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 RETURN TO THE CHARLOTTE COUNTY VAGENWEB HOME PAGE McCargo Cemetery, Death Notices, Etc.-Charlotte Co., VA Submitted 25 April 1999 by Tom McCargo Little John McCargo Cemetery - Located on state road 92 about 2 1/2 miles from intersection with US 15. Lies on wooded hillside about 1/4 mile south of the road on the Tom Johns farm. The entire graveyard is enclosed by iron fencing, now partly collapsed 1. In Memory of William T McCargo Born 14 May 1822 Died 15 Jun 1852 2. In Memory of Charlotte V McCargo Born 25 May 182 Died 12 Jun 1852 3. In Memory of David A McCargo Born 10 Feb 1824 Died 10 Jun 1852 4. In Memory of Tabitha A McCargo Born 30 May 1833 Died 27 Jun 1852 5. Elizabeth Williams Callicot Born 7 Dec 1792 Married Little John McCargo 29 Oct 180[?] Died 10 Oct 1854 6. In Memory of Little John McCargo Born 24 Sep 1779 Died 23 Mar 1856 7. Hunter M Johns Born 27 Mar 1858 Died 27 May 1925 8. Sallie A Johns Born 8 Apr 1862 Died 4 Dec 1945 1. Nora J Faulkner 1893 - 1950 10. James Hankin Faulkner Born 17 Oct 1857 Age 52 Yrs 2 Mos 5 days NOTE: The Faulkner graves are marked by bronze headstones; Nora A is the daughter of Hunter & Sallie Johns. Mrs Tom (Velma) Johns present owner of the farm is descended from Little John through Mary Magdalene Smith McCargo / John Lawson Jones. She believes two field stones mark the graves of her grandmother and Walter McCargo, son of George Radford McCargo. Walter died in 1921, George died in youth ============================================ Hebron Methodist Church Cemetery - Charlotte Co., Va. Located on State Rd 611 about 1 mile west of junction with US 15-360. The graveyard is adjacent to the church and is not separated by fence. There is only one McCargo stone which stands near the church and dominates the cemetery 1. A tall tapered obelisk, standing on a massive square base, the whole about eight tall North Face: Dr. William T. F. McCargo Born 1824 Died 1863 Joseph V McCargo Born 1796 Died 1868 Maria H McCargo Born: 1861 Died: 1865 South Face Erected by P. R. & E. E. McCargo In memory of their Father Grandfather and Sister M C C A R G O 2. Mary D. Duffer 1882-1907 (flat stone) 3. Elizabeth Lane Driggs Jul 17, 1859 - July 1897 (Standing stone) 4. Edward S. Gregory Oct 13 1841 - Jan 15, 1899 (Standing stone) 5. Lettie Cobbs Barnes Sep 4 1845 - Dec 31, 1919 (standing stone) 6. I C Barnes CV 1861 1865 (standing stone) 7. Lena S Booth Townes Feb 10, 1867 - Sep 7, 1898 (standing stone) 8. D W Wilmouth Co E 18th Va Inf (standing stone) 9. HOWARD John W. Nov 12 1855 Nov 30 1930 Sallie B. July 11 1872 Jan 7 1928 10. HOWARD John Robert Jun 28 1902 Dec 10 1985 Ann Jeremy Jun 16 1902 Nov 13 1983 11. Annie L Booth Jul 20 1874 - May 16 1924 12. Mary Booth Purcell Dec 26 1871 - Mar 12 1906 13. Fannie Whithead Booth Aug 16 1844 - Jan 78 1921 14. James Edward Booth Sep 24 1835 - Mar 20 1901 =============================================== From Card file in Va State Library Richmond, listing Death notices, Marriages from Richmond papers James McCargo - Friday July 27, 1843 Page 2 Col 6 Died at his residence, in Charlotte county on the 21st, ult; in the 73rd year of his age, James McCargo. The subject of this notice, was a man of singular originality of character. Without much aid from what is called "book learning, by the simple force of good natural understanding, untiring industry and inextinguishable energy, and a Roman firmness of purpose, he succeeded in accumulating considerable property. After saying he amassed a large estate, it might look like an unreasonable demand upon the credulity of the public to add that he was a strictly honest man all the while; yet his neighbors, and those that knew him can best testify to the literal truth of this statement. As a husband and father he was kind & indulgent; as a master, reasonable and merciful; as neighbor, kind, cordial and hospitable; as a friend, when he professed to be such, as true as the sun. The strength of his character was as conspicuous on the couch of sickness as in the field of active life. He bore his painful and protracted illness with almost unexampled fortitude and resignation to the will of heaven. He sunk at length, amid such regrets and sympathies as spoken loudly "Behold he has taken on the affection of his family and the respect of his acquaintance A wit's a feather and a chief's a rod an honest man's the noblest work of God William McCargo - Jan 5, 1847, Page 4, Col 2 Died on the 18th of September, 1846 at 6 o'clock in the morning, in Granville, North Carolina, Colonel William McCargo, in the 53 year of his age. The deceased was a fine and charitable man, affording relief, wherever it was in his power to do so, to all who might need help. He started from Oxford N. C. on Monday morning, the 14th of December, and after traveling 15 miles, he was attacked, it was supposed, with apoplexy, and remained for several hours, on the cold ground, before he was found. Medical aid was obtained as soon as possible, but no relief could be given. The deceased was an affectionate husband and parent, leaving a wife, a child, many relatives and friends to mourn their loss William H. Callicott Sept 10, 1844, Page 3 Col 7 Died suddenly and unexpectedly while asleep at his residence in the county of Charlotte, on the morning of the eighteenth of August, William H. Callicott, during the convalescence from a tedious and distressing illness. He lived in comparative retirement from the world, but possessed some excellent traits of character, and by his industry and rigid habits of economy, had accumulated considerable property. Enq of Jan 18, 1855 At her home in Charlotte Co. Dec 10, 1854 Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Littlejohn McCargo, age 62 years. Mrs. McCargo was a great sufferer some years before her death. Every effort was made for her recovery which a devoted husband could devised, aided by all the sympathy, wisdom and skill he could command. As a wife, mother, governess, neighbor and personal friend, her place will remain unfilled. ======================================== Charlotte Co Va - Registry of Deaths Pg 7 Mary Ann McCargo d. March 1853 Cause:Goiter age 49 _ _ Parents: Wm and Mary Ellis b. Lunen Co Spouse: John M. McCargo Reported by Jno M. McCargo, Husband Pg 13 Elizabeth W McCargo: 10 Dec 1854; Consumption; 62 yrs, 0 mos, 3 days old; Parents: James & Susanna Callicoat; Born in Char Co, Va; wife of Little John McCargo; information from L J McCargo, husband Pg 13 Elizabeth Barnes d. Jul 5 1855 Cause: Enlargement of the liver age 46 _ _ Parents: L J and E.W. McCargo b. Char Co Spouse: James Barnes Reported by Jas W. Barnes, Husband Pg 19 L.J. McCargo d. August 1855 Cause:Unkown age 4 _ _ Parents: J.M. and A.G. McCargo b. Char Co Spouse: unmarried Reported by Jas M. McCargo, Father Pg 42 Elizabeth McCargo d. Sept 1861 Cause: Consumption age 58 _ _ Parents: ________ b. Char Co Spouse: ________ Reported by J. V. McCargo, Husband