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The Charlotte Gazette

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The Charlotte Gazette 
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--Mr. W. C. Carrington, who for some time past has been in a railway office at Raleigh, N.C. has returned to this place.

--We learn that Mr. John C. Harvey, residing near Pamplins, died on Friday last of pneumonia. He formerly lived on the Hundley property near this village.

--It is stated the pneumonia is very prevalent in the vicinity of Keysville. A Burkeville correspondent of the Dispatch states a physician from that place has gone to assist Dr. Gregory; also the death of a Mr. Clark.

--Wm. B. Newcombe was committed to the jail in this place last week for a fatal assault upon Wm. Clark, on the night of the 9th, on the road from Roanoke to Wylliesburg. It appears Newcombe Inflicted Injuries upon Clark with a stick, causing death.

--Sandy Brydle, an aged colored man living on the premises of E. B. Davis, In this place, died on 2d, after two days' illness.

--Mr. J. P. Pugh, who has been for some time in business in Danville, has, as we understand, returned to this county, the state of his health demanding rest.


Dec. 12th, 1883, by Rev. J. M. Perry, Mr. JOHN R. POLLARD, of Pr. Edward, to Miss DRUSILLA J. COLLINS, of Charlotte Co.
Dec. 12th, 1883, by the same, CHAS. H. DICKERSON, of Charlotte, to Miss L. HARRIET McCARGO, of Mecklenburg Co.
Dec. 13th, by the same, Mr. THOS. HEALY, of Middlesex Co., to Mrs. FLORENCE A. PRICE, of Charlotte Co.
Jan. 30th, 1884, by the same, JAMES E. JEFFRESS to Miss MAGGIE R. JOHNSON, both of Charlotte Co.
Jan. 30th, by the same, WALTER SNEED to Miss SUDIE L. JEFFRESS, all of Charlotte.

--The Governor has pardoned Abram. Cary, the colored boy who was sent to the penitentiary for 17 years for highway robbery.

--A daughter of J. B. Woods, about eight months old, died on Sunday night of measles and whooping cough.

--Mrs. Mary Gaulding, mother of Ex-Sheriff Gaulding, died at Keysville on Saturday night. She was buried on Monday.

The Charlotte Gazette

Smithville Public School

MR. EDITOR: --Probably some of your readers may feel interested in the Smithville Public School, the five months term of which closed on the 15th Inst. This school is prosperous and healthy, with the prospect of several additions, Walton School Board having granted us an extension of three months. There are thirty pupils enrolled, only one dropped from the roll during the term. The fifth month there was as average daily attendance of 24.75.
I have been present every school day, except Court days. When this school opened, I offered to those then present, a prize of $2.50 for regular attendance. There were seven pupils who were present every day the school was open, and at their request the prize was shared equally among them. They were Misses Ruby Gaulding, Hattie Puryear, Mattie, Emma, and Bettie Guthrie, Masters Henry Chappell and John Guthrie. A prize of $1.50 to the best speller, or to whoever remained at the head of two spelling classes during the term, I concurred with the vote of the school in awarding to Emma L. Guthrie. A prize of $100 was also offered to the pupil who was most obedient and respectful. Miss Gracie Davis and Mr. Marshall Dunnavant merited this, and it was divided between them.
Thanking my patrons for their staunch support, the School Boards for their courtesies, and yourself for kindly mention,
I am very respectfully,
Feb. 18th, 1884 MRS. GUTHRIE

In Memoriam

A week or two since it was our painful duty to announce the death of Mrs. MARTHA E. SMITH, the beloved wife of Geo. C. Smith, Esq., of this county. Mrs. Smith was, we believe, a native of Campbell Co., born on the 22nd Jan., 1828. She was the daughter of James and Martha Jones, esteemed residents of that county. Her mother's maiden name was West. She made a public confession of religion, and was baptized by Rev. E. W. Roach, uniting with the Baptist church in 1845. She was married to Geo. C. Smith, of this county Dec. 23, 1847. Her death occured on the 5th of Feb., 1884. She leaves a husband and a son and daughter to mourn her loss.
The above facts very briefly describe a few prominent incidents in the life of one who was highly esteemed by all who knew her, who filled worthily and well the station of wife and mother, neighbor and friend, with a conscientious devotion to duty and her God. She was peculiarly quiet, modest and retiring la her temper with a sweetness of disposition which endeared her to all. Before disease enfeebled her, she was the ornament of the circle in which she moved, and all who came under her influence did homage to her many virtues. Sympathizing with the afflicted, charitable to the poor, a fond mother and wife and true friend, her memory will be cherished in many loving hearts.
It was the will of Providence that she should suffer peculiarly from the reverees of the war, and added to all from long and painful illness. Yet she endured trial in humble reliance upon Divine support sustained by a sweet and blessed hope of a glorious immortality. Her patience and quietness under her afflictions illustrated the abundant power of Divine grace, and of her it can truly be said, "the righteous hath hope in his death." Her memory will be a precious legacy to her family and friends, and consolation in their affliction.

MARRIED, Feb. 13th, 1884, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. J. Foster, of this county, Mr. JAS. NAPER, of Orange Co., to Miss DORA FOSTER. We tender our hearty congratulations to the happy couple, wishing them a long and prosperous life. May no storm clouds ever rise to darken the horizon of their domestic bliss, but may the sunshine of mutual love forever brighten their earthly pathway, and when the trumpets shall sound may they hear the Master's welcome, "Well done, good and faithful servants; enter thou into joys Eternal."
Drakes Branch, Feb. 18, 1884 S.

MARRIAGE BELLS --An Event of some little interest in society circles occured in this village, on Wednesday last, Feb., 20th: It was the marriage of Mr. R. B. MOORE, formerly of this village, now of Reidsville, N. C. and Miss MOLLIE O., daughter of Mr. A. T. Faris, of this village. The blushing bride was attired in blue, with handsome fur trimmings and looked more charming than ever. Immediately after the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. J. T. Lumpkin, of the M. E. Church, the happy couple took their departure for Reidsville, where they will make their future home. May Heaven shed its choicest beams of happiness upon their union. The best wishes and the love of a host of friends will follow them.

--There was quite a pleasant gathering at the residence of Elsie Wyatt, colored, on the 20th after her marriage to Samuel Branch.

--We understand that Wm. H. Woods, Esq., has exchanged his plantation, situate about three miles from this village, for valuable property in Baltimore.

--Messrs. F. J. Berry, A. J. Terry, and Wm H. Smith, received on Saturday three very fine Jersey Red pigs from Gordonsville. We could not learn the price paid, as the gentlemen were ashamed to give the figures.

--Mr. J. T. Moore purchased, on Saturday, five acres of land adjoining his residence, formerly belonging to the estate of W. C. Bouldin, dec'd. The price was $38.75.

--Robt. Catlett, C. R. Green and F. R. Watkins are nominated as the Electoral Board of Charlotte County.


At the residence of the bride's parents, in this village, Feb 20th, by Rev. J. T. Lumpkin, Mr. ROBT. MOORE, now of Reidsville, N. C., and MOLLIE FARIS, daughter of A. T. FARIS, of this village.

Feb. 14th, by Rev. H. A. Brown, Mr. WILLIAM W. WILLIAMSON and Miss ROSA LEE HARVEY, daughter of H. F. Harvey, Esq., all of Charlotte Co., Va.

The Charlotte Gazette


Married at the residence of Jno. T. Crymes, at "Sylvan Hill," Charlotte Co., Va., on Feb. 27th, 1884, by Rev. J. T. Lumpkin, Mr. LUDWELL P. FOREMAN and Miss NANNIE D. MORRISETTE, all of this county.
A number of friends gathered on this interesting occasion to witness the union of one of Charlotte's most charming daughters with a young man in every way worthy of her. After the ceremony a reception was given the young couple at the residence of the groom's parents, near Wylliesburg; which was highly enjoyed by all present. The groom is a most estimable young man, and the happy couple will have the earnest wishes of a large circle of friends for their continued happiness and prosperity.

WEST, NORTH CAROLINA.--W. D. Norvoll, Esq., formerly Mayor of this village, has been spending some weeks with his sons, who are located at Waynesville, among the mountains of North Carolina. He returned last week, quite enthusiastic, as to the magnificence of the scenery, the abundance of the game, the excellence of the climate, the abundence of the agricultural and mineral resources, and lastly through by no means least; the large-heartedness of the people of that section. Our friend has evidently enjoyed himself, and fared luxuriously, as his portly form--never especially diminutive--abundently testifies. We acknowledge the presentation of quite a handsome walking stick, cut from the "Rododendum," or mountain laurel, of North Carolina, by the famous bear-hunter "Wid" Medford. Waynesville is already noted as a summer resort and is rapidly increasing in it's material prosperity. When the railroad is completed, it is believed this will be one of the most popular resorts in the country.

STABBING AFFRAY.--We learn that on Saturday night last, two men named respectively Cowan and Vowel, became involved in a difficulty at Randolph station, and Cowan stabbed Vowel several times, inflicting serious but not fatal wounds. Dr. McPhail was called and rendered the necessary surgical assistance. Cowan fled, and his whereabouts is at present unknown.

--MARRIED, at the residence of the bride, near Union Level, Mecklenburg Co., by Rev. W. A. Gee, Mrs. ANNIE E. FENNELL and Mr. A. H. FAULKNER, of Charlotte Co.
We unite with many friends in wishing the happy pair life, peace and prosperity.

--Mrs. Martha Galloway has been suffering from severe illness at residence of T. J. Moore. Mrs. Moore is now on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. G. V. Woods at Reidsville.

--Mr. Wiley Townsend; an aged citizen residing near Drakes Branch, died on the 24th ult., from illness caused by exposure.

--Mrs. H. H. Marshall, of Richmond, arrived at the residence of her son-in-law, R. H. Gaines, Esq., on Friday last.

--Mrs. B. P. Eggleston left town last week on a visit to her friends and relatives in Richmond and Farmville.

--Owing to the sickness of J. C. Carrington, Dep. Clerk, the position was filled on Monday by E.B. Novell, late of Colorado. The ease and courtesy with which he performed his duties showed that his western life had not obliterated the effect of Va. training.

--C. T. Baskervill has assumed editorial contol of the Mecklenburg Democrat, and Rev. E. L. Baptist has become its business manager. The new editor proposes to make the paper thoroughly democratic.

--The political disabilities of Jordan Gregory, of this Co., have been removed by Gov.

--Judge Welford has refused to allow Dr. Withers appointed by Judge Atkins as sheriff of Richmond, to qualify, on the ground that the deputies of sheriff Wright would act till May election.

--We would call the attention of those desiring Dental work to the card of Dr. W. S. Flournoy. His long practice is a guarantee of the excellence of his work.

CHARLOTTE LITERARY SOCIETY.--The young men of this village have organized a Society, to be known as the Charlotte Literary Society, for the purpose of debate and mental improvement. The following officers have been chosen: Borlan Green, Pres., C. M. Norvell, V. Pres., Berryman Green, Sec. and Treas. The meetings are to be held on Thursday night of each week.
Rev. T. G. Thurston and his daughter on their way to an appointment at Taylorsville, N. C., were recently drowned at Oxford's ford, in the Catawba river.

The Charlotte Gazette

Resolutions of Keysville Lodge, No
470, I. O. G. T.

Keysville, Va., Nov., 28th, 1892.
Whereas, God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to remove from this to a better world, our beloved brother, Rev. J. R. MOFFETT, therefore, be it
Resolved, That, in his death, the cause of Temperance has lost one of its most faithful adherents, the cause of Prohibition one of its most ardent supporters, and the cause of all Right and Truth one of its most earnest advocates.
Resolved, That we tender to the bereaved family our most heartfelt sympathies, and commend them to Him who alone can comfort the bereaved, and unto whom their beloved husband and father rendered loyal and fearless service.
Resolved, that a copy of these Resolutions be sent to the family of our deceased brother, and a copy also be sent to Anti-Liquor and the CHARLOTTE GAZETTE for publication.

A very generous desire has been expressed in this county that WM. C. CARRINGTON, Esq., receive the appointment of Assistant U. S. Dist. Attorney for the West, Dist. of Va. He deserves well of the incoming administration. His self-sacrificing course at the election of Com. Attorney for this county, and his fearless defence of the Democracy against the leaders of the Third party, have secured the confidence of his fellow Democrats, and entitle him to especial consideration.

--We regret to learn that E. H. Reames was not expected to live on Monday last.

--There was a trial of Knightly skill participated in by the young men in this village on Monday. We learned that T. A. Proctor, Jr. was the successful Knight with W. C. Scott as second.

--Mr. J. W. Eggleston availed himself of the recent freeze to gather ice.

--Our Junior, Mr. Arthur L. Cox, left for Washington on Thursday last. We hope for his return this week.

--Maj. J. W. Riely, of Halifax, was in town on Friday, on professional business.

--V. E. Howard, of Lynchburg, formerly of this Bar, was in town Thursday.

--M. M. Martin, of Natural Bridge, is on a visit to his family now at Greenfield.

--J. Hobson Norvell, of Chase City, is on a brief visit to his parents here.

--Mrs. J. C. Carrington returned from Appomattox last week, accompanied by her father, J. K. Hannah, who left next day.

--Miss Lelia F. Hodges, of Keysville, was married on the 30th ult., to Mr. H. B. Peters, Rev. E. A. Gibbs officiating.

--Mesr. H. G. and S. D. Barksdale, formerly of Halifax, who have bought lands on Little Horsepen, were in town on 3d.

--Rev. E. A. Gibbs and wife, who have been spending a few days since Conference at their old home here, left on Tuesday for his station at North Bedford.

--We learn that Mrs. Margt. Crump, a very old lady, who has been crippled for some time, recently received additional injury, and is now quite helpless.

Notes From Mossingford.

About an average acreage of wheat has been sown here, and it is looking well. Farmers are now busy with fall plowing.
But few have killed hogs as yet, though the weather was for some days favorable.
Mr. E. T Roach, a few days ago killed one pen which averaged 175 lbs. Several other due pens await the knife.
Partridges are unusually plentiful this season, and the report of the huntsman's gun can be heard in our fields daily.
A party of gentlemen from Baltimore, who have been stopping at Mrs. A.H. Hamilton's returned home yesterday with 16 partridges and one wild turkey, the result of a three days' hunt.
The home of our popular station agent was enlivened recently by the marriage of his neice, Mrs. Georgia S. Hines to Mr. C. E. Jones, of Danville. They left on the 22d train for Washington and the North.
Miss Hines, was one of our most attractive young ladies, and a host of friends join in most earnest wishes for her happiness.
On Nov., 24th, Mr. R. W. Bailey was married, at Shiloh church, to Miss Viola, daughter of G. T. Crutcher. Rev. W. C. Foster officiating. The ceremony was followed by a wedding supper at the residence of the bride's brother, where they will make their home for the present.

Charlotte Banking and Ins. Co.
At a regular meeting for the Board of Directors the Charlotte Banking & Ins. Co., held at the office of the Institution, Wendesday, the 23d Nov., 1892 Present E. F. Daniel, W. G. Williams, B. P. Eggleston and F. J. Berry, Directors.
The Cashier reported the vacancy on the office of President of the Bank, caused by the death of Wm. A. Smith.
On motion of F. J.Berry, Mr. E. P. Daniel was unanimously elected to the office of President for the unexpired term.
On motion of B. P. Eggleston, a committee consisting of E. P. Daniel, W. G. Williams and F. C. Thorton, was appointed to draft suitable resolutions, expressive of the regret of this Board at the loss of our deceased President, and report at our next meeting.

P. C. THORNTON, Cashier

Condensed News

The death of Rev. J. R. Moffett at the hands of Mr. Clark has led to the charge that Danville is ruled by the liquor Interest. This Rev. T. B. Thames forcibly denies. Some indiscreet publication in "Anti-Liquor" led to the shooting, an act deplored by all the citizens of this town.
John Noland died recently at Shelby, N. C. from hydrophobia. He was bitten five months ago, and a mad stone applied at the time. His convulsions were fearful.
A negro recently from Asbury Park, N. J., named Manuel Morris returning from a festival at Scottsville, Va., fell into a dispute with John Smith, and shot him through his heart. Both were drinking.
Chas. H. Pratt, editor of the Daily Leader, was shot at Gainsville, Fla., on the 26th ult., by T. S. Stringfellow, an intimate friend. Domestic troubles were the cause.
Ten patients from Danville, mostly of the Jas. E. Lee family, lately bitten by a pet dog, are at the Pasteur Institute on W. 10th Street, New York for treatment.
Jay Gould, one of the largest railroad managers and speculators in this country, died somewhat suddenly on the 2d inst.



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