Stoneville was established as a post office 1834-1840. In July 1829, John Eubank purchased a tract of 1186 3/4 acres "known by the name, Stonesville" the late residence of Dr. Clement R. Jameson, deceased. The tract lay on both sides of the main road leading from Moseleys ferry to Richmond...bounded by the lands of John Pettus and others. Possibly it was on this tract that "John Eubanks & Gregory" operated a mercantile business. (Thomas Gregory was a son-in-law of John Eubanks). Charlotte County records 1 Feb. 1830 include John Eubanks & Gregory on a list of "merchants of good character." In 1831 the business was granted license to keep "private entertainment"--a business classification similar to that of an ordinary, which afforded the traveler lodging and drinks, and provided for the horses.