Charlotte County VA Deeds

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See also deeds listed at "Old Notes We Hate to Toss"

Edward Goode dec'd 1824 Land Division plats in Mecklenburg and Charlotte Counties (LVA Chancery Records)

John C. Jackson, dec'd 1839 plat showing dower allotment to Pamela G. Jackson. See also (LVA Chancery Records)

John Rawlins dec'd 1815 Land Division plat (LVA Chancery Records includes will)

Thomas Redman dec'd 1831 Land Division (LVA Chancery Records)

George M. Watkins 1822 plat (LVA Chancery Records)

Clement Williams dec'd 1841 plat allotting dower to widow Mary (Polly C.) Williams (LVA Chancery Records)

Eldridge and Priscilla Carter "(free negroes)" deed to Thomas O. Hailey 11-22-03

Tharpe Deeds, from Linda Lawson 10-2-02

Bradbury Deeds, from Marcia C Bradbury

Booth Deeds, from Gayle Austin

Collier Deeds, from Ed Dolan (including image)  7-18-00

Miscellaneous Charlotte County Deeds, from Ed Dolan  6-26-00

Miscellaneous Charlotte County Deeds, from Tom McCargo  6-20-00

Nannie W. Harvey deed to Watt Guy  5-10-00

Martha E. Hanewinckel Appointment of Trustee  5-3-00

Francis Barnes Land Patent 1761 - image 2/13/00

Benjamin Evans Land Distribution

Paul Carrington Patent 1772

Files of JoLee Spears

From the files of Victor  

Deed to Geo Grile of Ohio    1-15-05 from Linda Lawson. Updated with division 2-20-05

Deed from E. H. Jeffress and wife Sallie B. Jeffress to trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South1886, from Sallie Hurt   1-9-00

Deed of land by heirs of Luther C. Jeffress, deceased 1882, from Sallie Hurt  1-9-00

Rutledge deeds, from Linda Lawson (includes plot)    1-17-00

Clarkson to Rutledge deed, 1-22-05 from Linda Lawson
Rutledge to Samuel G. Willson deed 3-15-05 from Linda Lawson

George Walton to Gill and George Walton to Blanton deeds 2-20-05 from Linda Lawson

Henry T. Redd and wife to John Booth, and Joel Farrell and wife to C. A. Hunt 3-1-05 from Linda Lawson

Seth Perkinson to Patrick Connelly 3-4-05 from Linda Lawson

Richard Blanton to William Sansom 3-4-05 from Linda Lawson

Ferrel Deeds 8-10-05 from Linda Lawson

Bouldin Miscellaneous records 8-10-05