Duffer Family

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Will of Isaac Duffe(r)
Will Book 2   1769-1792
Cumberland Co., Va.

Submitted 24 July 2000 by Mark Duffer 
     Mark Duffer has submitted the Cumberland Co., VA will of Isaac Duffe 
     as the children of Isaac Duffe(r) moved to Charlotte County after 
     his death.

In the name of God amen.  I Isaac Duffe of Cumberland County and Littelton 
Parish, doe mack this to be my last Will and Testament in maner and form 
following to viz.

my will and Desire is that all my just Debts be first paid.
I give and bequeath to my son Edmon Duffe one hundred acres of land together 
with the plantation that I purchased of William Owen to him and his heirs and 
assigns forever and to have possession as soon as he is twenty years of age 
likewise I give to my son Edmon my black horse when he doees arive to the age of 
twenty years---and all the residue of my estate together with the plantation 
with one hundred and fifty acres of land wherein I now live I lend to my well 
beloved Wife Mary Duffe during her widow wood or life; and at the death of my 
wife or marriage which first shall happen I give and bequeath to my son Isaac 
Duffe the plantation with one hundred and fifty acres of land wherein I now live 
to him and his heirs & assigns forever and if either of my sons dies before they 
arrive to the age of twenty one years the other to have his land and at the 
death or marriage of my wife my will and desire is that all my Estate shall be 
equally divided amongst all my children to witt: Mary, Edmon, Elizabeth Heney, 
Patty, Salley , Kezia, Isaac except Mary She to have five pound or less then the 
rest as I have given her that quantitiy before lastly I do appoint my well 
beloved wife and Warren Walker Executors to this my last will & testament in 
witness herein as I have herein unto my hand signed sealed this the seventh day 
of January one thousand seven hundred and seventy four 
signed and published in the presents of witnesses    Isaac + Duffeer L.S.
Valentine +  Caurley?                                     mark
Wm. Walker
Benjamin Walker

At a court held for Cumberland county the 28th February 1774 this last will and 
testament of Isaac Duffee deceased was presented in court by Mary Duffee & 
Warren Walker executrix & executor therin named and the same was proved by 
William Walker and Benjamin Walker two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to 
be recorded and on the motion of the said xecutrix and executor who made oath 
according to law certification granted them for obtaining a probate therof in 
due form giving security whereupon the together with William Walker and Benjamin 
Walker their security's entered into bond according to law.