Dinwiddie County, Virginia

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"In 1752, Dinwiddie County was created by Act of the General Assembly when Prince George County was divided. The act provided: "Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That from and immediately after the first day of May next ensuing, the said County of Prince George be divided into two counties; that is to say: All that part thereof, lying on the upper side of the run which falls into Appomattox river, between the town of Blandford, and Bolling's point warehouses, to the outermost line of the glebe land, and by a south course to be run from said outermost line of the glebe land, to Surry County, shall be one distinct county, and called and known by the name of Dinwiddie, and all that other part thereof, below the said run and course, shall be one other distinct county, and retain the name of Prince George."

From 1702 until 1752 the history of Dinwiddie County is linked to that of Prince George County. Before 1702, both Dinwiddie and Prince George Counties were part of Charles City County created in 1634. Dinwiddie County, except for the town of Blandford, was the parent of the town of Petersburg until 1850 when the legislature granted a charter making Petersburg an independent city. Dinwiddians, in tracing the history of their county up to 1850, should bear in mind that the events and people in Petersburg up to that time were an inseparable part of greater Dinwiddie County." 1

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