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JoLee Gregory Spears

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Click for the J. F. Gilmer 1864 map of Charlotte County showing home sites
Submissions of Old Homes, Stores, Etc. to the VAGenWeb Project Charlotte Co. site: (Highlighted coordinates are linked to a TopoZone map.) Contact JoLee Gregory Spears
Name of home, etc. On 1864 Gilmer Map Extant Submitter Submitted
Barwyns 2002 Boyd & Shirley Copal 3 Mar 02
Bruce's Mill, ruin of Section 16 No Kathy Liston 10 Nov 2003
The Charlotte Hotel, Keysville, VA 2003 Lee Hanmer (Neal) Ramsey 10 Nov 03
See also William Deupree's
Family Record
    Susan Deupree Jones  
William Deupree's Home  ? No  Susan Deupree Jones 1997
Deupree's Tavern Section 15 "Dupree's Old Store" No Susan Deupree Jones 1997
Paul E. Fore House 2003 Marjorie (Fore) Morris  2003
Golden Hills Section 9 "T. T. Boulding" Burned 2003 Frances J. McGowan 2 Sep 04

37°01'48"-78°35'51" (approx)

Not identified 2005    
Keysville Hotel Sections 9,10 In Keysville, hotel not named No JoLee Spears 1999
Locust Grove - Drakes Branch Section 14 Probably "Skidmore" 2005 Betty Swann Mar 2005
Red Hill invalid link
Section 16 "Jno Henry"  Burned, reconstructed Kathy Liston 10 Nov 2003
Ridgeway 36°59'15"-78°46'51" Section 12 "P. Carrington" 2003  article pending  
Roanoke Section 18 "Homestead of John Randolph of Roanoke" Partial Kathy Liston 10 Nov 2003
Saxe   Boyd & Shirley Copal 3 Mar 02

South Isle

Section 17 "Dr. Rice" 2003 Elizabeth Thiele Martin 12 Nov 03
Staunton Hill
Section 17 "C. Bruce" 2003 Kathy Liston 10 Nov 2003
Sylvan Hill     Boyd & Shirley Copal 3 Mar 02
Waverly Section 9 "Harrison Lee" 2003 William Walker Pettus IV 18 Oct 03
Weatherford Place
or John Lee Senr place
Section 10 "Leigh" [sic Lee], part of 2005   3 Mar 05
Updated with photos 3-10-07
Section 16 -not shown by name (John W. Elam) but across the road fr "Mrs Bailey" 2004 Kathy Liston 2 Sep 04
Winston Section 16 "Winston Henry" Burned Kathy Liston 10 Nov 2003
Section 10 "Leigh" [sic Lee] 2003 Sue Gregory/JoLee Spears 2002
Woodland Section 9 "Mrs. Bouldin"   Frances J. McGowan 22 Aug 04
Submissions of Old Schools to the VAGenWeb Project Charlotte Co. site: Contact JoLee Spears
Name of School Coordinates Extant Submitter Submitted
Bethel School ? Lisa Hopp August 2003

Charlotte County, Virginia places listed on the National Register of Historic Places: - link invalid April 2008

Charlotte Court House Historic District and Charlotte Court House Gravel Hill Greenfield Maple Roads
Mulberry Hill Red Hill (see above) Roanoke Plantation Salem School
Staunton Hill (see above) Toombs Tobacco Farm Westview aka Elam Homestead, Terrell place Woodfork