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Charlotte Co., VA DB 30:236
1855 (month & day not given)
William Towler of Co of Mecklenburg to
Albert G. Towler of Co of Charlotte
(Coordinates given. Mapped by DeedMapper, the tract fits on the 1760 land patent of John Vaughan.on Reeces Fork of Twitties Creek adjoining Jones)
399 acres
In Charlotte County on both sides of "recus"[Reeses] fork of a branch that empties into Twitties Cr and bounded as follows:
Near martin road on Thomas Pettus to pine on Hood Nance estate then pointers near the creek on Benjamin G. Tatum thence his line to Wood and Haleys line thence passing the land of said Haley, Overturn Pettus and Jones to a white oak on the[the underlined] Pettus thence his line to fell down corner thence the creek
Including 399 acres be the same more or less which land I the said Wm Towler bought of John Vaughan in the year 1818
Sig: Wm Towler
Wit: Reuben A. Rudd, John G. Daws, Henry A. Towler, Benj B. Towler
Mecklenburg Co August Court 1856 the foregoing deed of bargain and sale was produced in open court & R A. Puryear adm debonis non with the will annexed of the said Wm Towler appeared and opposed the admitting to record the said deed and Reuben A. Rudd and John A. Daws being sworn say that the said Wm Towler acknowledged the said deed to be his act in their presence and the court having considered other evidence and the argument of counsel for & against the said motion to admit to record the said deed doth order that the same be recorded
Teste R. B. Baptist Clk
In Charlotte County Court Clerks office February 1, 1856 the foregoing deed together with the certificate of the Clerk of Mecklenburg County Court annexed was this day filed in this office and admitted to recorded
Teste Winslow Robinson