Portion of 1827 VA Map part 16
showing High Gate and Mitchell Creeks
Portion of Confederate Map of Lunenburg showing the "Unfinished" RR at the unnamed (here) High Gate Creek, Mitchell Creek, Saunders Road is visible, some names readable from Ft. Mitchell south and east:
Rutledge, Burwell, several Hudsons, Duffer, Mrs. Burns, Lipscomb, Critcher, Dodson, G. Ellis, Smithson, Mt. Zion Church, Gregory [my homplace], Couch. North and east of Ft. Mitchell is the Old Church and a Weatherford home. Comparing this with the 1850 cen. of Lunenburg (at the Lun. Archives page), the Weatherford in that section appears to be the William Weatherford household. On the map, no Weatherford appears in the Highgate area, but the 1850 cen. shows Hilary Weatherford, age 50, among the names we see on the Conf. map. The Eliza Weatherford age 41 in the household married Francis George Barnes in 1852 (as his 2nd wife,they lived in Charlotte). This Eliza was called "Aunt" by my grandfather's sis during the Civil War, and as a widow, she lived at the Gregory place at the 1870 Census. The Critcher name does not appear on the 1850 Cen. I don't know if by chance that was the Hillary Weatherford place. That is a wild guess.