Ferrell - Farmer had boarder Mourning Newcomb 50 F b. Charlotte Co. Joseph Newcomb 45M Farmer b. Charlotte Co. Mary J. 30F b. Va, Micklingburg Francis 12M b. Va, Halifax Lavena I. 6F b. Va, Halifax George M. Elliott - Farmer had boarder William Newcomb 35M Overseer b. Charlotte Co. John Newcomb 63M Farmer 150 ac b. Charlotte Co. Susan 62F b. Charlotte Co. Susan F. 21F b. Charlotte Co. Matilda 18F b. Charlotte Co. Charles H. Newcomb 26M Farmer b. Charlotte Co. Frances 30F b. Charlotte Co. William T. 6M b. Charlotte Co. James A. 4M b. Charlotte Co. John T. 1M b. Charlotte Co. Thos. Freeman Farmer w/2000 acres had boarder Fannie H. Newcomb 16M Farmer b. Charlotte Co. Thomas Newcomb 66M Farmer b. Charlotte Co. Mary 65F b. Charlotte Co. Thomas Egglesboro Farmer had boarder Saazinco Newcomb 26F b. Charlotte Co. Elkanah (Edward) Newcomb 46M Farmer b. Charlotte Co. Mary 23F b. Charlotte Co. Miles 22M b. Charlotte Co. Parthemio 17F b. Charlotte Co. Albert T. 15M b. Charlotte Co. Milley 16F b. Charlotte Co. Radford 7M b. Charlotte Co. Samuel C. 6M b. Charlotte Co. Robert 1M b. Charlotte Co. Wm. Duffer 5M b. Charlotte Co. James Newcomb 22M b. Charlotte Co. Jepeo (Jesse) Newcomb 40M Farmer b. Charlotte Co. Elizabeth 31F b. Charlotte Co. Mary S. 12F b. Charlotte Co. Elizabeth I. 10F b. Charlotte Co. Saludio F. 8F b. Charlotte Co. Louisa N. 6F b. Charlotte Co. Emma E. 3F b. Charlotte Co. Robert T. 1M b. Charlotte Co.

1860 Census - Charlotte County, VA
Wyatt T. Newcomb    21M       Carpenter        b. Charlotte Co.

Fannie Newcomb       41F            75 ac         b. Charlotte Co.
   Wm                       15M                            b. Charlotte Co.
   James                    13M                            b. Charlotte Co.
   John                      11M                            b. Charlotte Co.

Radford Newcomb      16M    Post boy           b. Charlotte Co.
  boarded with James Garden

Wm. Newcomb          16M   Ploughboy          b. Charlotte Co.
   boarded with Robert Elam

Albert Newcomb         20M   Overseer            b. Lunenburg Co.
   boarded w/ George R. McCargo

Elkanah (Edward) Newcomb  55M     125 ac.  b. Charlotte Co.
   Mary A.                            31F                   b. Charlotte Co.
   Robt. Newcomb                10M                   b. Charlotte Co.
   Sam Newcomb                 15M                   b. Charlotte Co.
   M. Newcomb                      9F                   b. Charlotte Co.
   Alice M. Newcomb              3F                   b. Charlotte Co.

Polly Newcomb    90F                                    b. Charlotte Co.
   boarded with Abram Copel

John T. Newcomb  20M                                  b. Charlotte Co.
   Parthina N          23F                                  b. Charlotte Co.
   Catherine N          5F                                  b. Charlotte Co.
   Lucinda N          2/12F                                b. Charlotte Co.

Rooz Newcomb   60F                                     b. Charlotte Co.
   E.T. N              13F                                     b. Charlotte
   Patsy N.          57F                                     b. Charlotte Co.

Nancy Newcomb  57F                                    b. Charlotte Co.
   Martha N.         25F                                    b. Charlotte Co.

James Newcomb  52M      Farmer  75 ac.        b. Charlotte Co.
   Mary J.              44F                                    b. Muklenburg
Co. (?)
   Travis                21M                                   b. Halifax Co.
   Lavernia J.         15F                                    b. Halifax Co.
   Elvira G.            20F                                    b. Halifax Co.

Jepsea (Jesse) Newcomb  50M   Overseer  3000 ac. b. Charlotte Co.
   Eliza Newcomb             39F                                b. Charlotte
   Eliza J. Newcomb         19F                                 b. Charlotte
   Saluda F. Newcomb      17F                                b. Charlotte Co.
   Louisa W. Newcomb     15F                                b. Charlotte Co.
   Emma Newcomb           13F                               b. Charlotte Co.
   Robert F. Newcomb       11M                               b. Charlotte Co.
   Sarah S. Newcomb         8F                                b. Charlotte
   Minerva S. Newcomb      6F                                 b. Charlotte
   Nicholas Newcomb         3M                                b. Charlotte

1870 Census - Charlotte County, VA
Jesse Newcomb   60M     Farmer  2000 ac  500       b. Charlotte Co.
   Elizabeth          50F      Keeping house                 b. Charlotte Co.
   Sarah               19F       at home                          b.
Charlotte Co.
   Minerva             17F       at home                         b. Charlotte
   James W.          12M      at home                         b. Charlotte
   Charles             20M       at home                         b. Charlotte

Sam Newcomb     24M     Farmer               140        b. Charlotte Co.
   Sallie                21F      Keeping house
   Ola                     2F
   George            5/12M

Nucum, James  26M       Farmer                              b. Va
   Bettie            26F        Keeping House
   Nannie            5F        at home
   William           2M        at home

Newcomb, Mary  91F      Without occupation

Newcomb, Joseph  54M   Farm Leasor
   Ginthia               30F    Keeping House
   Charles                8M    at home

Newcomb, Fanny   52F     Keeping House 
   John E.              21M   
   Harriet               24F
   Charles          10/12M

Newcomb, William  24M    Farm Laborer
   Missouri              25F

Newcomb, Travis    31M    Carpenter
   Sarah                 22F     Keeping House
   Mary                    2F   

Newcomb, Francis   41F    Keeping House
   Pauline                15F 
   Ruth                    12F
   Langston              11M
   David                     8M

Newcomb Elkanah (Edward) 68M    Farm Laborer
   Mary                                40F     Keeping House
   Margaret                          20F
   Alice                                13F
   Thomas                            11M
   Sterling                              6M
   Syanor                              3M

Newcomb, James H.  39M      Farm Laborer   157 ac
   Sarah                     30F      Keeping house
   Mary W.                 10F
   John J.                     3M
   Victoria                    1F

Newcomb, Susan       45F     Keeping House
   Lee                        15M 
   John                       12M

Newcomb, Elizabeth    57F   Keeping House
   Rhody                     65F

Newcomb, Francis       51F   Keeping House
   Martha                     35F

The preceeding information was taken directly from hand-written census
records of Charlotte County, Virginia, as shown on microfilm.
The following was taken from microfiche at the Texas A&M University Library of the FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES - 1790 - Virginia
1783 - Bowling NEWCOMB (p. 56), 1783, Middlesex Co., Va - 3 white, 3 black

1782 - Daniel NEWCOMB (p. 26), Head of Family - 8 white In Hampshire, Co., VA
1784 - Daniel NEWCOMB (p. 71), Head of Family - Hampshire Co., VA, 9 white
souls, no dwellings, no other buildings
1782 - John NEWCOMB (p. 15), Head of Family - Charlotte Co., Va - 8 white

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