Reps J. Elam Accounting 1865
Charlotte Co., VA

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Type of Record: Accounting
Record:     Reps J. Elam Heirs 1865
Submitted 12-26-00 by Alice Ellingsberg

Charlotte Court House
15 August 2000
Will Book 15, page 186

Reps J. Elam Heirs:
In account current with Z. Bugg, Adm.

Jany 10 By Balance due Reps J. Elams Heirs in Confederate Currency  360.23
        Value of above balance scaled to gold at $30 for $1          42.00
Jany 1  Balance due to Settlement Rents                              30.36
     10 interest on Balance                                            .72
        To Balance due R.J. Elam Heirs                        62.08
                                                             $62.08 $62.08

Jany 10 By Balance due R.J. Elams Heirs                              62.08
April       To Cash paid Dr. Dodson med afc                    7.00
        By interest on Balance                                        3.72

Jany 10 By Balance due Heirs                                  58.80
                                                               $65.80 65.80

Jany 10 By Balance due Reps J. Elams Heirs                            58.80
Jany 1  Balance on Settlement rents                                  412.04
     10 interest on Balance to date                                    3.52

        To Balance due Reps J. Elams Heirs                     474.36
                                                              474.36 474.36
Jany 10 By Balance due Reps J. Elams Heirs                           476.36

        The following ? Due to Heirs of Reps J. Elam dec'd are still in
        The hands of Z. Bugg agent uncollected
        J.J. vs J.H. Binford vs J.A. Clarkson hire Hillary 1865      560.00
        G.E. vs Tho' J. Morris hire Margaret 1865             200.00
        S.F. vs R.A. Baines hire Tim 1865                            550.00
        4 percent Confed. Certificate                         100.00

To Charlotte County Court
    The undersigned Commissioner reports to the court that at the request of
Z. Bugg agent for Reps J. Elams Heirs he advertised the foregoing account as
before him for Settlement and more than ten days thereafter having elapsed he
preceded to Settle and adjust the same and finds it supported by Proper ?,
showing a balance due the Heirs of Reps J. Elam on the 10th day of January
1868 of $474.36 as stated within.
                Given under my hand this 10th day of November 1869
                Wm. A, Smith Com.

At a Court held for Charlotte County May 3rd 1869
One month having elapsed Since the foregoing report was filed in the Clerk's
office and no exceptions being filed to it, it was this day examined and
confirmed by the court and and ordered to be recorded.

                            Test David Comfort C.