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Will of Edward Hudson Jeffress

Submitted 2-22-02 by Sallie Hurt

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Deed Book #2, Page 139-140, Charlotte County, Virginia 

In the name of God, amen.

I, E. H. Jeffress, of the town of Keysville, in the County of Charlotte, and State of Virginia, being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

1.) I desire my executor hereinafter named, to pay all my just debts and burial expenses.

2.) I give and devise in fee simple to my beloved wife, Sallie B. Jeffress, my Roland Anderson place near Keysville, Va., containing about 85 acres; and to her I also give and bequeath all my household furniture and my life insurance policy.

3.) I give and devise in fee simple to my daughter, Willie, the wife of H. F. Lewis, Esq., that parcel of land lying in the town of Keysville, Va., near the Methodist Church, containing about two and one-half acres, and called “Corns.”

4.) While I have the same love and affection for my daughter Elizabeth J., the wife of C. A. Hunt, Esq., that I have for my other children, I feel that I have already advanced to her in various ways her full share of my estate.

5.) I give, devise and bequeath to my sons, E. Stanley Jeffress and Luther C. Jeffress, share and share alike, all the rest and residue of my estate, both real and personal, being 775 acres of land in Prince Edward County, Va., near Abiline, 115 acres in Charlotte County, also near Abiline, 90 acres in Charlotte County, near the Lunenburg line, a part of the Lou Watson place; three lots in Keysville on King St. near the Episcopal church and numbered one, two and three on the Hardman and Rummell plat; also, my store – house and lot adjoining in town of Keysville aforesaid, together with all stock of merchandise, bonds, notes and accounts, and any and all other property of which I may die seized, except as hereinbefore specifically provided.

Inasmuch as my said son, Luther C. is now only about 13 years of age, it is my desire, and I hereby direct that during his minority, my son, E. Stanley Jeffress, shall have full control of and power over the share of my said son, Luther C., and as executor of this my last will and testament, I hereby authorize and empower my said son, E. Stanley Jeffress to sell, mortgage or otherwise dispose of any portion or all of my said estate except that specifically devised and bequeathed to my wife and daughter; and it is my wish, and I hereby direct that my executor shall not be required, during the minority of my son, Luther C., to make any report of his transactions as such executor, but confiding in his integrity, I feel sure that he will at all times guard and protect the rights and interests of his younger brother. I

I hereby nominate and appoint my son, E. Stanley Jeffress sole executor of this my last will and testament, and request and direct that the court shall not require him to give security.

Having implicit confidence in the judgment and integrity of my friend, Mr. D. A. Overby, I trust he will at all times give his counsel and advice to my executor in the management of my estate.

Given under my hand and seal at Keysville, Va., this 20 day of July, 1896.


R. T. Priddy E. H. Jeffress (seal)

R. W. Keeling

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