Charlotte County Virginia

People of Color



Slaves on Westview Plantation
Charlotte Co., VA

7-19-04 by Kathy Liston


The following are slaves named in the Elam papers.  In 1832, John Elam built Westview plantation in the Roanoke District of Charlotte County, Virginia.  The following names are taken from original papers given to me by descendants by marriage of the Elams, with the exception of the Inventory of John Elam, dec’d (on file in the Clerk’s office).  The death info is also on file at the Clerk’s office.  I currently own Westview, however, I am not an Elam relation.  I have also compiled and posted separately a more extensive list of former slaves working for wages at Westview after the Civil War. Some of the following names are also found on that list.


1847 - Slaves named in the inventory of John Elam, dec’d.:

            Negro men: Sam, Isaac, Miles, Bob

            Negro boys: Armistead, William, Arthur

Negro Women: Frances, Ann & 5 children, Winney & 3 children (Winney died

Dec. 9, 1854 of scarlet fever.)

            “Two old women” – Mary and Kendis



Slaves hired by Martha Jane Elam (widow of John Elam and Francis S. Williams, husband of her daughter Isabella):

1851 – hired from George M. Lawson: man Kiah

            hired from L. S. Skidmore: man Clem, man Jim (house joiner), and boy David


1853 – hired from L. S. Skidmore:  Clem, Anthony, Edmund, and Charles



1855 – Hired by James D. Crawley from Martha J. Elam – man William (carpenter)



Visits by the doctor were frequent.  Most were simply recorded as “visit to negro woman” or “negro boy,” but occasionally the person was named:

1857 – Bob, Mary Jane, Davy, Frances (“in labor;” Frances’s infant, Ana Maria, born April 30, 1857, died of “fits” two months after she was born.  In March 1859, she lost a second child to “fits,” Dick, age 6 months), Arthur (Arthur, son of Winney, died of pneumonia, Nov. 12, 1857, age 29)


1858 – Ann, boy Louis, Chelsea, Davy, boy David, Sam, boy Frank, Isaac, Angelina (Angelina, age 39, died October 1858 of typhoid fever)


1860 – Davy


1863 – Judy, Armistead, Sally, Elvira, Frank, Polly, Jane



Submitted July 19, 2004 by

Kathy Liston