Following is a transcript of a previous Goode family bible record.  
 The date of the transcription is July 4, 1893 (1893 verified), by
 Walter M. Billups, 2818 Clark Ave.  I located this record in the 
 Ozarks Genealogical Library, after it was cited in an NGS Quarterly
 (Sept 1996) submission. Spelling, dates, and punctuation are as 
 shown on the transcription.

      Contributed by: E/L HAMBLIN  June 1997
                           GOODE BIBLE

 Page 1
 "Children of John & Margaret Goode (nee Miller)
 A daughter was born & died August 24th 1816
 Francis Carter Goode was born June 26th 1817
 A son born & died June 11th 1818
 Agness Bar Resdale Goode was born June 5th 1819
 John James Goode " " Dec 23th 1820
 William Clayborne Goode " " Nov 12th 1822
 Sarah Jane Goode born May 11 & died Nov 13 1824
 George Lafayette & Virginia Washington was born Aug 31th 1825
 George Lafayette died sept 13th
 A son was born and died May 5th 1827
 Henry Watkins Goode was born Nov 15th 1828
 Langston Thomes Goode was born Dec 19th 1830
 Margaret Ann Goode was born Sept 15th 1833
 Nathaniel Macon Goode was born Feby 8th 1836"
 Page 2
 Mack Goode was born Sept 12th 1744
 Mary Goode (nee Mosely) his wife was born Oct 14th 1753
 John Goode son of Mack & Mary Goode Feb 15th 1788
 Mary Goode (nee Jones) his wife Oct 28th 1791
 Margaret Goode nee Miller)2nd wife of John Goode No Recd
 Children of John & Mary Goode were 3
 Edward J. Goode born August 19th 1810
 Mack Hillery Goode born April 8th 1812
 Mary Elizabeth Goode born November 20th 1813"
 Page 3
 Mack Goode was married to Mary Moseley Dec 19th 1770
 John Goode was married to Mary Jones May 9th 1809
 John Goode was married to Margaret Miller Nov 1th 1815
 Mack Goode died January 20th 1814
 Mary Goode his Wife (nee Moseley) died Feb 15th, 1815
 Mary Goode (nee Jones) wife of John Goode died Jan 1815
 William Claiborne Goode died October 15th 1833
 Margaret Goode (nee Miller) Wife of John Goode Oct 5th 1839
 Henry Watkins Goode died Feby 14th 1845
 John Goode departed this life Apr. 18th 1855
  Age 67 years 2 months 3 days"