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Submitted by Frances J. McGowan

I E Bouldin of the County of Charlotte being at this time well in body and of sound mind and perfect health and disposing memory for which I thank God and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such Worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with do hereby make my last Will and Testament in manner & form following (that is to say) First I desire that all the perishable part of my estate to ..     sold excepting my slaves & all my just debts paid out of the moneys arising therefrom  should there  be a surplus I desire it to be equally divided between my nine sons & daughters towit  Robert E, Stith, Peggy Bedford, Sally Ann, Charles Bedford, Catherine Jane, Drucilla Williamson, Elizabeth Wesley and William Watkins Bouldin     2nd I give to my two sons Robert and Stith my tract of Land on Little Roanoke to be equally divided between them according to quality and quantity or sold as they Choose after Coming to age and the money equally divided to them & their heirs forever.   3rd I give to my other two sons Charles Bedford & William W Bouldins the plantation or tract of Land whereon I now live to each of them or to their heirs forever reserving to my beloved wife one third of the last mentioned tract including the Mansion House and other out houses and the use of half on Ash Camp during her natural life or widow hood and after her decease or marriage to avert to my said two sons Cha & William {?symbol} to be moiety as above states that is one moiety to each of them & their heirs forever     4th I desire that my tract of land on Meherrin containing 400 acres to be sold on a ......of  ...............payable with int

from the day of sale if not punctually paid arising therefrom be equally divided between my five daughters towit Peggy Bedford, Sally A Watkins, Catherine Jane, Drucilla Williamson, and Elizabeth Wesley Bouldins to them and their heirs forever paying the first money collected arising from sale said land to the oldest children first I mean of the five daughters. I desire that all my slaves excepting Jim & Billy at Little Roanoke which two slaves I give to my beloved wife Jinsey F Bouldin during her natural life or widow hood After her decease or marriage the said Jim & Billy I give to my five daughters equally. The remainder except the two already named to be equally divided between my 9 sons and daughters Lastly I Constitute and appoint Henry Spencer my friend & Robert E Bouldin my son executer of this my last will and testament. 

Signed sealed            and delivered this 9th day of Feb 1813                E. Bouldin   LS


At a court held for Charlotte County the 2nd day of December 1816

This last will and testament of Ephriam Bouldin dec was ...............Court and there being no witnesses subscribed to the will. James W. Bouldin and Hillery Moseley jr being sworn in court deposith and saith that they are well acquainted with the hand writing of the Testator and believe that the said will and the names thereto subscribed are all believed of the testator hand writing where upon the said will is entered to be received.  On the motion of Henry Spencer one of the executors named in the will who made oath according to Law  Certificate is granted  him for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form he giving security whereupon he with William W Watkins & William L Morton his security entered into and acknowledged their bond according to Law for that purpose                                                                                     

                                                                                     Teste    Thomas Read  ___

                                                                                      Truly Recorded     Thomas Read  


At another Court held for the said County the 7th day of  April 1817

On the motion of Robert E Bouldin the other executor named in the said will who made oath according to Law Certificate is granted him with the other Executor for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form he giving security whereupon he with Hillery  Moseley jr and John Fennell his security entered into & acknowledged their bond according to Law for that purpose.

                                                                                     Teste  Winslow Robinson DC

WB 4, Page 97