Charlotte Co., VA Will of Nathaniel Wilson  1858/ -

     Transcribed and submitted by  Ann Mitchell Horne
                15 Jun 1999

                               Will of Nathaniel Wilson

I, Nathaniel Wilson of Charlotte County, Virginia, do hereby set forth &
declare this to be my last will & testament hereby making & annulling
any & all wills written by me, viz:
First I will and confirm my Wards Fork estate of land with its
apputenances including nine negroes and the crop stock including nine
negroes to my son Nathaniel C. Wilson to him & his heirs forever.
Secondly I will & bequeath my lower Cub Creek tract of land bought of
William Townes with all its appurtenances including eight negroes now 
the place the crop stock to my son James H. Wilson & his heirs forever.
Thirdly I leave with my wife Elizabeth Wilson my Goose Creek tract of
land bought of Henry Paulet & Thomas P. Richardson lying on Big Cub
Creek & on which I now reside containing about 700 acres which she is 
have & to hold during her natural life & widowhood also I lend to her
under the same restrictions one third of my negroes not above 
& all my household & kitchen furniture plantation tools five chairs
horses sheep the crop of stock.
Fourthly I also leave it as a priviledge for my son Nath. C. Wilson if
he wishes after my death to place the tract of land on which he now
lives upon willed to him to my executors for equal distribution.
Fifthly  the balance of my estate lands negroes & all the property to be
equally divided between my seven legatees.
Sixthly after the death of my widow my property that I leave to her
including negros household and kitchen furniture crop stock and
everything that may be found in the plantation shall be evenly divided
among my seven legatees.
Seventhly my house and lot in Hopkinsville KY for P.H. Jackson.
Eighthly my request is that my. . . Bob & ?  (illegible)
Ninthly I appoint my sons Joseph H. Wilson, Nathaniel C. Wilson, James
H. Wilson, P.H. (Patrick Henry) Jackson my executors to carry out my
wishes according to my last will & testament.

Codicil to my last will and testament:  It is my wish & devise that the
7th item giving to P.H. Jackson a lot & house in Hopkinsville Ky shall
mean that the house & lot in case he____for Elizabeth H. Watt if he does
not leave by that time the house & lot I give to my daughter Elizabeth
H. Watt as witness my hand & seal

Memorandum to my fourth devise____-so that if my son Nathaniel C. 
shall place the tract on Ward's Fork willed to him by this will &  right
of my wife so that portion of land willed to her for her life. . .(?)
witnesseth 6 March 1858

It is my meaning & intention that all the lands which I have not
specifically disposed of which may belong to my estate shall be sold by
my executors and the proceeds equally divided among my several 
. . witnesseth. . .6 March 1858