Letter written during the Civil War by Edward Hudson Jeffress
CoK, 3rd Virginia Cavalry, grandfather of the submitte

Submitted 1-2-00 by Sallie L Hurt" etccrafts@yahoo.com


Calvary Camp Near Richmond June 22nd .62 Dear Sister, I received your most 
welcome letter to day, and hasten to answer it. I was very glad to hear from 
you all, that you were well. The greatest blessing any one ever enjoyed. I 
have seen so much sickness & suffering Sister. I am really low spirited, but 
I have enjoyed very good health most of the time since my return from home. 
I have not missed one hour's duty since I have been back. I suppose you have 
heard of J. Q. Ligon's death, a member of our Co. he died at home with 
Typhoid fever, we have eight or ten men now sick in Camp and one in Richmond 
in the hospital, (John Hunt). You said Ma had been to see you, what you 
think of our "bro" Magmes(sic) Plenty? Dump wrote me word he was like 
Brother Spencer, is it so? I see the boys of the 18th Regt very often they 
are in camp about a half mile from us, and also the members of Green's old 
Company, since the fifty sixth Regt has been put in Picketts brigade. I went 
over to the 18th yesterday and the boys gave me the best eating I have had 
in the longest time. They had just got boxes from home, Cakes, pies, 
biscuit, butter, ham, & every thing that was good, it made me feel like old 
times to have so much good eating, in such profusion. say any thing about 
fixing me a box at Woodlawn? Did you hear Matt I wrote her word to go down 
and see if Lucy could spare enough to send me a small box of some thing to 
eat, any thing so it comes from home. I am actually tired of eating what we 
get. I believe that is why the men are so sickly, not changing the diet at 
all. I am very glad to hear that you are going to send me a bottle of 
Brandy, it will be very acceptable, as we cannot get any at all down here 
... We are having an

page 2 easy time now compared with what we have undergone for the last two 
months. We are in camp one mile from Richmond on the Wmsburg turnpike, 
40tii(sic) a little 9 duty is all that we doing(sic) now Tell Ma when she 
sends my clothes, to send me some thing to eat and a bottle of Brandy also, 
as I am hungry & thirsty. Send the box to my commision(sic) merchants and 
write me word when it will be down, and who you sent it to and I will get 
it. How is Nats crop looking, has he commenced cutting his wheat yet? My 
love to him and tell to write to me sometimes and let me know the plans of 
the Old Folks, and they are working. extracted. I am sorry little Blanche 
had to have her tooth extracted. I know it hurt her so much. I hear from 
Grand Pa right often now, he writes every week, and is very communicative in
his epistles, but I never hear any thing from Uncle Lee, I reckon he has
forgotten how to write Sister I will send you my likeness in a few days, but
will not promise you a good one for I dont(sic) reckon you would know me if you
were to see me I am so much sun burnt. Well sister it seems to me that it is
utterly impossible for me to hear any thing from our poor wounded Brother. I
have tried every way possible, and I can hear nothing reliable, but 1 hope he will soon be with us again I must now say good bye as my paper is nearly out write soon and a long letter to your affectionate brother P. S. My love to aunt Eliza and the E children, may peace and happiness attend H Jeffress you is the wish of your absent, but loving brother Ned
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