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Claiborne Mason Cemetery
Submitted by Cecil M. Berkley, Sr 17 December 1999 This cemetery is located less than a mile from the Campbell Co line. To get to this cemetery cross Turnip Creek going east on State road 40 about one fourth mile and look to your right and you will see a grove of trees about 50 yards from road. This cemetery is in very poor condition. Not a lot of markers but a lot of unmarked graves, some of this information was passed down from my grandfather Lafayette Hale Mason Jr who died in 1937 and a granddaughter
had information on her grandparents family John Thomas and Martha Mason. Thomas McDearman owned this farm and it crossed Turnip Creek in to Campbell Co Thomas McDearman was Rev War Soldier and possible buried in this cemetery but no proof and after his death his son-in-law Claiborne Mason bought this farm. This cemetery was surveyed by Cecil Marvin Berkley Sr. 1. Claiborne Mason born ca 1772 died 1839 no marker 2. Elizabeth McDearman Mason "Betsy" born 1789 died Sep 28,1862 no marker 3. Susan Mason born 1828 died 1860 marker 4. Floyd P Mason born ca 1819 died ? no marker 5. James Owen Mason born ca 1835 died ? no marker 6. Thomas Watkins Mason born ca 1813 died Feb 1888 no marker 7. Susan S Irvin Mason born 1816 died 1874 no marker 8. Isabelle Mason Tucker born 1839 died Nov 19, 1862 marker 9. Lafayette Hale Mason Sr born 1820 died Sep 1890 no marker 10. Judith M Irvin Mason born 1822 died bef 1890 no marker 11. Joseph Irvin Allen born 1838 died May 1892 no marker C S A 12. Martha Frances Mason Allen "Pat" born 1847 died 1910/1912 no marker 13. Susan Mason born 1853 died bef 1870 no marker 14. Lucy Ann Mason born 1857 died Aug 5, 1886 no marker 15. John Thomas Mason born Apr 1851 died Jul 17, 1929 marker 16. Martha Cordelia Hardiman Mason "Pat" born 1863 died Aug 8, 1935 no marker 17. Enroyal Carr Mason born Oct 6, 1886 died Aug 27, 1887 no marker 18. Olvie Lou Mason born Nov 18, 1896 died Jun 25, 1922 marker WW I Veteran 19. Arel May Mason born may 1899 died Jun 1899 no marker 20. Lonzar Rene Mason born 1902 died 1904 no marker # 17, 18, 19, and 20 are children of John Thomas and Martha Mason 21. Roger Newton Morrison born 1863 died Aug 14, 1930 marker 22. Duana Mack Allen Morrison born 1868 died Feb 1911 marker 23. Worley Morrison born 1885 died 1886 marker 24. Ethel Morrison Tucker born Apr 1889 died Feb 28 1910 marker # 21, 22, 23, and 24 have a cinder block wall around graves  RETURN TO THE CHARLOTTE COUNTY VAGENWEB HOME PAGE