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Submitted by:
Michael E. Lee  and  Adelaide D. Lee

28 January 1998


Richard Davenport purchased several tracts of land on Cub and Long Creeks in the
1700's  and  is the first person who can be identified as the owner of the
commonly referred to today as the Old Bagby Place.  It is on part of this
property that the
Davenport-Lee-North family cemetery is located.  The Davenports were reported to
among the earliest families in the Red House area and  Richard  was one of its
prominent members serving in the Revolutionary War, as Sheriff of Charlotte
County and
in the House of Delegates.  County records also mention him owning mills on Long
Creek.  A very interesting account of his military service exists in an 1832

Richard Davenport's daughter, Catherine F. Davenport, married Putnam North in
Richard died on May 7, 1833 and in his will directed that his executors, son
Martin W.
Davenport and son-in-law Putnam North, divide and sell the land on Cub and Long
Creeks for the benefit of his heirs.  The reason for him selling the land rather
than simply
giving parcels to each of his heirs may have been that most of the heirs were
living in other
states and that there was no practical way to divide the land between them.  The
land was
divided and sold as follows:

          Putnam North        544 acres  $ 1,500.00         DB 22-183  &  DB 23-81
          William J. Wheeler  380 acres  $ 1,520.00         DB 21-64
          Abe North           329 acres $    822.50         DB 23-80
          Martin Hancock      328 acres $    984.00         DB 21-65
          John W. Marshall    156 acres $    624.00         DB 21-98.

Deeds refer to Putnam's 544 acres as being the "home tract" and mention that the
acre tract, called the "northwest tract", joined it.  County records also show
that in  1841
Putnam purchased the 329 acre tract that Abe North originally purchased and
that, in
1844, he sold the 544 acre tract to Samuel Scott.  The 329 acre tract is located
on the
headwaters of Long Creek.  It was on this tract that the North's and their two
Franklin R. North and Mary Elizabeth Lee, would live the remainder of their

The 544 acre tract remained on Charlotte County tax books until Appomattox
County was
erected in 1845 at which time it was transferred to the new county and was
under the same description.  The land was carried this way until 1858 when it
purchased by David M. Bagby from Samuel Scott's estate.  At that time, the
quantity was
corrected in the tax records to reflect that the actual acreage was 389 acres.

From 1858 to 1873 the tract contained 389 acres.  In 1874, Bagby sold off 170
acres to
J.R. Franklin.  The residual was carried as 219 acres until 1898 when Bagby gave
it to
Nathan Scruggs in exchange for Scruggs' taking care of him.  Scruggs sold it to
C.W.Jones in 1906.  Jones sold it to Payne in 1954.  Payne sold it to John T.
Hunter in
1962.  Today, the property is carried on county tax books in two tracts, 145
acres and 74
acres each with the notation "Bagby" as a description. It is owned by the
children of John
T. Hunter.  Deed book references are included in a table that follows.

The cemetery is located off of a private farm road on State Rt. 638.  The farm
crosses Long Creek then passes the abandoned farm house of Clinton Cawthorn and
ruins of Long Creek School where it enters upon the Old Bagby Place.  The road
the Old Bagby Place through a field and goes to a gate from where the cemetery
is located
to the left, down the fence line about two hundred yards away in the midst
several large
cedar trees.

The cemetery was probably started by either the Davenports prior to Richard's
death in
1833  or  by Putnam and Catherine North during the years that they lived there.
likely, their parents, young children or slaves would have been the first people
there.  Having buried loved ones there, the North's and their descendants
continued to use
the cemetery as their family burial ground after they had moved to their new

It is interesting to note that David M. Bagby, for whom the place is named, and
his wife
Jane, who by previous marriage was related to Putnam's son-in-law H.W.Lee, were
buried there.  They both are buried in the Conner family cemetery which is
owned by the O'Brien family and is located near the old Appomattox Courthouse.
Conner Lee was Bagby's second wife and it is likely that his first wife and
possibly any
small children died prior to his purchasing the property and were buried

The cemetery on the Old Bagby Place  contains about thirty graves which are all
by field stones without inscriptions.  There are the remains of an iron fence
which probably
separated the graves of different family groups.  There are a couple of very
large cedar
trees and, in some places, periwinkle ground cover.  Part of the cemetery may
have been
damaged during land clearing operations in previous years.

In addition to the Davenport's and North's ownership of the land, three clues
help identify
this site as the burial ground for the Davenport, Lee and North families.
First, Putnam
North purchased the 329 acre tract in 1841 and was living there, along with the
families of
both his son and daughter, when both he and his wife and at least two small
died. No cemetery has been found on that tract.  Second, Putnam and Catherine
were married in1825 but not listed as a separate household in the 1830 census.
This was
probably because they were living with Richard Davenport.  Their two children
were born
in 1826 and 1835.  The gap of nine years would suggest that they probably had
children who died at a young age while living on the 544 acre "home tract".
Third, the
newspaper obituary of Martin P. Lee, a son of Henry W. Lee and Putnam's
grandson, says
that he was buried in the family burial ground on the Old Bagby Place.

While largely speculative, it is likely that many of the following people would
be among
those buried in this cemetery:

Richard Davenport                  1750 - 1833
Putnam North                       1796 - 1866/1870
Catherine F. Davenport North       1796 - 1868
Benjamin Davenport                 1783 - 1854
Franklin R. North                  1835 - 1891
Anna North                         1845 -
Rosa North                         1880 - 1880
Nannie North                       1875 -
Henry W. Lee                       1822 - 1903
Mary Elizabeth North Lee           1826 - 1880
Mary Catherine Lee                 1846 - 1853
Edward Johnson Lee                 1862 - 1863
Martin P. Lee                      1848 - 1918   Identified by obituary
Julia Lee                          1853 -
Richard Henry Lee                  1858 - 1930
Cordelia Cheatham Lee              1865 - 1888   1st Wife of Richard Henry Lee
unnamed infant                     1888 - 1888
Ada F. Mann Lee                    1874 - 1943   2nd Wife of Richard Henry Lee
    Buried at Central Baptist Church

Ownership record of  "Old Bagby Place"

1837      Charlotte DB 22-81 & DB 22-183   Heirs of Richard Davenport to Putnam
          and Catherine F. North   544 acres

1844      Charlotte DB 25-133   Putnam and Catherine F. North to Samuel Scott   544

1858      Appomattox Land Book   Samuel Scott's estate to David M. Bagby.  Quantity
corrected to 389 acres.  Deed books for this period were lost in the courthouse
fire of 1892

1874      Appomattox Land Book   170 acres off to J. R. Franklin  Residual carried
as 219
acres.  Deed books for this period were lost in the courthouse fire of 1892

1898      Appomattox DB     5-130   David M. Bagby  to  Nathan Scott   219 acres

1906      Appomattox DB     8-435   Nathan Scott  to  C. W. Jones   219 acres

1954      Appomattox DB   61-174  Jones heirs  to  Payne   219 acres

1962      Appomattox DB   75-321  Payne  to  John T. Hunter   219 acres

1982      Appomattox DB 151-554  Hunter to Hunter  145 acres
1989      Appomattox DB 181-717  Hunter to Hunter    74 acres.