Geographic Names Information System Query Results

This page was updated October 10, 2016

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Abell (historical) 370417N 0785104W Aspen
Abilene 370829N 0783240W Abilene
Aspen 370227N 0784937W Aspen
Aspenwall 370114N 0784926W Aspen
Baileyville (historical) 370546N 0785026W Aspen
Barnes Junction 364914N 0783545W Wylliesburg
Chandlers Forks 370111N 0784201W Charlotte Court House
Charlotte Court House 370323N 0783819W Charlotte Court House
County Line Cross Roads 370827N 0783144W Abilene
Cullen 370703N 0783858W Charlotte Court House
Drakes Branch 365934N 0783605W Drakes Branch
Eureka 370247N 0783311W Eureka
Fears Corner 370245N 0784259W Charlotte Court House
Formosa 365252N 0783921W Saxe
Harrisburg 370135N 0784453W Charlotte Court House
Henry 370258N 0783416W Eureka
Keysville 370225N 0782901W Keysville
Kings Crossroads 364926N 0783628W Wylliesburg
Laconia 364414N 0783812W Buffalo Springs
Madisonville 371117N 0784125W Madisonville
Mossingford 365750N 0783833W Saxe
Mulberry Hill 365423N 0784159W Saxe
Ontario 365918N 0782911W Fort Mitchell
Patrick Henry 370140N 0785355W Brookneal
Phenix 370447N 0784453W Charlotte Court House
Public Fork 364940N 0783847W Clover
Randolph 365336N 0784152W Saxe
Rough Creek 370712N 0784530W Aspen
Saxe 365547N 0783949W Saxe
Taro 370810N 0783827W Madisonville
Terryville 370147N 0785256W Brookneal
Vincent Corner 370831N 0784213W Madisonville
Womacks 370424N 0784147W Charlotte Court House
Wren 370707N 0785100W Aspen
Wylliesburg 365119N 0783526W Wylliesburg

Use either of the above searches to locate the below features. Type is "Populated Places" for towns and "Streams" for rivers, creeks and branches.

Charlotte County Virginia Streams

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Ash Camp Creek 370216N 0783548W Eureka
Austin Creek 370433N 0784415W Charlotte Court House
Bear Creek 371304N 0784505W Red House
Bentleys Branch 370001N 0783142W Eureka
Berles Creek 365032N 0783819W Clover
Big Cub Creek 371211N 0784402W Madisonville
Birds Branch 370211N 0783612W Eureka
Bruce Spring Branch 364801N 0783823W Clover
Buck Branch 370055N 0785107W Aspen
Buffalo Creek 364842N 0783952W Clover
Bush Ford Branch 370054N 0783734W Charlotte Court House
Butterwood Creek 371007N 0784508W Red House
Cargills Creek 364259N 0783954W Buffalo Springs
Chandlers Branch 370142N 0784057W Charlotte Court House
Coldwater Creek 370707N 0783402W Eureka
Cub Creek 365957N 0784536W Conner Lake
Delaney Creek 365608N 0783325W Drakes Branch
Devils Branch 365046N 0783248W Wylliesburg
Difficult Creek 364442N 0784117W Buffalo Springs
Dividing Branch 370737N 0784615W Red House
Double Branch 370622N 0785144W Aspen
Dunnavant Creek 370331N 0783458W Eureka
East Branch Wallace Branch 365957N 0784344W Saxe
East Branch Wards Fork Creek 370604N 0783904W Charlotte Court House
Farmers Branch 365727N 0783936W Saxe
Flintoy Creek 370737N 0783716W Abilene
Gilliam Branch 365659N 0783814W Saxe
Hills Creek 370517N 0783341W Eureka
Hogan Creek 364228N 0783909W Buffalo Springs
Horsepen Creek 365400N 0784051W Saxe
Horsepen Creek 371251N 0784342W Madisonville
Jenkins Creek 370813N 0784005W Madisonville
Jones Creek 365450N 0784030W Saxe
Jumpin Branch 365321N 0783633W Drakes Branch
Lickfort Creek 365627N 0783338W Drakes Branch
Lipscomb Branch 365632N 0784017W Saxe
Little Bear Creek 371307N 0784526W Red House
Little Cub Creek 371210N 0784402W Madisonville
Little Horsepen Creek 365509N 0783818W Saxe
Little Louse Creek 370215N 0784811W Aspen
Little Moody Creek 364914N 0783423W Wylliesburg
Louse Creek 370113N 0784717W Aspen
Madison Mill Branch 370931N 0784539W Red House
Martin Branch 370039N 0784342W Charlotte Court House
Middle Branch Wards Fork Creek 370604N 0783904W Charlotte Court House
Millpond Branch 365354N 0784000W Saxe
Moody Creek 364842N 0783434W Wylliesburg
Moores Branch 371256N 0784331W Madisonville
Otter Creek 364842N 0783435W Wylliesburg
Rattlesnake Branch 371148N 0784405W Madisonville
Reeses Creek 365904N 0783303W Drakes Branch
Reynolds Creek 365406N 0783930W Saxe
Roaches Branch 370405N 0784016W Charlotte Court House
Roanoke Creek 365249N 0784146W Saxe
Rough Creek 370550N 0784529W Aspen
Rutherford Branch 365922N 0783856W Saxe
Sandy Creek 370329N 0784414W Charlotte Court House
Sandy Creek 365035N 0783948W Clover
Spencer Branch 370135N 0783642W Eureka
Spencer Creek 370403N 0783321W Eureka
Spring Creek 370411N 0783421W Eureka
Tanyard Branch 364816N 0783454W Wylliesburg
Tanyard Branch 370915N 0784553W Red House
Temple Branch 370443N 0784551W Aspen
Terrys Creek 370342N 0784434W Charlotte Court House
Turkey Branch 370658N 0784606W Aspen
Turkey Egg Creek 370317N 0782643W Keysville
Turnip Creek 365902N 0785032W Conner Lake
Twittys Creek 365534N 0783959W Saxe
Wallace Branch 365658N 0784358W Saxe
Wards Fork Creek 365918N 0783856W Saxe
West Branch Wards Fork Creek 370741N 0783921W Madisonville
Yerbys Creek 364630N 0783519W Wylliesburg