Will of Edward Moseley 1808/1809

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Submitted 26 June 2000 by Ed Dolan

I Edward Moseley of the County of Charlotte in the State of Virginia being of 
sound mind and memory do  make and ordain this to be my last will and Testament 
in manner and form following to wit,  I give and bequeath to my son Edward 
Moseley a Tract of land supposed to contain about (or more than)  six hundred 
acres, which shall include the land I purchased of Wilmots, and to begin at 
Hatchet's and Staple's  corner, and by a line to be run from thence where 
Foulk's line crosses the south fork of Buffalo creek, also  four negroes, 
namely, Isaac, Peg, Daniel and Bob -- I give & bequeath to my son Hillery 
Moseley three negroes, namely James, Braddock & Sam -- I give and bequeath to my 
son William Moseley all the slaves, stock and  every other thing which I have 
heretofore put into his possession --I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary  
Goode seven negroes, namely Pink (and her children), Isham, Polly, Edmond, 
Mastin and Uriah, also waggoner Isaac --I lend to my daughter Rebecca Johnston 
the residue of my land during her natural life, and after her  death I give and 
bequeath the said land to her children to be equally divided between them. I 
also lend to my  said daughter Rebecca six negroes, namely Sharper, Adam, 
Tiller, Alexander, Butcher and Jean and after her  death to be equally divided 
between her children, I also give her my said daughter three horses, viz. a Grey 
a  black mare & a sorrell colt, also fifteen head of cattle, the stock of hogs 
on the plantation whereon I now reside,  also eight head of sheep, also my 
household furniture. It is my will and desire that all the residue of my Estate  
of every kind and sort, not within mentioned, shall be equally divided between 
my daughters, Martha Bouldin,  Amey Collier, Elizabeth Bouldin, Letty Herndon 
and Sally Patrick. I give to my son Arthur Moseley. dec'd.  children, namely 
Elizabeth Brooks, William, Salley and Susannah one dollar each --and lastly I 
appoint Hillary  Moseley, Edward Moseley and Mack Goode Executors to this my 
will, In witness of which I hereunto set my  hand and seal this twentieth day of 
May one thousand eight hundred and eight.
Edward Moseley
In my bequest to my daughter Mary, the word seven was interlined, lined before 
signed. Done in presence of us
Archibald Hatchett, [?] Allen, Josiah Moseley.
At a Court held for Charlotte County the 3rd day of october 1808.
This last will and Testament of Edward Moseley dec'd. was presented in Court & 
offered for  proof, which was objected to by Richard Bouldin by his attorney who 
contests the validity of said will, & on his  motion the same is continued 
untill the next Court. 
At a Court held for the said County the 2nd day of January 1809.
This will was this day offered for proof by the Executors therein named. On 
hearing the Testamony of sundry  witnesses and arguments of counsel, as well on 
behalf of the executors as the said Richard Bouldin and the  Testamony of 
Archibald Hatchett, Ruel? Allen, & Josiah Moseley the three subscribing 
witnesses to the said  will who made oath that the said Edward Moseley 
acknowledged the same as his last will and Testament in their  presence and they 
believed he was then in his perfect senses & memory, Ordered that the said will 
be admitted Record.On the motion of Edward Moseley one of the Executors therein 
named who made oath according to law  Certificate is granted him for obtaining a 
probat of the said will in due form he giving security whereupon he  with John 
Patrick, Hillery Moseley, Thomas Goode & Edmund Herndon his securities entered 
into & acknowledged  their bond according to law for that purpose.
Teste Thomas Read
Truly Recorded
Thomas Read
[From copy of will obtained from Charlotte Co. Court, Charlotte Court House, Va. 
Edward Moseley was a son of  Arthur Moseley, of Henrico Co., Va. and Amey Green. 
I'm interested in this Moseley  family because Edward's daughter Amey married 
Joseph Collier, of Charlotte Co., Va. (who moved to S. Carolina after the 
Revolution), and I'm descended from Joseph's brother, John Collier, of Charlotte 
Co., Va. and Nicholas Co., Ky.  Ed Dolan].