BOOK TWELVE  1799 - 1801

4 March 1799
Pg 7        Polly Sullivant, Plaintiff, vs John Petty & Robert Gilliam,
adm'r of John Sullivant, dec'd, Jerrald, Henry, Peggy, Amelia,
Woodson, Betsy and James Sullivant, children and representa-
tives of John Sullivant, dec'd, which sd Peggy, Woodson, Betsy,
James and Amelia, being under the age of 21 years now appear
by their guardian, John McCargo, Defendants - a suit in
    Order published the 5th day of Nov. 1798 and defendants Jerrald and Henry Sullivant
making no answer, and the atty for the guardian confessed the complaint to be true, now ordered
the land of John Sullivant, who died intestate, containing between 200 and 300 acres be sold . . .
equally divided, between the plaintiff and the defendants, according to their rights.  William
Thweatt, Robert Bedford, Stephen May and Joseph Friend to make sale and distribution . . and
report same to the court. It appears that the division of each will not exceed 100 dollars

5 March 1799
Pg 25   Raymond Blankenship, Plaintiff vs William Lee, Defendant
    Case dismissed with cost to the defendant.

    John McCargo is awarded $1.06 as a witness for Thomas Bough in his suit against John
6 May 1799
Pg 27    Bibby Brooke, Plaintiff vs Thomas Brooke and Travis Brooke, Defendants - a suit in
Chancery --- continued to next court.

Pg 33   Polly Sullivant; Plaintiff vs John Sullivant's adm'r & others; Defendants - a suit in
    Continued for the commissioners report.

Pg 34   Joel Sullivant - a juror in Ward Hudson, Plaintiff vs Presely Boley, Defendant

Pg 35   William Bennett, Plaintiff vs Zachariah Brooke Defendant - a suit in case law.
    This day came as well the plaintiff by his atty, as Dudley Brooke, to court in his proper
person, who by consent makes himself a party defendant to this suit, and the sd Dudley
confesseth the plaintiff's action thereof against the defendant to be just and agrees that the
plaintiff hath sustained damages by occasion of the non-performance of the promise and
assumptions in the declaration mentioned, besides his costs to the sum of 12/4/0, with interest
thereon at 6% per annum from the 25th day of Sept 1798 until payment, therefore It is considered
that the plaintiff recover against the sd Dudley Brooke, the damages aforesaid agreed, with the
interest aforesaid and his cost in his behalf expended . . . by direction of the plaintiff's atty, It is
ordered that execution on the above judgement as well as further proceedings against the
defendant Zachariah be stayed until September court.

1 July 1799
Pg 48   On the motion of John Snead, his ordinary license is renewed . . with Robert Gilliam, his
security . . . acknowledge their bond . . .etc.

Pg 46   Joel Sullivant, assignee of James Adams, Plaintiff vs James Mullings and William
Collins, Defendants - a suit in debt.
    . . . for the defendant . . . judgement to be discharged by payment of 10, with interest at
6%  per annum form 1 January 1798.

5 August 1799
Pg 56       Bibby Brooke, by Archer Farley, his next friend, Plaintiff
vs Thomas Brooke & Travis Brooke , orphans of George Brooke,
dec'd, Defendants - a suit in chancery.
    The commissioners appointed under the interlocutory order made in this cause, to make
distribution of the estate therein mentioned, this day made their report in these words:
November 1 1799:
Bibby Brooke, a legatee (exclusive of the slaves
    in the hands of the adm'rs) .....................127     3  5 
Thomas Brooke, ditto as above ........................  127  3  5 
Travers Brooke, ditto as above .......................  127  3  5 
    Contra  .....DR             381 10  3 

By Balance in hands of Adm'r for account rendered.....  279 11  7 
By bonds & accounts not collected.....................      101 18  8
    Contra ......CR                 381 10  3 

To slaves, John & Sallie..............................      200
To Thomas Brooke, bal ditto ..........................          2
To your portion, other estate in hands of adm'rs .....  127  3  5 
                            329  3  5 
By your portion of slaves ............................      202
By your ditto of other estate as above ...............      127  3  5 
                            329  3  5 

To slaves, Rose & child Hannah and Jean.............    206
To your portion, other estate in hands of adm'rs .....  127  3  5 
                            333  3  5 
By your portion of slaves ............................      202
By pd Bibby Brooke ...................................          2
By pd Thomas Brooke ..................................              2
By your ditto of other estate as above ...............      127  3  5 
                            333  3  5 

To slaves, Will (Yellow), Sallie & child..............      200
To Thomas Brooke, bal ditto ..........................          2
To your portion, other estate in hands of adm'rs .....  127  3  5 
                            329  3  5 
By your portion of slaves ............................      202
By your ditto of other estate as above ...............      127  3  5 
                            329  3  5 
    Equable to an order of the court, we have divided the estate of George Brooke, as above
stated, this 1st day of November 1798 - Hilliary Moseley, M Goode, Reps Osborne. In
conformation whereof it is ordered that the sd division and allotment stand and be established,
made firm and stable, between the parties and their heirs and assignees forever, and that the
costs of this suit be equally borne by the parties interested.

Pg 56       Bibby Brooke, by Archer Farley, his next friend,
Demandant vs Thomas Brook & Travis Brooke , orphans of
George Brooke, dec'd, Defendants - on a writ of petition.
    This day came the parties by their attorneys, and the commissioners who were appointed
under an order of this court to make partition and allotment of the land and appurtenances, of the
sd order mentioned,  this day made their report in these words:  Charlotte County: agreeable to
an order of the court of Charlotte Co, to us directed; we have proceeded to divide the estate of
George Broks (sic), dec'd, among his children, agreeable to the within statement, and have
allotted to each his division of land in the following manner, towit: To Bibby Brooke, the eldest
son, 91 acres agreeable to platt No. 1 -- to Thomas Brooke, 136 acres agreeable to platt No. 2 --
to Traverse Brooke, the third son, 108 acres agreeable to platt No. 3. Given under our hands this
1st day of November 1798 -- Hillary Moseley, Reps Osborne, Miles Bottom, Commissioners.
Therefore it is considered the partition and assignment of lands with their appurtenances made as
well to the Demandant as to the defendants as aforesaid, as their full right . . . of the sd 297 acres
of land in the Demandant's declaration set forth, to be held of them, made firm and stable to
them, and their heirs and assignees forever, and it is considered the costs of this suit be equally
borne by the parties interested.

2 September 1799
Pg 75   John Roberts, Guardian of Amy Sullivant, orphan of John Sullivant, dec'd, came into
court and rendered his account against the said orphan's estate, who made oath to same and is
ordered to be recorded.

5 November 1799
Pg 81   John Clark, Plaintiff vs Miles Bottom, Defendant - a suit in debt
    . . . comes Griffin Dodd into court, security for the defendant, by his atty, pleads payment,
to which the plaintiff replies generally. Ordered -- the office judgement against the defendant and
William Ryan, his security be set aside.

11 November 1799
Pg 89   In a court held for Charlotte County the 11th day of November, the 24th year of the
Commonwealth & the year of our Lord 1799, for examination of Robert Puckett, alias Robert
Potter, who stands committed to the common jail of the county, on the suspicion of feloniously
murdering Robert Puckett, of the sd county, by wounding the sd Robert Puckett on the night of
the 3rd of Nov 1799, of which wound he lingered and died the next day, being the 4th day of the
sd month of November.  Present - William Morton, Gordon Spencer, Thomas Pettus, John
Richardson and John Patrick, Justices.
    The sd Robert Puckett alias Robert Potter was lead to the bar in custody of Francis Scott,
Sheriff of sd county to whose custody for the cause aforesaid, he was before committed.  Being
charged with the facts, saith he is in no wise guilty thereof. Whereupon divers witnesses were
produced, sworn and examined, as well on behalf of the Commonwealth as the sd prisoner, and
he was fully heard in his defense by Clement Read, Gent, his atty. On the consideration thereof It
is the opinion of the court that the sd prisoner is guilty of the cryme (sic) for which he stands
charged, and that he aught to be tryed (sic) for the same at the next Prince Edward District Court,
to be held in the Court House of the sd county, on the first day of the next court and therefore he
is remanded back to jail, and it is commanded the Sheriff, that he convey the sd prisoner to the
District jail as soon as may be.
    Sally Potter, a witness before the court, on her oath saith, that on the Sunday night, the
3rd of the present month, Robert Puckett went to bed, apparently better than he had been, and
that she likewise went to sleep, and sometime in the night she was awakened by the report of a
gun, and shortly after the report,  heard the gun fall to the floor. She saith she thought the gun
was fired out of doors, and it was not long after the report of the gun, before the prisoner came
running into the house. This deponent saith she believed the sd Robert Puckett was shot wilfully.
When the prisoner came in he went directly to his father's bed and she the deponent asketh the
prisoner, how the gun came to fire, and he repled, "the cat threw it down."  Further the deponent
saith not.
    Douglas Puckett . . . saith his father Robert Puckett, who was sick in bed, appeared
better than he had been, and directed his family to go to bed. That he, the deponent, was
sometime in the night, awakened by the report of as gun, which also awakened his mother, who
inquired who had the gun, and the deponent replied that his brother, the prisoner, had shot an
owl, as he supposed, as they had been troublesome to the family. He saith that shortly after the
report, he heard the gun fall in the house and this deponent went to the fire and found the gun
near the hearth, but can't tell whether the gun fell or was thrown into the house, but he believes
the gun was fired out of doors, and at the lower end of the house, that his brother, the prisoner,
came running into the house after the gun was fired and with his breeches in his hand, appeared
much alarmed, and saith he was afraid his father would not live, he was afraid some of his bone
were broken. There was none present but the family, he believes the mischief was wilfully done.
The deponent saith he heard his father say some time before, that it was his desire that his son
the prisoner, quit the place. The prisoner told him, if it was his request, he would go away, but
sometime after that, his father wished him to stay. Further the deponent saith not.
    It is ordered that witnesses Sally Potter, Douglas Puckett, Grief Barksdale, Samuel
Matthews, John Robertson, John Hancock and William Buckner, do appear before the District
Court under penalty of $300.00 fine

2 December 1799
Pg 90    James Adams Jnr is appointed Surveyor of the Road whereof James Davis was late
surveyor, and it is ordered that he, with the male laboring tithables belonging to Rueben Herndon
and Joel Sullivant . . . do forthwith clear and keep the same in repair.  [3]

6 January 1800
Pg 99   Ordered that Edward Almond, Reps Osborne, Jnr, Harmon Elam and Mack Good, or any
three of them to regulate the hands that work on Kings Road, leading from Wyllies' to the
Lunenburg County line, also on the Court House Road from Robert's Tavern to the Mecklenburg
County line to Kings Road near Wyllies', and on the new road leading from the Court House to
Kings Road near Snead's   [4]

2 March 1800
Pg 106  Amy Gilliam, Plaintiff vs William Wheat & Stephen May. exo'rs
for James Gilliam, dec'd, - a case in debt.
    On the motion of the plaintiff, a commission is awarded her to examine and take the
deposition of John Gilliam, an aged and infirm witness in this cause . . . giving to the defendant
legal notice of the time and place of executing the same, it appearing that the sd John Gilliam is a
material witness in this suit.

3 March 1800
Pg 110  Be it remembered  . . on the 4th day of March 1800 . . . Jerry, a negro boy slave, the
property of the estate of Thomas Osborne, dec'd, on the 18th day of February past, at the parrish
(sic) of Cornwall in the county aforesaid, with force and arms, an assault did make on the negro
man slave named Ralph, the property of Reps Osborne . . . with an open knife, of the value of six
pence. stab the sd Ralph in the left side near the short ribs, and did make a mortal wound, of
which sd wound the sd Ralph did linger and died on the 28th day of February last past. Being
charged with the facts, saith he is in no wise guilty thereof. . .  he was fully heard in his defense
by Creed Taylor, Gent, his atty. It is the opinion of the court that the sd prisoner is guilty of
manslaughter not murder and it is ordered that the sd Jerry . . . be burnt in the hand at the bar in
open court, and it is commanded the Sheriff, he cause execution immediately.

7 April 1800
Pg 110  John Petty & Robert Gilliam, adm'rs of John Sullivant, dec'd, Plaintiffs vs James
Rollins & Moses Eudaley, Defendants - a suit in debt.
    The defendants not appearing, It is ordered that the plaintiffs recover against the
defendants and Elijah Eudaley, his security, the sum of seven pounds.

5 May 1800
Pg 121  An indenture between Thomas Gayle and James Callicott.
Pg 123  The last will and testament of Thomas Liggon.

Pg 124  James Callicott, Guardian of Travis Brok(sic)  orphan of George Brook(sic), dec'd, came
into court and rendered his account against the said orphan's estate, which was reported by the
comm'rs appointed to examine and settle the same to be justly and fairly stated, and is ordered to
be recorded.

Pg 125  Miles Bottom is recommended to his Excellence the Governor to be Lieutenant in the 1st
Battalion of the Militia, in place of John Snead; resigned. Lydel Bacon to be Ensign in place of
Miles Bottom, promoted.

Pg 125  The petition of John Herndon for leave to build a water grist mill over the Reynolds Fork
of the Little Horsepen Creek is ordered to be continued until next court.

5 May 1800
Pg 128  James Johnson is appointed keeper of the weights and measures belonging to this
county, which were lodged in the hands of Wood Bouldin, who was formerly appointed to keep
the same, and it is ordered that by them, he stamp and seal all measures and try all weights,
when application is made by any of the citizens of this county, and that the same remain in his
safekeeping until the further order of this court, and ordered that further the exor's of Wood
Bouldin do deliver the weights and measures to the sd James Johnson for this purpose.

2 June 1800
Pg 149  An inquest taken on the bill of Joseph Herndon on the 23rd day of February, 1800, was
reported by the Sheriff of the sd county. and it appearing from the inquest of the jurors impanelled
and sworn for that purpose, that the sd Joseph Herndon's raising his dam 13 feet from the
common surface of the water - to a mark on a popular tree on the north side of sd creek, will not
damage the lands of any person. That they had also examined the lands below the mill plan, the
property of others, and find that no damage will accrue to any person by means of building sd
mill, neither the mansion house, offices, curtilage, gardens or orchards, of any person thereto
immediately belonging; will be overflowed or affected by the means of the sd Joseph Herndon's
building such a mill, that fish of passage and ordinary navigation will not be obstructed thereby,
neither will the health of the neighbors be annoyed by the stagnation of the water. Whereupon, It
is ordered that leave be given to the sd Herndon to build the sd mill and dam.

5 May 1800
Pg 152 The last will and testament of Nelson Calvert, dec'd,  was further proved by the oath of
one of the witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded, and Ambrose Haley, the
other exor, named in the will renounced in open court the burthen of the execution of the sd will.
On the motion of Levy Blankenship, who made oath according to law, administration with will
annexed of the sd Nelson Calvert, dec'd, is granted to him, he giving security, whereupon, he with
Henry Haley, his security, entered into and acknowledged his bond according to law.

Pg 159  On the complaint of Abby Bradon, a mulatto woman, setting forth that William Jackson,
her son was bound to Charles Powers, by the overseers of the poor, of the sd county, has been
abused and ill-treated by his sd master, whereupon It is ordered that the court, that the Sheriff of
summons the sd Charles Powers to appear at the next court to be held in the sd county of
Charlotte, then and there to answer this charge.

4 August 1800
Pg 164  Abby Badon, Plaintiff vs Charles Powers, Defendant - on a complaint of ill-
treatment of her son an apprentice, bound to and injured by the defendant.
    Case dismissed.

Pg 167  Joseph Clark, Plaintiff vs Miles Bottom Defendant, a case in debt.
    . . . came a jury towit: Thomas Redman, John Matthews, Robert McCargo, John Davis,
John Roberts, John Madison, John McCargo, John Jones, Robert Farley, William Brooks,
Bronson Smith and Edward Jordan.
 . . . retired and . . . and after some time returned into court and declared they could not agree on
their verdict. By consent of the parties by their attys, and with the assent of the court, the jurors
are discharged, and the defendant's atty, relinquishing his plea, saith he is not further informed
what to say in defense of this suit, whereupon the court finds for the plaintiff.
Paid 39/16/9 -  March 1799: Attys fee 250 Clks 458  Witness 168 Tax 50

4 November 1800
A Grand Jury was called . . .  Elijah Clark, Foreman;  Isaiah Foster, James Davis, Robert Elliott,
Anthony North, Morris Harmon, Thomas Smith, Lyod Portwood, Robert Gilliam, Miles Bottom,
David McCargo, Leroy Lambert, William Blake, John Warner, Robert Gaines, Sam'l Herrin and
Joseph Reynolds, were sworn . . . [5]

Pg 189 John Harris, Plaintiff vs John Sandifer, Defendant - in debt
Jury includes Robert McCargo

Pg 197  On the motion of David McCargo, a witness for Henry Portwood, in his suit against
Stephen Harris . . . pay him 106 cents for two day's attendance at court.  [6]

3 January  1801
Pg 210  Thomas Ligon, late of this county, dying intestate, naming Paul Carrington, Jnr. and
Joseph Ligon, his exo'r and Frances Ligon, his wife exor'ess to his will, the sd exor and exor'ess
being summons to take on themselves the execution of the sd will, the sd Carrington appeared at
December Court last and renounced in open court, the burthen of execution of the sd will, and
Joseph Ligon, the then exor of the sd will, having this day also renounced the burthen of
execution of the sd will, and Frances, the exor'ess, not appearing to take execution thereof,
although duly served a copy of the order for that purpose, and no person applying for the
administration, On the motion of John Morton and Robert Campbell, two of the custodians of the
sd testor, It is ordered that Francis Scott, the present sheriff, take the sd estate into his
possession and make sale of so much thereof by public auction, as the payment of debts make
necessary, and shall cause to be published . . . etc.

Pg 220  Thomas Portwood is appointed Surveyor of the Road whereof John McCargo was late
surveyor, leading from Wyllies's Tavern to Robert's at Almond's and it is ordered that he, with the
same hands that were appointed to work on the road under the sd McCargo, do forthwith clear
and keep the same in repair.  [7]

2 February 1801
Pg  221 Pursuant to an act of the assembly, the court proceeded to lay off the county into
precincts and to appoint processioners therein as follows: . . .
    Loyd Portwood and Francis Portwood, from the head of Reynold's Fork of the Horsepen
Creek at the old Court House Road, by that to King's Road, by that to Coxey's Road, by that to
Sandy Creek Church, by May's Church path to Reynold's Fork, that to the beginning.
    Philip Goode, Wm Roberts and Stephen May, from  Jameson's old mill, by the Horsepen
Creek to the mouth, down Little Roanoke to Staunton River, by that to Coxey's Road, by that to
Sandy Creek Church, by May's Mill and  Church path to the beginning.

2 March 1801
Pg 234  NOTE: There are two cases reported on this page in which Mary Hamlett, admr'x of
William Hamlett, dec'd. is defendant. In each she is joined in each by Dudley Brooke, who, make
himself a party defendant to the suit.

Pg 247  Champion Marable Plaintiff vs Bibby Brooke and Sam'l Ashworth, Defendants - a
suit in Debt.
    It appearing by the sheriff's return, that the defendant Brooke is not an inhabitant of this
county, and the defendant Ashworth, having departed this life since the last rule made in this suit,
therefore the suit abates.  [8]

6 April 1801
Pg 250  An indenture between Henry Portwood and John McCargo, with memorandum attached.

Pg 251  Ordered that Stephen May, Langston Bacon, Reps Osborne and John McCargo, or any
three of them, being first sworn for that purpose, do appraise in current money, the slaves and
personal estate of Michael Gill, dec'd, and report the same to the court.

Pg 252  An inventory and account of sales of the estate of Thomas Ligon, dec'd, with a list of
bonds taken on the sale of the sd estate, was this day returned by Francis Scott, Sheriff of this
county and ordered to be recorded.
    Ordered that Francis Scott, sheriff, be allowed the sum of 1.96 to be paid out of the funds
in his hands, of the estate of Thomas Ligon, dec'd, as a debt due him from the sd estate, for the
sheriff's acct. and for services performed as sheriff in sale of the estate, as by acct rendered.

Pg 254  William Fears and John Cheaney, petition for leave to build a water grist mill on the
waters of Little Horsepen Creek. The Sheriff commanded to impanel a jury.
    1. Other witnesses for Brough were William Thompson, William Robert and Edward Roberts, all
of Halifax County.; John Raine and Edward Moseley, of Charlotte County. Witnesses for Snead
were Peter Stokes, John Pettis and John Crofton, all of Lunenburg County

   2. Robert Puckett was licensed to operate an Ordinary at his house in 1771. No renewal has
been found.

   3. The December Court concludes with recommendations to the Governor for appointments to:
three to be officers of "the 2nd Battalion of the Militia" and three to be "Officers in the company of
Artillery of the 1st Regiment of the 1st Division of the Militia"

   4. John Snead's 1793 license reads; "at the place belonging to Edmund Ryan's estate" - John
Robert's 1797 license read; "at the place called The Parson's Barn." For more on the Wyllie
House, see: Charlotte, Rich In Deed  pg 438

   5. All presentments returned by this Grand Jury were against Surveyors of the Roads for not
keeping their charge.

   6. In the next actions, John McCargo and Robert McCargo are also paid the same amount for
two days attendance at court.

   7. While the placement of this road is by no means certain, it probably followed much of
present-day county road 634, or as much of that road as the portion between Hebron Methodist
Church and the junction with County road 612. The Charlotte County Confederate Army map of
1864 shows a similar road leading from the church past the Elliott place, Mrs. Booth's place,
across Reynold's Creek and terminating near Mrs. Robert's place.

   8.The last will and testament of Samuel Ashworth was heard at January Court, Page 210. It
was not admitted to probate when John and Samuel (Jnr?) Ashworth, opposed the validity of the
will, stating and suggesting that the deceased (their father?) was not in his perfect mind and
memory at the time of executing the will.  John Ashworth and Langston Bacon are appointed
adm'rs, Ann Ashworth, the widow, first relinquishing the right of administration.