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Minutes of the Board of Military Exemption for Charlotte County, Virginia 1862 – 1863


Transcribed from the original by Kathy Liston, 14 January 2009


This page was updated 28 February 2009


(Note:  The original minute book is in the office of the Charlotte County Clerk of the Court.  The second half of the book contains the minutes of a special court called for “apportioning among the slaveholders of the County the requisition of the Governor of VA for slaves to work on fortifications and other public works…” -– mostly long lists of owners' names with the number of slaves they provided, 1862 - 1865.  At this time I have not transcribed those minutes; however, those, as well as those of the Exemption Board herein transcribed, can be found on microfilm Reel No. 289 at the Library of Virginia.


** I have done my best to transcribe the minutes exactly as written, including misspellings and punctuation.  Even where misspelled, medical terms are close enough to allow them to be found in a medical dictionary.  Notes I have added are in [brackets].



At a Meeting of the board of Military Exemption continued & held for the County of Charlotte at the Court House of the said County Wednesday the 12th day of March 1862

Present  - James F. Marshall, P[residing] J[ustice], Charles A. Raine, & Willshire Cardwell, Other Justices


The following persons applied for exemption from Military duty for the reasons set and were exempted by a unanimous vote of the board for the opposite their names respectively.


Davis H. Morton                      Disease of the heart                  Exempt unan.


Wm. W. Read                          Ulceration of right ear; total deafness in the same & destruction of some of the smaller bones – he Tympanum entirely destroyed.  Very large Wenn on the right arm just above the wrist & several on other parts of his body  - one large one in the right groin & Piles from his ___ [blotted] – Exempted unanimous


Jno. R. Cardwell                       Deafness & disease of the lungs. Exempted unanimously


John G. Smith                           Aggravated Case of Piles – unable to exercise much at any time on horseback or on foot without great pain.  Exempted unanimous


A. J. Johnson (unan)                 Labouring under effects of a severe attack of Typhoid fever – limbs stiff & great debility


John F. Powers                        Lumbago, Sciatica, inflammation of the bladder & chronic diarrhea


Joel W. Daniel                          Pterrygium [sic] Producing double sight


Charles M. Pugh                       Nevus Maternus


George N. Tunstall                   Chronic dysentery.


J.B.M. Osborne                       Inflamation [sic] prostate & bladder. Hernia and diseased eyes.


Isham Harvey                           Diseased lungs


Charles R. Clements                 Chronic Rheumatism, contraction of the tendons of feet & legs


Larkin Driskill                           Asthma


John A. Morton                        Curvature of spine & irritable bladder; discharged from army.


John R. Garrett                         Scrofula & spinal irritation.


George T. Roberts                    Disease of the Kidneys – discharged from the Army on that account.


James F. Calhoun                     Diseased lungs (discharged volunteer)


B. M. Gipson                           Gunshot wound in the left arm.


Robert B. Spencer                    disabled in the right hand.


Cornelius S. Garland                 Epileptic fits.


Wm. A. Lewis                          Double Hernia. Tumor in the bowels & diseased lungs


Wm. H. Adams                        diseased lungs


John W. Lewis                         Hernia & disabled in the right Shoulder.


Richard J. Holt                         Disease of the lungs & heart.


Wm. H. Johns                          Disease of the lungs & heart.


Joseph H. Glenn                       Chronic disease of the liver, stomach & bowels producing sometimes aberration of mind.


M. C. Read                              Diseased prostate & ulceration bowels.


James H. Elliott                         Diseased lungs.




                                                            Thursday  15 March 1862


Present – James P. Marshall, Charles A. Raine and Willshire Cardwell

The following persons applied for exemption from Military duty and were exempted by unanimous vote of the board for the various [reasons] set forth opposite their names respectively to wit:


Charles W. Harvey                   Disease of the kidneys & internal hemorrhoids


J. B. Lynch                               Organic disease of the heart


Wm. C. Harvey                        Very Nearsighted (discharged volunteer)


John W. Daniel                         Paralysis of the optic Nerve – almost blind


Thos. P. Jackson                      One Short leg – effects of whiteswelling


John D. Spencer                       Portion of Skull bone removed by gunshot wound received in battle of Manassas (discharged volunteer)


Thomas J. Moore                     Hernia


John D. Hankins                       Rheumatism & inflamation [sic] prostate & bladder


Wm. M. McNutt                      Effusion of water in the right leg.  Varicose veins & ulceration left leg.


Miles H. Carey                         Almost blind in the right eye produced by scrofula.


Thomas G. Broocks                 Fracture & dislocation of the right ankle.


Charles A. Hundley                  Blind in the right eye.


R. P. Nickell                             Diseased lungs (discharged volunteer)


Thos. S. Henry                         Disease of the lungs (discharged volunteer)


Wm. J. Mullins                         Serious injury of the right shoulder from White Swelling


Matthew F. St. John                 Disease of the lungs.


Wm. S. Moseley                      disabled in right foot by a burn.


Wm. P. Moseley                      double hernia





Friday  14 March 1862


Present – Same members of the board as yesterday.


The following persons applied for exemption from Military duty and were exempted by a unanimous vote of the Board for various [reasons] set forth opposite their names respectively


Wm. O. Bouldin                       Erysipelas of legs & constitutional debility (discharged volunteer)


Robert H. Robinson                  Rheumatism.  Scarcely able to walk.


John W. Hunter                        Ulceration of the lachrymal duct to the eye producing imperfect vision.


Francis Y. Noell                       St. Vitus' dance


Nathaniel C. Wilson                  disabled by effects of a long spell of Typhoid fever


Henry E. Vaughan                    Predisposition to consumption, general health very bad & varicose veins in one leg.


John J. Boswell                         Disease of the heart & Hernia


Wm. R. Hamersley                   Depression of the Skull & paralysis produced by a blow on the head from a falling tree.


John Jas. Morton                      Not able to see much out of his right eye.


Dr. Jas. W. Carter                    Consumption & disease of the heart.


Wm. M. Wilson                        Scrofula, Ulceration of the throat & asthma


Joseph L. Scott                        Enlargement of the heart


Richard J. Penticost                  General health. Some disease of the heart & tenderness of the spine. Nervous system very much deranged.


Wm. W. Guthrie                       Incipient consumption


Reps A. Barnes                        Fistula in ano. Very bad case.


John T. Hailey                          Hernia


John A. Hamlett                        Disease of the heart, general health bad.


Francis B. Thornton                  Disease of the lungs & in feeble condition.


Abram A. St. John                    Dropsy of the bowels (dischg volunteer)


Robert W. Ramsey                   Diseased bladder & prostate


Louis P. Bailey                         Fracture of the thigh (dischg volunteer)


Saml F. Barnes                         Injury to the left Shoulder by a fall from a horse.


Drury L. Dickerson                   Rheumatism


Wm. T. Thornton                      General debility & digestive organs very much disordered.


David S. Pugh                          A very feeble, small man, with disease of the heart (discharged volunteer)


Wm. D. Garner                        Partial paralysis & stricture of swallow


Richd. D. Garner                      Idiotic


Powhatan Bouldin                     Near Sighted (discharged volunteer)


Thos. C. Spain                         disabled in left arm – Stiff from dislocation


Robert S. Roberts                    Double Hernia


Phil. S. Roberts                        Double Hernia




                                                            Saturday  15 March 1862


Present – Same Members of the board as yesterday.

The following persons applied for exemption from Military duty & were exempted by unanimous vote of the board for reasons set forth opposite their names respectively to wit:


Zach T. Morris             Rheumatism & diseased liver


A. W. Wingo                            Hernia


H. C. Moseley                          Mental aberration


O. F. Cassada                          Whiteswelling


B. C. Dunn                               Deformity of the right foot & right leg short


A. G. Hailey                             Bronchitis


Thos. O. Hailey                        Varicose Vein in left leg


E. D. Guthrie                            Diseased lungs.


P. C. Jones                               Hernia


James O. Mason                      Idiotic.


Phineas E. Almond                   Enlarged Testacle [sic], tenderness of spine & disease of Kidneys


Wm. W. Crawley                     An affection of his head. Nervous system disordered & very much diseased for five years past.


Simeon W. Harvey                   Varicose ulcers.


Joseph Dinwiddie                     Brights Disease of Kidneys, discharged volunteer


Joseph J. Allen                         Disease of the heart.


Edward A. Roberts                  Disease of the heart & varicose veins, dischd volunteer


John W. Thompson                  Double Hernia


Edward S. Boewer[?]               Consumption


Wm. S. Talley                          Fractured & dislocated wrist


C. E. Redd                               Fractured ankle & Stiff joint


Wm. T. Collins                         Disease of Kidneys


John H. Moore                         Disease of heart & lungs.


Wm. T. Garrett                         Scrofula & diseased eyes


Joseph T. Harris                       Gunshot wound in right hand, dischg volunteer


Robert Crile[?]                         Abscess in the Neck & deaf.


S. W. Duffer                             White Swelling – discharged volunteer


Walter T. Smith                        Hernia


John E. Hamersley                    Very bad case of asthma.


Henry S. Daniel                        Disabled in right hand.


John Osborne                           Disease of the heart.


Lafayette H. Mason                  Hernia


H. H. Roberts                           Enlargement of heart & disabled in right ankle


Ro. M. Garland                        Piles


Robert Harvey                          General debility







Jacob W. Dickerson                 Bones of his head never closed producing some disease of the brain


Saml. T. Morrison                    Very frail & delicate, left breast larger than the right, produced probably by enlargement of the heart.


John R. Ford                            Disease of the heart & chronic sore throat.


Joseph B. Friend                      Enlargement of the heart.


Wm. D. Harkins                       Blind in the right eye


Richard V. Marshall                  Large Tumor at the end of the spine, dischg volunteers


Henry J. Farley                         Varicose veins in left leg


Paul C. McPhail                       Epileptic fits.


Pleasant L. Thornton                 Very frail, delicate man in his best health not able to walk a mile. Now confined to his bed.


James H. McCargo                  Disease Hip joint, right leg 4 inches shorter than left.


John W. Moon                         Hernia


James D. Collins                       Hernia


R. C. Price                               Predisposition to consumption. Very delicate young man.


Ro. W. Booth                           Stricture Uretha [sic] & general health very much impaired


C. H. Maloney                         Neuralgia in the Shoulders


Ro. W. Chaffen                        Hernia   discharged volunteer


Geo. A. Lipscomb                    Disease of the Heart


David H. White                        Disabled in the left hand.






The following persons Overseers on the farms of widows were exempted from Military duty, the board deeming it indispensable for the police and convenience of the community, viz


Edward V. Layne                     overseer for Mrs. Mary B. Booth

Andrew J. Alkins[?]                  overseer for Mrs. R. T. Malone

James B. Broocks                    overseer for Mrs. Elizabeth Broocks

Lafayette H. Fallin                    overseer for Mrs. S. P. Hutcheson

Ro. E. F. Meems                      overseer for Mrs. D. H. Skidmore

David C. Hutcheson                 overseer for Mrs. Frances C. Bacon

Samuel V. Elam                        overseer for Mrs. Martha Elam

L. P. Boswell                            overseer for Mrs. Frances Booth

Charles H. Eudailey                  overseer for Mrs. Sarah Eudailey

Jno. C. Collins                          overseer for Mrs. Elizabeth Collins

Stephen S. Moon                     overseer for Mrs. Robina Garden

Wm. M. Legrand                      overseer for Mrs. Rebecca Legrand

Hillery W. Collins                     overseer for Mrs. Tabitha Collins

John H. Toombs                       overseer for Mrs. Fanny Toombs

Hezekiah F. Harvey                  overseer for Mrs. Charlotte E. Hannah

John W[esley] Elam                  overseer for Mrs. Martha J[ane] Elam

Benjamin T. Redmon                overseer for Mrs. Clarissa Redmon



F. J. Barnes who is engaged in Manufacturing Saltpetre for the Government was also exempted.


F. S. Waddle                Engaged in Manufacturing Wagons for the Government.


The following persons produced certificates setting forth that they had placed substitutes in Service, viz


Edward Barbee

John B. Hamilton

James E. Moseley

Joseph N. Edmunds


R. W. Priddy                Exempted as deputy Sheriff


Winslow Robinson  Clerk of the County & Circuit Courts of this County being wholly incapacitated for performing the duties of his office by reason of Paralysis, Wm. A. Smith. deputy Clerk for the said Winslow Robinson Clerk is exempted from Military duty, to perform the duties of the said office.





The following persons Tanners & Millers were also exempted from Military duty being deemed by the board indispensable to the comfort of the community in which they live to wit


Theophilus T. Robey                             Miller

Uriah Lipscomb                                    Tanner

John Q. A. Wayne                                Miller

Morris [Moses?] H. Hamersley             Tanner

Wm. Grady                                          Miller



The following persons were elected physicians for the County.


Doct. Joseph O. Snell

Doct. L. B. Spencer

Doct. Wm. T. F. McCargo

Doct. Thos. C. Goode

Horace P. Lacey



George C. Hannah filed his application for exemption from Military duty and was exempted on account of disability caused by an injury to the right hand.





                                                            Monday  7 April 1862



Lebam[?] Ulman filed his application for exemption from Military duty, and was exempted on account of disability caused by Consumption.


James H. Cole is exempted from Military duty on account of his being an overseer for Mrs. Martha C. Cole the board deeming it indispensable for the comfort of the community.




                                                            Wednesday  April 23rd 1862


John Newcomb filed his application for exemption from Military duty and was exempted on account of disability caused by diseased liver.


Thomas C. Palmer filed his application for exemption from Military duty and was rejected.




Applicants for Exemption from Military duty

Friday  15 January 1863


Names Applicants                                    Names Witnesses


Isaac L. Weil                                        Certificate of Substitute

Wm. A. Woods                                    L. B. Spencer & John P. Brown

Joseph H. Glenn                                   Ro. B. Spencer & P. H. Flournoy [Patrick H. Flournoy was a doctor.]

Wm. W. Read                                      Patillo Spencer & Flournoy

Geo. C. Daniel                                     Spencer & Flournoy

Melancthon C. Read                             Flournoy & Patillo

Asa C. Pugh                                         Watkins & Flournoy

William H. Adams                                Patillo & Flournoy

Isham Harvey                                       Spencer & Flournoy

William Harvey                                     Watkins & Flournoy

Wm. A. Lewis                                      Spencer & Patillo

John A. Morton

Reps A. Barnes



At a Meeting of the Board of Exemption for Charlotte County Friday the 16 day of January 1863,  Present -  James P. Marshall, P.J., and Thomas Mack and John W. Eggleston other justices.


The following persons are exempted from Military duty for the reasons set forth opposite their names respectively to wit;


Jos. H. Glenn                            Chronic affection liver & bowels producing aberration of Mind


Philip C. Jones                          Hernia on one side (Very bad case)


Joseph B. Friend                      Disease of the heart.


Charles H. Adams                    General debility


Wm. D. Garner                        Paralysis


Drury L. Dickerson                   Rheumatism


Samuel F. Barnes                     Lameness of Shoulder


Joseph L. Scott                        Disease of the Heart.


Richard P. Daniel                      Idiot


Wm. H. Hailey                         Double Hernia


Wm. J. Watson                        Stricture


Wm. J. Johnson                        Disease of Kidneys


Joel W. Daniel                          Unguis


Henry J. Farley                         Varicose Veins


Josiah Vaughan                         Consumption




                                                            Wednesday  28 January 1863.


Isham Harvey                           Consumption


Wm. W. Read                          Disease of right ear producing total deafness in same & aggravated Hemorrhoids


George C. Daniel                      Rheumatism Susceptible to improvement.


M. C. Read                              Fistula in Ano, diseased prostate.


Asa C. Pugh                             General derangement of system produced by intemperance


Wm. H. Adams                        Diseased Lungs & Chronic dyarrhoea [sic]


Wm. A Lewis                           Double Hernia – Tumors in bowels & diseased lungs


Reps A. Barnes                        Fistula in Ano


John A. Morton                        Diseased bladder & Spine


Hillery C. Moseley                    Aberration of Mind




                                                            Monday  February 2nd 1863


Present – James P. Marshall, P.J. and Zac Bugg & Charles A. Raine


Thomas L. Hundley                  Varicose Veins


John F. Morrisette                    Diseased Lungs & Kidneys


Harrison Shoemaker                 Hepetization [sic] Left Lung


John T. Hailey                          Double Scrotal Hernia




                                                            Friday  February 13 1863


Present - James P. Marshall, P.J. and Thomas Mack & Jno. W. Eggleston


W. M. Cardwell                       Disease Kidneys ____ Hemorrhoids




                                                            Tuesday  February 24 1863


Present same Justices


Jacob W. Dickerson                 Deformity of the head.  Mole [soft-spot] of the head never closed.





At a Meeting of the Board of Exemption for Charlotte County held at the Courthouse of said County  Saturday the 4th day of July 1863.

Present – James P. Marshall, Presiding Justice, and Charles A. Raine and Zac Bugg other Justices


The following persons applied for exemption and were exempted by unanimous vote of the board for the reasons set forth opposite their names respectively to wit:


Wm. W. Read                          Ulceration right ear, producing total deafness & aggravated hemorrhoids


Saml. F. Barnes                        Injury to left Shoulder.


H. C. Moseley                          Aberration of Mind


Dennis L. Morgan                     Bronchial disease


Reps A. Barnes                        Fistula in Ano


Joseph H. Glenn                       Chronic disease liver, stomach & bowels


Joseph L. Scott                        Disease of heart


Wm. J. Watson                        Stricture


Joseph B. Friend                      Disease heart


John A. Morton                        Disease Bladder


Wm. A. Woods                        Injury to left Ankle


H. T? Farley                             Varicose Veins


Josiah Vaughan                         Weak lungs & piles


Chs. H. Adams                         Disease bladder, chest & bowels. Very feeble man.


Drury L. Dickerson                   Rheumatism very feeble man.


Wm. M. McNutt                      Varicose Veins. Effusion water in right leg & Ulceration of Left leg.


Ro. B. Spencer                         Lameness of right hand.


Wm. J. Johnson                        Consumption


John T. Hailey                          Double Hernia


Harrison Shoemaker                 Disease Lungs


Joel W. Daniel                          Pterrygium [sic]


D. C. Hutcheson                       Disease bladder & Kidneys


Isham Harvey                           Consumption




                                                            Wednesday  July 8 1863


Present – J. P. Marshall, P.J., Tho. Mack &  Jno. W. Eggleston


The following persons applied for Exemption and were exempted by unanimous vote of the board for the reasons set forth opposite their names respectively to wit:


John F. Morrisette                    Disease bladder


M. C. Read                              Disease Bladder


Wm. A. Lewis                          Double Hernia & abscess Lungs


Wm. H. Adams                        Disease Lungs


Wm. H. Hailey                         Double Hernia



                                                                        [End of document]



Glossary of Medical Terms found in the Minutes of the Military Exemption Board for Charlotte County, Virginia

1862 – 1865

Created from sources listed below by Kathy Liston


Bright's Disease – a chronic disease of the kidneys.

Consumption – tuberculosis

Dropsy – a morbid accumulation of diluted lymph (“water”) in body tissues and cavities.

Erysipelas – an acute disease of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by a streptococcus virus; “St. Anthony's Fire.”

Fistula in ano – an abnormal duct or passage from the anus to another cavity.

Hepatization – late stage pneumonia.

Lumbago – general, non-specific term for a dull ache across the loins and lower back.

Mental aberration – mental unsoundness but not insanity

“Mole of the head” – the fontanel, “soft spot.”

Nevus maternus – a congenital vascular lesion; birthmark.

Pterygium – a growth on the cornea.

St. Vitus ' Dance – nervous disease with involuntary, jerking motions; Chorea.

Sciatica – severe pain in the back of the leg along the sciatic nerve.

Scrofula – a swelling of the lymphatic glands in the neck; historically, tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands and bones; “King's Evil.”

Stricture Urethra – a narrowing or constriction of the tube carrying urine from the bladder.

Unguis – an ingrown nail.

Wenn – a sebaceous cyst.

White swelling – a disease of the joints, most often of the knee, characterized by swelling and white color due to tension of the skin.

Historically thought to be tuberculosis of the bone.


The Practice of medicine on Thomsonian principles ... and a materia medica adapted to the work, 6 th Edition

by John W. Comfort; Lindsay & Blakiston , 1859.

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 11 th Edition by Clarence Wilbur Taber, F. A. Davis Company, Philadelphia, 1970.

The American Heritage Dictionary, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1985.