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The community of Saxe still exists in Charlotte County. It is on state rt 612 just West of intersection w/SR 637 in the south end of the county. See TopoZone map.

"Saxe Post Office opened in 1889, reputedly being named for a poet from Vermont, John Saxe. ... The railroad helped Saxe to prosper, but as was the case with many railroad towns, Saxe suffered with the decline of the train. The community, however, still survives with a Post Office and two stores remaining. [1979]" [permission of The Charlotte County Board of Supervisors
Charlotte County-Rich Indeed (1979), pp 313, 314]

Above is an old photo of Saxe, Va., taken late 1800's, when the Southern
Railway ran directly into Saxe..

Photos and information submitted by Boyd & Shirley Copal.
Click on the below images to view enlargements of same.

Saxe Methodist Church
Saxe Methodist Church front view
In 1899, D.C. Jeremy donated 1 acre of his land for the "present day" church in Saxe. The Saxe Methodist Church (above) was completed in 1908. According to the local newspaper, "The Charlotte Gazette," after the donation of land, local residences had to raise the money for the building of the church.
In 1900, David C. Jeremy, built the Home known as BARWYNS (above). It was built on the land, formerly part of the plantation tract of Sylvan Hill.
The site of BARWYNS was located .8 mile north of its intersection with State Route 612. It was originally built with a double porch.
Today it has columns instead.
Sylvan Hill
About 1800
Sylvan Hill
The plantation called SYLVAN HILL (above) in Saxe was built by Paul Carrington, Jr. between 1810-1835. The HOME is located .3 mile west of its intersection with State Route 612. Around 1900, the first experimental farm in the United States was established here.

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