Deeds from, the files of Victor
17 December 1999

===== Charlotte County Deed Book 1: 46-51 48. p 047 02 Sep 1765. William Willis of Amelia Co. to Mathew Marable of Charlotte Co., for 30 pounds, 100 acres in Charlotte on a branch of Blue Stone Creek. Adjoining the said Marable's land and being the land conveyed to said Willis by deed of John Hight, bearing date of 12 Oct.1763, recorded in Luneburg Co. Beginning at McNess Goode's corner white oak. All appurtenances. Signed Wm. (W) Willis Witnesses None Recorded 02 Sep 1765. ===== Charlotte County Deed Book 1: 52-58 52. p. 050 02 Sep 1765. Mathew Marable of Charlotte Co. to William Willis of Amelia Co., for 30 pounds, 130 acres in Charlotte on Rone Oak (Roanoke) River. Being the land conveyed to Marable by Henry Hudson, lines of Hudson and Hornsby. All appurtenances. Signed: Mat Marable Witnesses: None Recorded 02 Sep. 1765 Charlotte County Deed Book 1: 107-112 110. p. 180 07 May 1766. John Norris Sr. of Charlotte Co. to William Willis of Mecklenburg Co. ,for 25 pounds, 100 acres in Charlotte. Bounded by Ashworth's line and Solomon Norris's corner. All appurtenances. Signed John Norris Witnesses Geo Fowler, Robt Burton, Thom Terry, Natl Williams Recorded 07 July 1766 Right of dower : Relinquished by Elizabeth, wife of John Norris ===== Charlotte County Deed Book 1: 132-137 132.p. 223. 17 Mar. 1767 James McMachan of Prince Edward Co. is indebted to Thomas Yuille of Halifax Co. for 192 pounds/7shillings/7 pence. For that amount plus 5 shillings, McMachan conveys to Yuille two tracts of land. The first, which McMachan purchased from Thomas Willis by deed recorded in Luneburg Co. contains 280 acres in Charlotte on Cub Creek. The second which McMachan purchases of William Scott by deed recorded in Amelia Co., contains 400 acres in St. Patrick Parish Prince Edward Co. on the branches of Spring Creek. All appurtenances. Signed James McMachan Witnesses Andrew Dunn, Robert Black, Martha (M) Black Recorded 03 Aug. 1767 (deed of trust) ===== More to follow. Victor